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  1. Foxwell Covington

    Damage in this game is Ridiculous

    Realistic Battle Mod makes the game way more playable in this regard, more parrying and shield blocking, armour is stronger, horse charges actually do something and high tier units are more powerful 1v1, good times.
  2. Foxwell Covington

    Caravans, Enterprises and Black Market.

    Very interesting suggestion!

    One issue though. What happens with your trade empire when you die and new clanleader is "some human meat axe"? :smile:
    I guess there would be mechanics that contribute to the effectiveness of the enterprises like linking a portion of it to the characters trade skill or something so it's not totally dependent on the clan or character standing.
  3. Foxwell Covington


    They made no contractual promises to you to provide you with any additional content on any particular timeline. That's an expectation you invented.
    100% agree.
  4. Foxwell Covington

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.1

    Well put your grasses on.

    Kuddos to anyone who knows what that line is from...
    Nothing can go wong!
  5. Foxwell Covington

    Low Tier units vs High Tier units

    I think that almost everyone here agrees with the gap between low and high-tier units is not as relevant as it should be. I personally think the gap is too big in Warband, but in Bannerlord it is totally the opposite, and this brings some issues which make the game feel less rewarding, challenging, and not immersive. People mostly blame armor, but I think the biggest reason because high-tier units do not feel as strong as they should, is because the equipment is simply 200% more relevant than skill in this game.
    I totally agree. Weapon skill needs to either be higher for high tier units or be tweaked to have a greater effect. I'm noticably losing twitch skills as I age but I can still easily win a tournament on day one of a new playthrough by beating Caladog with my 5 2-Handed skill, he should kick my fu(king arse. I'm not scared of anyone in the world at any time but I'm scared of being surrounded by 8 looters. T5 Infantry should be parrying constantly and cut lower tiers to shreds. Realistic Battle Mod (AI) helps with this somewhat.
  6. Foxwell Covington

    Gifts for joining factions

    Vlandia is a One handed sword My crafted one was better but would be great if you got it early game.
  7. Foxwell Covington

    In Progress Foot troops suddenly routing despite winning battle with very low casualties

    I don't know if this is related but I have groups of 25 looters routing after I solo kill like 4-6 of them. I do have Realistic Battle AI mod enabled on 1.6 though.
  8. Foxwell Covington

    Suggestion for Giving Hands Perk

    The stewarding Perk Hands is currently one of the most, if not the most powerful in the game, especially when coupled with smithing.
    The descriptions says that discarded weapons (including shields, arrows bolts etc) gives XP to troops. By crafting high level two handed swords or slashing pole weapons the player can very quickly turn T1 recruits into T5 soldiers in minutes without them ever fighting a battle. I believe the XP is 50% of the value, given across troops in your party that would take them up to their next level. I have not tested the Armour equivalent of this perk which won’t suffer from the boost smithing gives it, although some suggestions could apply to both.

    suggestions for improvement to stop this being over powered.
    1 Give all items a set value (say 100xp), or a value based on the item tier (25, 50, 100, 200, 300 for example).
    2 Exclude Crafted items from counting towards XP. However maybe adding an ability to a smithing perk to allow them to be donated. Maybe a secondary effect of experienced smith or artisan smith, or add a new perk called Military Smith at L200 (this could also increase the chance of finding better quality items on the battlefield.
    3 Have only T0, T1 and T2 troops gain XP from donated weapons, meaning it can only be used to upgrade to T3. T3+ troops are seen more professional who would not make do with looted weapons.
    4 Noble Units are not effected for similar reason as stated above.
    I agree with all of this, good thinking. Another option is locking the tier of weapon to the tier of unit, e.g recruit only needs stuff like a hatchet while a t3 troop needs a t3+ weapon to get XP.
  9. Foxwell Covington

    Bannerlord was a grift

    This is arguably the most slowest and inefficient progress I've seen in a game.
    Star Citizen vs Bannerlord for the title.
  10. Foxwell Covington

    Development Update #8: Crafting Orders and Party Stances

    It's just patch notes for the last two patches for people who don't read patch notes.
    Dev blogs should contain new info on upcoming features, like: "the regional battle maps are 69% done and we'll release some of them in the next patch in August" or "the keep battles we promised in December are coming along nicely and we managed to fix the bots hitting the walls all the time, now we must fix the AI pathfinding so they don't get in each other's way".
    Patch videos on the other hand is what youtubers do for their illiterate followers, and they already covered these two patches.
    Amen, it doesn't take a lot of time to learn everything there is to know via patch notes and a few forum posts, so when the devs post I'd like to hear some progress on the features that will tangibly effect the game e.g. siege AI, hit boxes, armour balancing, dynamic battle maps.
  11. Foxwell Covington

    Caravans, Enterprises and Black Market.

