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  1. Historically Accurate and Traditional Archery in Bannerlord

    Thumb draw is basically compatible with most gauntlets since in most casese the thumb is free, but not mediterranean draw since your index and middle finger is bounded together by the single piece of fabric, but in some cases all five fingers are free so you are able to use mediterranean draw (but the armour piece would still affect your string, whilst thumb draw would mostly stay unaffected)

    So in reality, you should be even able to shoot in game for the most part simply because of your gauntlets.
  2. OSP Animations Self made animation for bows

    Thanks for sharing your animation, a lovely one! I moved the thread here to the Forge and I assumed that it is a modders resource, is that correct?
    Yes indeed, I used to create things all for myself so this is the first time I share my own works and I am no so familiar with the forum, sorry to give you extra work.
  3. OSP Animations Self made animation for bows

    I made an animation for my own gekokujo submod last year and I decided to give it a final polish (mostly because I am unsatisfied with AD1257's bow animation) and release it, it features a eastern style thumbdaw, in particular the style is based on Satsuma Koshiya Kumiyumi, even though their...
  4. SP Medieval [WB] 1257 AD - Enhanced Edition

    There are few thing that I want to mention:
    1, Oviedo bug, which that the fief is given to player and was turned into a neutral place.
    2, When enlisted in an army and take leave, there are no option for you to rejoin the army so one would have to resign from army and re-enlist.
    3, Bounty mission of highest rewards, i.e. around 1600 cannot be completed, no mission finished notification when the target is killed and so you have to abort mission.
    4, Abort bounty mission causes way too low relation reduction, even though this does not matter that much, its still a weird thing.
    5, I have made an animation for thumb draw with khatra, you might be interested in employing that in this mod by either adding a tag in moudule system or tag eastern bow with shoot_pistol / shoot_musket and assign them with the new animation. You can check out this thread if you are interested.

  5. SP Other [Animations] Self-made bow animation for eastern style bow

    I made an animation for my own gekokujo submod last year and I decided to give it a final polish (mostly because I am unsatisfied with AD1257's bow animation) and release it, it features a eastern style thumbdaw, in particular the style is based on Satsuma Koshiya Kumiyumi, even though their...
  6. Resolved Market item disappear after reload-and-save





    This is what happened for a new game after 6 save-reload cycle.
    Note that I HAVE TESTED the bug earlier in Poros, so the abnormal price there is not caused by the event in Zeonica, and I have checked that the item changes does not affect earlier saves as mentioned in situtation 1.

    I have also retested situtation 1, which happens to be wrong, this bug only occurs in situtation 2, where a small period of waiting in the town is required between save-and-load cycles.
  7. Resolved Market item disappear after reload-and-save

    Forwarding this issue to the QA team for further investigation. Thanks for reporting. In the meantime, can you share your save files? You can use a cloud service and post an open link on this thread.

    This is a new game with the aforementioned situtation 2 tested in vanilla game.

    This is the save for the initially posted images, with Revolution mod loaded.
  8. Resolved Market item disappear after reload-and-save

    Note that such action does not affect other towns, only the stationed town is affected, and the bound villages will have abnormally high price despite having normal amount of goods in the markets.
  9. Resolved Market item disappear after reload-and-save

    Summary: Situtation 1: For player who saved game while stationed in the town, the trade items will start to disappear after multiple reloads, eventually lead to the market being emptied. If multiple saves existed, say the player have 3 separate saves while staying in the said town, all the...
  10. My experience with the Smithing system.

    My guess is that the value of the weapon gets calculated mostly from its stats. Since that cutting polearm is very long and does very high cutting damage, it gets an absurd price. And XP / Unlocks are probably predicated on that. So if you go for the longest and hardest hitting thing you can craft, you can probably max smithing and break the economy rather fast. I plan to retry that, as an experiment with a new char.

    Stats is a result of modifier of each parts, if you checked the xml files you will realised that all weapon are defined by parts, and this is where the price comes from, the only problem is that these parts does not carry correlated prices, for example, the glaive is extreme cheap, its like 4% of a billhook that is entirely worst than it, the only reason I can think of is the bill part carries too much prices, this could be a result of "balancing"

    - Refining is really whack-a-mole. Make one ingot degrade one level and one go up, not fall to the bottom of the pile. Or better, make it just move one up. There's just not enough Hardwood around for more than one smith in the world with that system. Smithing is already a grind without that treadmill. Plus the refining perks are a player trap.

    To be honest, real refining does not work this way, crucible steel are made of pig iron and wrought iron, yes you hear me, pig iron and wrought is made into low and high carbon steel with traditional treatment, which you can think as steel and fine steel in game, that is the reality.

    Why I am bringing up this is because TW seems to be striving for some sort of realism, but honestly real steel or iron production method doesn't look like this at all, and that's why I am suggesting the introduction of coke and the crucible steel method as a top level perk for more realistic metalworking.

    -Second char, I decide to take the unlock perks and use companions for refining. We become an intinerant circus circling the whole world for wood. Because you get out of wood, fast. All of the world's wood :smile: I mostly smelt everything gotten in battle, make my companions refine, forge and re-smelt weapons. Progression is ok.

