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  1. Do horses commit Seppuku when their owners die in sieges?

    When your cavalry troops die in a siege, their horses are gone, they are not returned to you in your inventory.
    I was wondering if it because the horses can't bear the pain of their owner gone and chose the easy way out :razz:
    i see, that's 100% dev over sight lol but will not be implemented into the game till like 5 years later
  2. Does giving money to lords through barter help them upgrade their troops?

    I didn't know you could donate troops directly to lords. Thanks for the tip :smile:
    you have to be in a town or castle. and on the top right line of portraits, right click and donate troops. u get influence for doing so as well. i often just grab a bunch of mercs from the tavern and give them those
  3. What's your favourite weapon?

    extra long 225 reach, with Long glaive head add hook wing thing to dismount cavalry. on a couchable shaft.

    u can couch lance it,
    you can swing it 2h
    you can thrust it 1h + shield.
    and it basically guarantees cavalry kill/dismount every hit (especially if you have perks)

    i spam craft until i get one with at least +5 swing speed (since adding length to shaft will reduce swing and swing speed is the one stat that will boost dps most)
  4. Do horses commit Seppuku when their owners die in sieges?

    what do you mean horses? in sieges? there's only 1 horse per siege and that's the player's horse
  5. Does giving money to lords through barter help them upgrade their troops?

    I am starting this habit of rewarding the lords that helped me take a city by bartering with them and give them money.
    I have seen some strange numbers, some of them have 5k dinars, some 50k and they are considered same wealth.
    Does the clan leader get more money?
    If i give money to non clan leaders, is that money wasted?
    I hope they use it to buy food and upgrade troops :p
    Don't give AI money, they don't need it and can't use it wisely. what you should do is donate troops to AI lords in your army. that's how i manage my armies nowadays.
    i call an ai lord with barely enough men, and i give him 60 tier 4-5 troops, and now he's like one of my clan parties. i make sure these kids don't venture too far and get destroyed (they sometimes still do but take out many more enemies than usual)

    this way when i have a 1200 vs 1200 fight all my men are tier 4+
  6. How disappointed are you in % about the current state of developement of Bannerlord?

    100%, it's like one of those chinese scammer studios who ripped off Warband made this game
    agree with this statement 100000% but then again, half of the games coming out thesedays seem like that
  7. How disappointed are you in % about the current state of developement of Bannerlord?

    10% less.
    I just don't play late game because it clearly still needs balance and improvement.
    And I prefer to enjoy the full experience once the game is fully released.
    u don't even play the game anymore and that's only a 10% disappointment? wow i'd hate to see what you are 100% disappointed about
  8. Why are the steam reviews so good?

    because people have lowering standards and expectations and are easily pleased since their lives are progressively getting worse. /
  9. How many battles do you lose?

    the party that joined you must have been a good one too.
    they definitely had better troops since our opponents have all been defeated before they brought their reserves and new recruits.

    but mainly i used my allie as meatshield. and pivoted around them, putting them between my army and the enemies. i had a lot of ranged units. and i used hold fire appropriately to not waste ammo. the result is that i barely lost infantry and a few cavs to wipe the enemy. my allie's troops all went down. but at least more than half survived as wounded and nobody got imprisoned.
  10. Need help with my totalitarian campaign

    Don't even need mercs
    of course i need the mercs. they are here to boost my numbers instantly able to match a kingdom with 3 clans of mercs.
    i can gather a 2500 men army and defeat any army that kingdom can throw at me, while quickly sieging down all their towns and castles since the battle size favors me overwhelmingly, i lose no men in sieges since my archers just shoot everyone on the wall till there's none left.

    padding numbers allowing more favorable deployment and reinforcements. the negative is that if you choose not to raid/devastate the town after you lose relation with the mercs. so eventually when they stop the contract they won't fight for you again (just find another merc)
  11. How many battles do you lose?

    A player that is not greedy will never fight a major battle that is not in his favor. So he will always win. A greedy player like me lose many battles as I'm always trying to win an unwinnable battles
    I've definitely tested my limits, but the reality is that in this game without cheating it's a ***** of a grind to train your troops and i do not enjoy that part nearly as much as the battles. so it only makes sense after a while for me to only pick the battles i'll win in order to preserve my forces and keep fighting battles instead of having to grind for troops
  12. How many battles do you lose?

    I smell easy difficulty :p
    after well over 1k hours in this game. "realistic" is easy difficulty for me. i'm more than happy to impart the many tricks i've acquired to winning battles.
  13. Need help with my totalitarian campaign

    So the gist of it is that I want to hold all the towns myself and give only castles to vassals, preferably only one to each. Other than using 300 trade, how do I do this?

    I have 5 towns and 2 castles that I conquered as a Khuzait vassal, before defecting to Northern Empire and becoming its Emperor. Now I made sure to give out castles and land to all the unlanded clans, still my name does not appear for vote when I conquer something with my own clan's army. I currently have 1500 influence and a lot of the clans have 50+ opinion of me. Will the situation change when they have 100 opinion and I have even more influence? Or will the game keep forcing me to give all of them more land until they have as much as me?

