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  1. Ted Striker

    Why do some people want Bannerlord with Crusader Kings 3 Features/Diplomacy?

    game needs diplomacy and other features so we have something to do other than a constant barrage of poorly optimized moshpit zombie ai battles
    Some people seem to think the game should be one big constant barrage of poorly optimized moshpit zombie ai battles.

    They don't understand how much more is capable. Modders do though.
  2. Ted Striker

    How many battles do you lose?

    I lost an army vs army battle the other day I joined in on because the constant influx of reinforcements from the enemy depleted my archers and khan's guard arrow supply and all of a sudden I was taking massive casualties.

    EDIT: wait what? you can drag-click formations? Is that how I can get a formation to face a certain direction?
  3. Ted Striker

    Send Troops - Excessive Casualties

    Auto-calc should punish the player.

    It is a lazy workaround. If they encouraged it, they'd be encouraging people avoiding the main premise the entire game is built around. (It's not a RTS, it's a RTS introduction to a FPS battle simulator)

    Cripes, you should see how bad the auto-calc is in Total War.
    I was just going to say that the autocalc in Total War can sometimes work in your favor because it's just as bad. You can defeat with autocalc an opposing army that you'd have virtually no chance against otherwise because of unit abilities and whatnot.
  4. Ted Striker

    Is there any chance for Bannerlord to land on KFConsole??


    I though this was a joke, this **** is real

    People are insane and make fun of gamer community with this

    Omfg it's real. IT'S REAL!

    And I want one, and I don't even own a console newer than the Playstation 1.

  5. Ted Striker

    Why is wine not a consumable food?

    Yeah, i thought of that too, salt could be then also considered a food item for towns exclusively so it gets a bit more valuable to control salt cities within your empire and would vastly help with food shortages.
    Salt should be another one of those luxury morale-boosting items. Maybe it's not the same in Calradia but in history salt was considered so valuable and wonderful that soldiers were paid with it.

    Weird for salt to be just a trade commodity with no other use.
  6. Ted Striker

    Why is wine not a consumable food?

    What if wine (and maybe oil?) was made into a new type of consumable that adds to morale as it's consumed but does not count as consuming food? (so you still need food). I mean supplying your party or army with wine should make them pretty damned happy. Beer is for the peasants, wine is for the wealthy. And beer back then was not known to be strong. It was quite watered down.

    So what if it would help powerlevel Steward, right? It's easy to powerlevel anyway. It's literally the easiest skill to level, and I'm not at all complaining about that.

    Workshops suck by the way. I've been experimenting with them. There hasn't been a single instance so far where a workshop has come even close to earning what a caravan with better troops led by a companion I personally trained over weeks and months earned.
  7. Ted Striker

    We need a real serious revamp of how Player's Units/Parties are treated by the game. Why is it do hard to just leave them ALONE!

    The entire point of the game is that you don't have control, though. In battles you don't control each soldier like an RTS. On the map, you don't control every party like Total War. You play as one character and the other characters make their own decisions independent of you, it's the entire premise of the franchise.

    That doesn't mean the AI should be frustrating and constantly working against you but time and time again people get upset because AI parties make decisions. People want to micromanage stuff like the troops of clan parties and that's just not what the game is about.
    So how about issuing basic orders, like "prioritize bandit parties" (regardless of it would ever work because of speed differences), "do not donate t4-t6 troops to garrisons, "do not join AI's armies"

    Fairly simple orders to influence what the AI does but doesn't directly control them.
  8. Ted Striker

    Why is wine not a consumable food?

    Should at least give a morale boost. Same with beer, but I think beer is considered a food item.
  9. Ted Striker

    Send Troops - Excessive Casualties

    Those looters throw a mean rock.
    I remember them being even worse last year. I don't know if those laser accurate rocks of doom were toned down since then or if it's just my memory failing me but they don't seem as deadly now.
  10. Ted Striker

    Send Troops - Excessive Casualties

    I sent my troops vs a band of 31 looters and lost a khan's guard.