    I like the idea of clan traits, it would add more flavour to the existing nobles. You could have empire clans who are the latest generation in a line of noble Officer or mercantile types and as a result don’t level combat skills as fast but have buffs to Trade/Tactics/Leadership skills. On the other side there may be Barbaric Battanian or Sturgian clans who have buffs to combat but are slower to level Engineering/Trade etc. These could be emergent for the player character.
  12. Foxwell Covington

    Lets Discus the New Ironman feature. Can of worms incoming!

    I wish the companions would just choose their own perks, and their own attributes and focus points depending on their inclinations, and the player shouldn't be able to do that for them (when choosing this option only, of course). So this option needs improvements.
    I'd be happy to take what I get and not manually min/max companions if there were a minimum standard template ensuring companions could at least level their chosen profession, this should be the dev's end goal I think. In my current game a "Willowbark" wanderer spawned with 0 focus and 1 Intellect, she's never going to be useful without heavy player intervention and characters like this are often barely able to level at all. This is worse in the case of smithing as you then have to turn someone else into a smith if you ever want Thamaske weapons.
  13. Foxwell Covington

    Sturgia needs a buff badly

    Third is about nothing good at the roster. Mediocre all around.
    They have the worst archers in the game but the Horse Raiders are good against enemy cavalry and I've found the Axemen and Spearmen perform fine in my shield wall.
  14. Foxwell Covington

    Where are the Tier 6 Horses in sandbox?

    I was getting tonnes of them from a perk around 175 in the Scouting or Horse tree, but have not seen them anywhere else. Sad.
  15. Foxwell Covington

    (Poll) Skills

    I chose trade but I also don't invest into engineering, although I plan to when medicine get's revised and INT built hero become more useful. As it is, only steward raises well and steward gives it's main bonuses from a companion just as well. Charm's effect is questionable to me, but I will raise it late game when I don't know where to spend a FP.

    I like to make my MC the scout for some good leader only benefits, including Keen sight (with mounted patrols on leader) and uncanny insight. In my experience a 10 cunning MC will get 300+ skill pretty early in life (before old age range) and be able to make good use of it.
    I think the first 2 medicine perks are a must have on MC, to heal you after battles. More would be good, but it's really slow to go higher :sad:
    I like to get bow and riding to 250 too, although you could be fine with less.
    Polearm is 'might as well' since I use it, but I can be fine with zero skill too
    Tactics is good since I have cunning, but not a must have. Roguery even more so, 'might as well' though.
    Leadership is really good, but because it takes so long to get the very high levels, I just use the 5fp and am happy if it gets over 150 someday.

    Smithing can be done on clan members but I have done it on MC before. I don't usually do much smithing because II almost never wait so I have no stamina.
    I don't know how long I could handle playing without the renown-printing perk at 125 Trade. If there was a way to level trade for a companion in my party (The only way seems to be to send them off on a caravan) I would never spend the focus on myself.
  16. Foxwell Covington

    1.6.0: Smithing still effectively a nonsensical on demand money printer

    Started new campaign to try smithing specifically.

    Making Two Handers for 1k right off the bat. Not too imbalanced because of materials cost and time but still pretty good money with no investment into the skill at all.

    Then, after a few unlocks, making Hammer Head Polearms by day 5 for 4-6k a pop with rando companions for almost no materials.

    I think the issue is still how sell price for weapons is calculate. A slow swinging piece of wood stuck to a piece of wood is selling for more than fancy fine steel weapons. Length and damage seem to matter more than the overall quality of the weapon and its stat balance. The material cost and skill of the smith still makes little difference.

    Something could be done without messing with weapon prices at the broader level. For example, why not something like:

    First, a base sell price that is capped at [Base cost of mats x1.5] + [smith skill x10]. Now materials and smithing skill simply factor in no matter what.

    Then factor in the + and - stats in creation. 10% bonus or reduction to price using the above sell price as base.

    So I make a weapon that costs 1000d in materials. [1500d]. I have 50 smithing skill. [1500d+500d=2000d]. I craft it well and it gets +5 stats total. [2000d+1000d=3000d].

    But if a weapon costs only 100d in materials with 10smithing skill: 150+100+ = 250. But I am making a weapon with poor skill and it gets -5 stats. 250-125=125. 25g profit still but of course I have a meager 10 smithing and am slapping bits wood together. This means my cheap crap polearms no longer sell for 6k but I can still achieve solid sell price weapons as a decent smith, like in the example above.

    Of course this is a super crude example and the numbers and formulas would need more thought and trial and error, but you get the idea. This would pretty much make smithing less about spamming specific recipes and more about quality of the materials and skill of the smith, in a simple, understandable, straightforward manner, no?
    Yeah, I agree that sort of calculation would be much better than the current system. The Smithing stamina improvement was a good start, but there are a few other things I would like to see scale with Smithing skillI:

    -A % chance to fail and make a worthless hunk of metal or lower quality version, also scaling with component difficulty.