    Before 1.0.11 the metal prices are much higher, and is profitable to sell (usually 100 denar per unit of steel, but to be fair the profit rate is only around 25% due to the immense amount of charcoal needed, most of the goods have a profit of 15 to 150%, sometimes even 300%), and that's why I am looking for the right xml to restore the old metal prices.
  11. Heavy Cav Has No Impact

    5000 pounds or 2500kgs of pressure hitting you? i will say it would only deal 7 damage at most tbh
    Ummm, first the unit of pressure is Pa, or N/m^2, and most if not all horses weights under 1000kg, and to describe collision you either use momentum or kinetic energy, pressure mattered more in the change material structure, and is usually described by stress instead of pressure.

    The second thing, the real broken part of the damage model is the missing mass correlation, assuming the damage type correlates the process of impact and type of collision, then the degree of damage it caused is related to KE and momentum (including angular momentum).
  12. Did anyone find the item data for Hardwood, Iron&Steel etc.

    Just asking, I have been looking for the data of these things for quite a while, but weirdly enough they didn't appear in spitems.xml, and I have no idea where they could be, does anyone know anything? Also I kind of not understand why TW chose to ignore Hares, I mean hares are cute aren't...
  13. [e1.2.0] So, the game seems to be completely broken at the moment

    1. Economy wasn't really an issue anyway. Caravan stuff is kinda strange, they couldn't keep it the way it was, because it was just free money, but at the same time now it's useless, will probably change in the future. Cities got fixed soon after the update. Armor and weapons were always affordable, as long as you fight other armies and sell the loot etc. Like I have about 1 mil~ gold, and can't really spend it. You don't even need shops or caravans if you keep fighting.
    In my opinion that's how the economy is broken, it favours too much towards looting, you can't be a super wealthy merchant or superb metalworker or smith but only be a warlord or mercenary, I mean if never ending looting makes everyone rich then who the hell goes to real production, the so called balancing issue is in fact making the game more broken than 1.0.0, at least in warband you can invest in workshops to gain wealth, this time you can hardly afford a living without any fights, which is pure bull****.
  14. Overhaul to Smithing Stamina?

    I feel the stamina should regenerate easier, maybe?
    For now it seems to me that it regenerates only when you are waiting - and I rarely do that. So I can travel all the map around for many days, yet I will have no stamina when I enter the Smithy after that.
    I did just give up on smithing because I rarely have any stamina.

    I think its a realism thing, you can't just have instant smithing, that's entirely not real, by introducing stamina it strife a balance between realism and gaming, as you would expect one to do limited task per day, and you have to borrow the furnance from the smith in the town, so you won't be able to do smithing outside towns, and that's why you have to wait in towns in order to regenerate stamina.

    But to be fair, I think people should be able to produce more at once, especially on metalworking or charcoal making as you become more experienced, reducing redundancy in actions due to inexperience, or one should be able to produce more as the smithy levels up so you can borrow more furnances, and it would be a nice investment in town if you are the lord (you can't borrow furnance from workshops, only local smithy, so I think there ought to be a way to upgrade that)
  15. Seasonal Economic Changes

    The problem is other things changes too fast compared to agriculture production, a village can be raided dozens of times in half a season along with territorial changes, if production cycle is seasonal then there will be serious balancing problems, i.e. players could buy a lot of grains and raid all grain producing villages and besiege the city as a mercenary during winter, and leave the kingdom after besieging it like 30 days, the price in the city would be very high at that time and you will suddenly be super rich.
  16. [Repost] An idea on crafting and weapon price balance

    It seems that you the developers wants crafting to be a way to obtain unique customised weapons, but to me it is more a metalworking career. Metal prices now is a complete nonsense as you loss more by producing higher quality steel, this is not balancing at all. Another problem is that because...
  17. Metal prices are quite broken now

    Also on the iron prices, I would support a price range of 150-300 as a acceptable price range, with most of the prices lies on around 200-250, so that it won't be too profitable but still okay to be a smith.

    Another thing I would like to see is the disjoint between metal prices, so that you won't get a price drop of iron when you sell steel, theoretically there would be a drop in product prices when the supply raw materials is adjusted by import, but the fact is market reactions does not happen that quick, and that's why its more profitable to increase output in short term when inflation is observed.
  18. Metal prices are quite broken now

    Metal prices used to be quite high, but to be fair its still quite balanced compared to present one. For example to make a unit of steel needs 2 iron, or equivalently 4 wrought iron or 4 crude iron or 2 iron ore. And it takes 2+4+2+1=10 charcoal to make, without any skill the total cost of...
  19. Need More Info Game crash when trying to take all equipment from NPC

    Summary: When I try to rip all the equipment from one of my heroes, the game just freeze and crash. How to Reproduce: Take all equipment from a npc, starting from armor and then horses and then weapons. Version: 1.0.10 with saves from 1.0.9 (this save is initially 1.0.0) Computer Specs: OS...
  20. Shield weight and armor values

    I don't understand why some shields despite being larger, have lower weight than small shields, for example Northern Round Shield is 3.3 in weight, but a much smaller Adarga or Southern Round Shield weighted 7.3, and having lower stat in nearly every aspect. While Reinforced Kite shield having...
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