    So nope not using that again. The autocalc was designed IMO extremely lazy and does not consider in the least the actual abilities of these units. But to make it more accurate would be very complicated and subjective. I mean vs looters you should never lose a t4-t6 unit unless it's like a band of 80 looters or something (and why would you autocalc that?). But vs forest bandits? Imperial infantry and equite vs vlandia? Too subjective.
  11. Ted Striker

    How is the economy now?

    So after about two weeks I'm finding the "economy" not much different than it used to be. I had to resort to smithing once again to generate a steady enough income. I'm not a fan of playing as a trader running from town to town, so that's not an option for me.

    Workshops suck. No matter where I build them they barely make any money. I kept two just to see if they would improve over time. Nope. Not worth the investment at all.

    Caravans are a much better option. They take a little longer to get going since you really should find a good companion and have them fight alongside you for a while to build some core skills and perks, but once you let them loose with a caravan they make pretty good money. I have two currently and they're making anywhere between 300 - 1,000 total. Cost me 45,000 to start and some time with the companions but worth it so far. Both caravans have been attacked a few times but since I spent some time training those companions like I wanted they're holding up just fine - so far anyway.

    Being a mercenary was bringing in some good money but it requires a constant state of war, and in my current game that's not happening. I was doing great being a merc for Monchug but he suddenly declared peace and now I was scrambling to make money (I was still training my future caravan companions at that time and largely ignored smithing because I was hoping I wouldn't need it now). I had to run all the way to Vlandia to be a merc again, and then they declared peace. Had to desperately trade aserai horses to Vlandia over and over in the hopes of not going bankrupt and slowly train my smithing up because I knew that was the key. I was relying on loot and prisoners and that merc wage but when everyone is at peace you don't have access to that and suddenly your income to expense ratio plummets. The only wars going on were with minor clans. That's no good.

    I also had major issues after giving a companion their own party. When fighting for Monchug I made my brother into his own party. He amassed an expensive one (for the time) with over 130 troops, and while I was out in the field fighting and making money I found him wandering around the Khuzait lands as part of an army doing nothing at all. Cost a lot of money to maintain a party that wandered around doing nothing. And then peace was declared and now that party was draining my coffers fast. I didn't know how to disband it either at first so for a few days I had to suck up that expense while hunting down Monchug to ask him to end my contract. That party did absolutely nothing. It never fought a single battle, just wandered around in a worthless army costing me money. When I went to Vlandia to be a merc I kept him as a fighting companion only. You ain't costing me money like that again dumbass brother!

    That's a part of the "economy" I'd love to have more control over: tell my companions not to join any AI armies but to only get out there and fight and earn your keep. Armies are too slow for mercenaries and rarely award any kills.

    So for future starts I'm going have to rely on the old tried and true smithing from early on, forget workshops exist, work on building caravan companions as early as possible instead of fighting companions, and not give anyone their own party because they don't know what to do with them. I can't focus on trading, I find it so boring and tedious just running from town to town like I'm a medieval truck driver, but I do know it's a viable strategy.
  12. Ted Striker

    Player Cavalry is stubborn?

    I may have missed something, thanks for the information. I haven't tried indeed to use ALT + order to have some troops attacking specific formations. Your coment sounds very logic - thanks
    I often use VII for Voulgiers, Menavliaton, Palace Guards, Line Breakers, Falxmen, etc, which I keep far from fire and try to bring into the archers :p that's delicious, chen it works... :smile:
    I have also tried to have several infantry formations, so as to make squares, very efficient against cav, so as to protect archers.
    I will try the ALT + order to target a specific formation. Cause it's clear ennemy cavalry comes in archers rank as much as it is possible.
    What I heard (in a Youtube video from a while back) is that each formation has a set AI. VII is Light Cavalry and that AI behaves differently than Cavalry in III or Heavy Cavalry in VIII and prioritize attacking different enemy unit types.

    Maybe if you have infantry in a cavalry formation it defaults to a standard infantry AI? I have no idea. I cannot confirm any of this. Let me see if I can find the video that talks about it.

