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  1. Karl_Magnus

    Still can't swim

    Dude, why can't I do backflips ?
  2. Karl_Magnus

    Still can't swim

    Wasn't Viking Conquest a modded map that Taleworlds made into an expansion? I'd much prefer have issues fixed and actual planned features to be functional before anything like naval features.
  3. Karl_Magnus

    Still can't swim

    I'm sure commanders used to just throw their soldiers into rivers while fighting their enemies. Sounds like a good tactical choice.
  4. Karl_Magnus

    🔔 Alpha & Beta Branches Feedback

    The original post keeps getting updated after patches, so it's not quite dead.
  5. Karl_Magnus

    Offended dude.

    Oh ****. The relation system is working on this occurence.

    Please fix this, TW!
  6. Karl_Magnus


    Where are the firearms...
  7. Karl_Magnus

    I'm afraid to give people advice at this point.

    infantry is a complete joke, especially when it comes to fighting in formation and using their shields.
    tbh this

    How the **** are my soldiers even getting shot in the head if they have a shield? Just make them detect if there is enemies right in front of them; if there isn't anyone to fight, raise the shield higher to block the arrows.
  8. Karl_Magnus

    I'm afraid to give people advice at this point.

    the archers are actually horses
    Oh ****! 1.3.0 patch introducing centaurs soon.
  9. Karl_Magnus

    I'm afraid to give people advice at this point.

    4 days later, mounted archer nerf
    I feel like just fixing the recruits-only armies of lords and making foot ranged units aim at the horses more so the mounted archers fall off seems to me like it would be enough of a ''nerf''.
  10. Karl_Magnus

    Glad that beta version was tested before going live /sarcasm

    That’s true but it’s early
    That's why I'm not freaking out completely just now. I reckon there's still pleeeenty of time to work on the game, and they can still be working on it after official full game release, but in the ultimate possibility of seeing them just handing out the game to modders in the end, I'd be cringing a bit.

    And good on you if you play the game a lot, but I personally haven't played in a few days because I feel a lack of involvement in the different aspects of the game as of now and I'm waiting for more development. There's only so much you can do in the game right now, and there's always not so nice surprises at times, but yes, it's early release. I'm part of the first persons to tell people that in nerd rage threads.
  11. Karl_Magnus

    Glad that beta version was tested before going live /sarcasm

    Look at the caravan thread, the stuff they suggested is just unfun. Threads with suggestions like that for various systems (There’s a lot of them) would make this game into ck2 jr which, even though I love ck2, is the last thing I want! Part of the reason Bannerlord has had such a large launch and good reception from new players is because it’s so accessible and casual. I’m afraid a lot of the suggestions on the threads I read in these forums would result in a game where I spend 8 hours flipping between menus for every 30 minutes of battle
    I agree there should be lines and it shouldn't be overly complex, but there is no reason to make it too simple and just slap everyone with a ''modders will take care of it''.
  12. Karl_Magnus

    Glad that beta version was tested before going live /sarcasm

    This is the reason why TaleWorlds shouldn’t go too in depth in any one system
    If they didn't ask 50 bucks for their game, I'd agree somewhat. Giving management options to the players isn't ''dumb mechanics''.
  13. Karl_Magnus

    Glad that beta version was tested before going live /sarcasm

    Did you just ignore the whole part about adding new complex features will be the goal at the next step? The reason they don’t put so many complex features on these sandboxes is because everyone wants it different, that’s what mods are for. If warband released with all of Pendors features a lot of people would be complaining about annoying game systems.
    Most people didn't necessarily ask for overkill ''complexity''. Just a functional self-sustaining economy, more options of management and better, logical interactions between the different factions parties and such things.
  14. Karl_Magnus

    Glad that beta version was tested before going live /sarcasm

    Yeah, I was in the thread that time and I sort of disregarded this post hoping that, eventually, TW can maybe actually consider putting some depth to the game when the basic stuff is done. For sure I'll be disappointed if in a year I need to browse hundreds of mods for what I want from the game.

    Like... maybe they could justify it if it wasn't a full-priced game, but right now there is no excuse to not push it much further than Warband...

    Truth is they're probably dealing with a team of unexperienced developers (which would explain a lot) and don't want to risk anything and limit themselves.
  15. Karl_Magnus

    Beta Branch Patch Notes e1.2.0

    I know some/most perks are not working atm, but just reporting anyway, bumped into and hired a companion with high crossbow skills (reload on horse perk too), but it only shoots 1 bolt then draws sword without reloading even when out of range for melee
    Then make a proper report in the proper forum.
  16. Karl_Magnus

    Glad that beta version was tested before going live /sarcasm

    I think that the moment mexxico mentioned that they wanted vanilla Bannerlord to not be a complex experience was a massive red flag because that definitely indicates that their plan at the moment is to find the easy ways out of development issues and he explicitly called out that modders will create their own trade systems and such. I'm definitely worried that after seeing the modding community's work on Warband their intention now is to make a half-working skeleton that they just ask modders to finish for them, because honestly that's what he heavily hinted at.
    Ah ****, I wish I could unread this. It makes me mad if that's really the intent of TW.

    I was defending them from the angry nerds, but if in the end of everything they really make people pay 50 bucks for a game modders will need to complete... I'll definitely put a cross on their team. ****

    Sounds like it really is headed just to be a reskinned Warband.
  17. Karl_Magnus

    Glad that beta version was tested before going live /sarcasm

    Welcome to early access, my friend!
    I say the same in some cases, and the patch is pretty big with nice crashes and performance fixes, but I feel like TW is not sure how to implement changes in the game mechanics.

    I mean... I'm not going to be angry or sassy about it, but I still dislike it when I see things I feel is a waste of time and will need to be reworked later for obvious reasons, as it's the case with the caravans thing. This one just feels like it was thrown out there because some players (including me) felt like it was way too easy to obtain huge amounts of money and that caravans were OP.

    One dev made a thread asking if caravans should be implying more risk and be attacked more often by bandits and other forces, but I thought it would be... I don't know. Complete. I was thinking it's nice that devs actually ask players about something like this, and there were loads of suggestions for a more well-rounded system on the subject of caravans, economy and trade. In the end that's all there is; caravans being picked off one by one. That's the kind of implementation I would think would obviously create problems, because it's only one change of one element of a whole economic system. Just make us wait for real rework instead of throwing useless by themselves changes.

    If they can't imagine things from a big picture perspective... it will be a very bumpy ride.
  18. Karl_Magnus

    There was plenty of other things to do before touching the caravans

    After reading some people having issues with the longevity of their caravans after the last patch, I felt like it was needed to tell TaleWorlds that this kind of change feels like a waste of efforts. I do agree caravans needed to imply some risks, but this change just seems to have skipped many...
  19. Karl_Magnus

    Bows are WAY too accurate.

    Agreed there should be way more scaling for units, and accuracy should be depending much more on the bow skill of characters/units.
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