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  1. Mammoet

    SKATTR – help keep Víkingr running

    Since this server is closed donations aren't accepted here anymore.
    The Skattr thread for the new server can found here.
  2. Mammoet

    HRAFNABJÓÐR – official Víkingr server

    This server is closed. A new official server can be found here .
  3. Mammoet

    About the Server Department

    It is now almost a month since the newest version went up and with 1.0 released after almost two years of development its time to take things easier as a whole. Since I started my (first) full-time job I have had less time for modding and playing games. And so I have not been very active the...
  4. Mammoet

    The Mead Hall

    I am not sure which faces are disappearing. What program do you use for modelling?

    It looks pretty decent for a first model by the way.  :smile:
  5. Mammoet


    I would just like to note that the developers of mods don't get paid and usually have limited time because they also have real-life matters like a job and/or study.
    So cursing at them because they didn't do what you said or whatever else you feel unhappy about seems a bit misplaced. Instead you could congratulate them with what has been done and improved. Of course you are allowed to give criticism, but remember that we do this out of free will. So it might just be a little bit more likely for things to happen if you would approach it in a more constructive and positive way.
    And of course there is also always the option to offer your help as well. Like I said, time and manpower is limited.
  6. Mammoet

    The Sons of Ragnarr (VÍKINGAR/NA) "A Casual Clan for Casual Players"

    I think he just added one banner. Second from the right, top row. ^^
  7. Mammoet

    The Mead Hall

    How come everyone plays CK2 all of a sudden?
  8. Mammoet

    US_GK_Vikingr - Announcing New Server

    Glad to see you managed to get it running.
    Good luck with collecting a playerbase!
  9. Mammoet


    Dansk viking said:
    Only in silly adaptions.

    Now, maybe I have to go watch the third episode.. hmhm.. Just to see how kids will think of vikings in the following years, meh.

    I would advise against it. It doesn't really get any better.  :razz:
  10. Mammoet

    The Mead Hall

    Hengwulf said:

    The one at the bottom is great.  :lol:
  11. Mammoet

    Server Hosting Question

    The d3dx9_42.dll missing error sounds like you don't have DirectX installed properly.
    Can you manage to start a native Warband server? That would be something to get working first. I assume you know how to do that.
    Then the next step would be getting it started with WSE.
    And if that works then you should be able to start Vikingr.

    If you still have problems, please let us know and we'll see what we can do to help!
  12. Mammoet


    He ate him... alive!
  13. Mammoet

    The Mead Hall

    *Unnecessary argument detected*
    Please don't drag up old crap. Or as we say in the Netherlands: "Don't drag old cows out of the ditch!"
  14. Mammoet


    Barabas said:
    Is there currently any way to detect when someone blocks and/or chambers? Not just holding the block, but actually blocking another weapon.
    If not, could this possibly be added in the future?

    cmpxchg8b said:
    It's not possible ATM.
    Don't know about the future, with the porting to do and all I'm not adding any more major features for now.

    Sorry for crushing your dreams. ^^
  15. Mammoet

    NAFNGIFT – get a period name

    Try right-alt + d. Or right-alt + o ^^
    If it doesn't work you're keyboard is not set to the mode in which this works. (I know US-international does it, but I'm not sure about others.)
  16. Mammoet

    SKATTR – help keep Víkingr running

    The server changed location recently, so it won't be in your favourites any more. That could be one cause.
  17. Mammoet

    Battle of Brūnanburh [old thread]

    Well, 27 days is less than a month. ^^
  18. Mammoet

    HRAFNABJÓÐR – official Víkingr server

    JEST was sleeping. ^^
  19. Mammoet

    The Mead Hall

    When you least expect it, as usual.  :grin:
  20. Mammoet

    Fir Áraig

    I think someone will loose his mind and another his head.
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