    I'm frustrated to the point where I feel like I should just expel all but 2 clans from my kingdom, maybe then my name will appear in the third slot lol. It could also help those clans bw rich enough instead of constantly be poor. My towns are well garrisoned and I have 730+ Khan's guards in my clan army, so any warfare is mostly easy at this point. The main reason I'm bothered having vassals at all is because I want to protect my villages from raids.
    just have no other clans in your kingdom, take the world with mercenaries.
  14. How many battles do you lose?

    I've ever only actually lost 1 battle. it was early in my first playthrough, didn't know much and wondered into a fight of my 150 men vs 700... I saw most of them are recruits since I've been going through the lands destroying parties left and right. while most of my troops were tier 5-6. I didn't know that their numbers advantage would quickly swarm me in the melee and completely overwhelm everything. that was the battle that i learned about reinforcements and stuff.
    anyways, reloaded a save and waited for an allied party of 100 men to join me before the fight, and won handedly

    it's hard not to win since you can easily get a lvl 140 scout early in the game and see far enough to avoid bigger groups that are slower than you. avoid all fights that aren't favored towards you.

    eventually i was winning so much i wanted a challenge and fought 2x 3x 4x my numbers.
    but losing men felt bad, and the grind to get them back felt worse.

    so now "losing" to me would be having more than 20 men die from my party in a 1200 vs 1500 men battle. i usually just redo the fight since i love field battle so much anyways.
  15. Player Cavalry is stubborn?

    but that cavalry-babysitting prevents us to play our character.
    what i found is that in small battles i can do w/e i want and make little commanding moves and be fine

    in large battles i almost need to focus exclusively on command and spare little attention in fighting. and that bring better results than if i can solo kill 200 enemies myself. because i end up losing less men for the same victory
  16. Can someone please give insight into Sieges?

    Let me know what you guys think of it, and what could be improved, other then my mic.

    I feel like a lot of new guys don't know this can be done this effectively, that's the main reason i made it.
    this is exactly how i siege. except i always bring a lot of men, so my army overwhelms their defenses and i lose almost no guys.

    in the siege of 1000 battle size it's like 500 of my archers + 350 infantry vs 150 enemies half of them archers. and on top of that i have 4 catapults bombing them
  17. Can someone please give insight into Sieges?

    If I can get the catapults destroyed before I head in, then maybe I can make this tolerable, but honestly the accuracy sucks and they are destroyed by enemy catapults, so it's a never ending rebuild and get destroyed scenario.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated or I just have to quit again like I did last year, because it's not fun anymore.
    first. you need a lot of men when sieging. so you can build the camps faster. also appoint an engineer

    then, when you build siege equipment against the enemies. always start with trebuchets, and once it's complete. click on it and move to reserve so it doesn't get focused down. once you have 4 built, you can start bombing them. but if the enemy has lots of men and fast build rate. you'll need more then just 4 in the reserves.

    after destroying the enemy defense. theres no need to demolish the walls, just go in. you already have the siege weapons advantage.

    now the army composition matters but the more archers you have the better. the more men the better also. i found the best strategy is just raining arrows on enemies while bombing them with siege weapons. never auto deploy, set your men in position yourself.
    once in there, out your melee groups in shield wall right below the ladders (no need for siege tower, but ram is good)
    then set your archers in loose formations behind the melees so you can shoot at their walls.
    if you wanna be more cheesy, don't send in your men in the start and let the siege bombard their walls until you are out of ammo. then start sending men in there

    if your army out number the defense 4 to 1 and you have decent amount of archers, you'll take almost 0 casualties and destroy all the enemies without even needing to engage in melee.
  18. Player Cavalry is stubborn?

    Why, AI knights have the intelligence to come in my ranged ranks and kill archers, and why are my knights UNABLE to perform this (even when I order my cavalry to move INTO the middle of the ennemies archers). So I sent knights in the ennemy archers and, if I have a look a moment later (after I sent knights in these loved Fians :wink: )
    - my knights took (heavy) losses
    - the ennemy archers are still there...
    cavalry command in this game is wonky and difficult. they are the least efficient unit type in game, and require the most effort to use. purely for style points

    anyways, there are 2 solutions to enemy archer lines.
    1- you position your cavalry to the flank of the enemy archers, then issue move command across through the archer line to the other side. this way your horsemen will run through the enemy ranks, attacking anyone in contact. but keep running through and not sit in place. you repeat this as many times as you need to, keep them on the move going in and out of the archer ranks
    (during this time, you can choose to issue a charge command to your cavalry as their formations are on top of the enemy archers and they'll skirmish in and out disrupting their lines, but you have to stop this within 30 seconds or they'll start dying)

    2- you lead the cavalry yourself, tell them to follow and you charge through the enemy archer line from one end to another. lengthwise. knocking down as many as you can while cutting them to pieces.
  19. Findings on Shield Infantry vs. Archers after tests

    last time i ran the tests, all i did was stand the shield troops in shield wall formation. let the archers shoot till they ran out of arrows and charged in one at a time. i lost about 1/3 of my men to wipe all archers. except the battanians with their 2h op
  20. Daggers need some love

    seriously needs to add offhand/dual wield into the game

    and yeah, make daggers able to parry or something/

    also, give throwing daggers some more stack size. i mean 3 is just wtf lol i can hide that many in my left boot alone.
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