    -The yield of materials from smelting/refining, with caps specific to the object. e.g. a level 10 Smith gets 1 Crude Iron from smelting a hoe while a level 100 Smith gets the full yield of 4 Crude Iron. You may need 200 Smithing minimum to get any Fine Steel from smelting a T6 sword.

    -Unlocking recipes linked to the specific object you are smelting e.g. at 150 Smithing I am skilled enough to learn all three components of this Hatchet I just smelted, while a level 10 Smith may need to smelt 8 of them to unlock the first component. This makes sense immersively as it will lead us to purchase items so we can "study" them with the hope of duplicating the item and makes finding a high tier item on the battle field more of a boon.
  17. Foxwell Covington

    Executions (with poll)

    So throughout my numerous playtime, I've never found the execution mechanic helpful.

    -1000 to your honor followed by massive relation penalties with nearly all Clans.
    The price is extremely steep for removing 1 Lord from the game outside of a battle, which has no penalties incurred.

    Just some ideas on revamping the execution mechanic

    1) Take Lord's Traits into equation

    If the lord is a dishonorable, devious, or otherwise contemptable individual; then executing should reward honor (I.E 200). The relation decrease with their clan should remain the same, but relations should increase with Clan Leaders who view the act as justice.

    If the lord is honorable, trustworthy, or has no negative traits; then executing should decrease honor. You killed an otherwise good person and people would view your actions as dishonorable and barbaric.

    2) Executing Mercenaries should not reduce honor

    They are hired swords who fight for the highest bidder, why is killing them reducing my honor? While I should take a relations drop with that Company and all others,
    losing honor makes no sense.

    3) Crimes fit the punishment

    If the lord executed has committed various acts of violence against your kingdom while the war is ongoing (raiding, sacking settlements, attacking peasants, attacking caravans), you should be able to execute a justified execution against them regardless of their personality if they committed a large amount of these actions.

    While you would take relation drops with that Clan and their allies, the vassals of your realm would approve of this action.

    4) Relation increases and decreases

    -Executing a Clan member unjustly: - 100
    -Executing a Clan member but its justified: -50
    -Executing a Friendly Clan Member: - 30
    -Executing a Kingdom Clan Member (Not stacking with friendly): - 10
    -Executing a Rival Clan Member: +20
    -Committing a justified or honorable execution: +10
    -Committing an unjustified or dishonorable execution: -20
    This is exactly what I've been saying too. It's so logical I don't understand how it hasn't been implemented already.
  18. Foxwell Covington

    On Crafting Orders

    It might be a good idea to ensure that the item in first order slot is only composed of parts you have already unlocked. When you're first starting out, it can be frustrating to go from town to town just to see that you can't craft the first order, especially considering this mechanic is meant to help with training the skill.


    100% agree
  19. Foxwell Covington

    e.1.6 Beta Feedback & Suggestions

    Decent update overall, I like being able to donate armour to level troops.

    But we still desperately need a fix to party leaders giving away troops from the player army, this is really souring the late game for me. Unit collision boxes are still too small, causing them to bunch up even when they are not forced to.

    I fired up a new save as a Sturgian and approximately 80% of the village quests I've been offered are to supply grain which gives me no reputation gain, sad.

    Smithing orders are awesome but I often get green orders I am unable to fulfill because I don't have the parts. This seems like UI bloat (for lack of a better term) because it's not like I have a way to quickly learn the missing part and come back.

    You can cheese the system with 2h swords (200 smithing and I don't have Javelin parts yet) because even if you are deficient in say handling or swing speed you can overload swing damage with cheap components like the Star Falchion and still collect half of the 160,000 reward (I have No Pricey Weapon mod active so this must be even crazier on vanilla).

    Keep up the good work guys, I'm probably going to go back to making scenes until the next patch.
  20. Foxwell Covington

    Lets Discus the New Ironman feature. Can of worms incoming!

    Ironman? more like ironbaby, I really wanted a mode that removed your ''chosen one'' status

    1. Nobles don't even want to speak with you, until you reach a certain renown
    2. want to enter a tournament? that's cute. gtfo
    3. the market is going through a depression, and selling prices for equipment are reduced drastically
    4. if you get captured by a lord, and you are irrelevant, that's an easy execution
    5. got captured and lord hates your guts, executed
    6. Oi! you got a permit to use my blacksmith equipment? pay up
    7. Craft a 10k javelin? instant loss with jumpscare and CTD, save corrupted.
    These should all be default features to be fair, didn't Warband require 150 renown just to become a merc?
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