    Ok it's in this video:

  13. Ted Striker

    Bannerlord was a gift

    I can´t even play open field battles without the realistic battle mod (at least the devs are now talking to those modders).
    Realistic battle mod looks amazing. From reading the description on Nexus it looks like it incorporates a lot of things I've been saying about Bannerlord's combat issues. I definitely have to check it out.
  14. Ted Striker

    Bannerlord was a gift

    Let's say you go out with a friend and buy him a drink, and he gifts you a pen. That pen can be used for a long time before breaking down, and the only real investment you made was giving your friend a drink.
    I'd be like

  15. Ted Striker

    Base Bannerlord is better than base Warband

    GTA 5 is so much better then GTA 3.

    Is that how we should rate games?
    Diablo 2 > Diablo 3

    Just thought I'd put that out there.

    Not all sequels are better.

    I'm honestly waiting on mods for proper faction vs faction balance, which will include total overhauls. Bannerlord has no armor and it needs to be changed. Even a slashing saber does significant damage to good armor, and forget about ranged units. It was my main gripe when I first played this last year. What's the point of expensive, heavy armor? What's the point of blunt weapons like maces and warhammers with short reach? Why is expensive armor so susceptible to simple cutting/slashing swords? All you need is a weapon with high cutting damage and you're unstoppable. Armor historically protected best against cutting. You can slash someone in chainmail for a long time with an arming sword or saber and he will get bruised but not suffer any cuts, but in Bannerlord it doesn't do much.

    That's one thing Warband clearly did better, and I'm hoping the dell'arte della guerra mod fixes it by shifting the time period to the late middle ages/early renaissance. But even still, good armor in Bannerlord doesn't do all that much.
  16. Ted Striker

    Player Cavalry is stubborn?

    Yeah I would really like a way to order certain formations to attack only certain enemy formations, like a cavalry formation only attacking an archer formation.

    We can already see enemy formations when we hold down ALT (I think it's ALT) so the function is not out of the question. Like if we press 3 for cavalry (or 7 for light cavalry), F1, hold down ALT, highlight the archer formation icon, then F-something (it's a new function so needs a new key) that cavalry is ordered to attack that formation only, stopping only if it's intercepted.

    Is the AI capable of knowing to swing wide to attack the formation though? Or will it just blindly charge forward running into that infantry formation with braced spears?

    What I've heard is every formation choice has a different AI. Cavalry, light cavalry and heavy cavalry are supposed to behave differently. Don't know how true it is but I have noticed that any formation I have in VII (light cavalry) likes to charge, swing wide, charge again, repeat, while cavalry in III just charge in and wind up using melee weapons. That could be just my dumb ass not knowing exactly which orders do what though.
  17. Ted Striker

    Daggers need some love

    Daggers might find some use in towns and castles when in civilian clothing, if there was gameplay to support more clandestine quests and whatnot.

    But not on the battlefield.
  18. Ted Striker

    Base Bannerlord is better than base Warband

    You should see for yourself, maybe you will like it, maybe you will not. But for me, Bannerlord is many times greater than vanilla Warband. The world is bigger, the battles are bigger, there is so much more to it.

    I'm mostly happy with what I can do in vanilla Bannerlord. I would like a little more control over my formations though, especially being able to rotate them. I can do that in Total War and it's so tactically useful. I don't necessarily want all my formations parallel to each other. Maybe I want to to position my archers on the forested hill to the left at an angle so when my infantry line becomes engaged my archers can fire on the enemy's flank.

    If it's easy to do in Bannerlord I have no idea how. I'm used to either drag clicking, using the mouse wheel to rotate the flags before I order them to move, or even Page Up/ Page Down to rotate.
  19. Ted Striker

    Base Bannerlord is better than base Warband

    Eye-opening good or eye-opening bad?
  20. Ted Striker

    Base Bannerlord is better than base Warband

    You know I never played base Warband. I jumped immediately into mods like Floris and A Clash Of Kings, which added features that seem to be part of base Bannerlord now.

    I don't even know what base Warband was lacking compared to Bannerlord. Maybe I should fire that old game up and check it out without mods.
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