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  1. lolbash

    Why is this guy banned;u=328037
  2. lolbash

    Merry Christmas

    I suggest that the replacement of words like f.orums to Iron Chieftain community should be stopped, its really hampering my reading. And frankly, annoying
  3. lolbash

    VC overhead spears attack bug

    If you were to move the camera on the y axis the spears shpuld be following with the camera, but some overhead attacks don't because its in a locked position as if it is a sword overhead animation.
  4. lolbash

    Viruses in Bannerlord

    What exactly is Taleworlds going to do to stop malicious mods from injecting viruses on our computer? Or do stuff like steal serial keys from the game files and hack accounts? If we join a server and download their files for multiplayer is there a way to be safe and protected from bitcoin mining...
  5. lolbash

    Coding help

    In Warband if you hit a horse your weapon can pass through the horse and is still able to hit 1 person before it can no longer hit anyone else on that swing. It must be a horse however, and that is the only known way to hit multiple targets on a weapon swing in Warband. This means that being...
  6. lolbash

    Fethullah Gülen kimdir ve neden ondan nefret ediyorsunuz?ülen İngiliz Vikipedi kendisi hakkında iyi konuşuyor ama KhergitLancer80 çocuklar için üniversite soruları çalan Gutlen hakkında bilgi verdi. Bu yüzden merak ettim.
  7. lolbash

    Proof that Taleworlds is plans to port Bannerlord to Console

    In this video Duh is invited to play Bannerlord and has recorded footage. At around 29:10 Duh triggered something and then crashed the game sending him to the title screen. This means we are able to see what is on the Desktop of the computer. And the results are very interesting. I will go...
  8. lolbash

    Intro screen.

    Just remembered this when reinstalling Warband, we had an intro screen, a very low resolution 5 second video showing "Taleworlds Entertainment". This can be skipped and removed by simply deleting "binkplay.exe" from your installation. Fast Foward to modern days, and now many games make the...
  9. lolbash

    Civil Wars in Bannerlord

    Does anyone else find the amount of "brewing internal dissent" in all of the major factions annoying? If you have not read the Faction Blogs and videos m I will sum this all up for you. Empire: They have already split up and fighting each other. Aserai: They are united, but only temporary so...
  10. lolbash

    Infantry movement in Bannerlord

    We need to allow Players and NPCs to be able to climb, and go prone and crawl. We already have crouching, but what if we can go prone to hide in bushes/play dead? And if we can climb we can jump on small houses to be able to get high ground and rain arrows from above.
  11. lolbash

    Easy way to port items from a different module to Native?

    I am looking for a tool or method to easily take items like Napoleonic Wars muskets and Viking Conquest weapons and armors and put them in Native. I don't need them to be on troops or anthing. I just want them to show up in the Cheat Menu. Is this possible?
  12. lolbash

    Improve the download speeds

    When trying to download older Warband setup files for compatability wih mods, it caps at 100kb/s, but every other major service like Google and Steam I cap at 10mb/s, like it should. And thats not mentioning that does not even have the file but
  13. lolbash

    Will Bannerlord support animations at 240hz or lock at 60hz?

    This is a problem in other older RPG games where you buy a high refresh rate monitor but you cannot take advantage of monitor feature because animations are recorded at 30hz, but the rest of the game is running at high refresh rate. High refresh rate animations are also important for future...
  14. lolbash

    NPC interaction in Bannerlord

    Based off the Gamescom demos we have seen, there is not enough interaction options in Bannerlord. Notables: We can only talk to them to ask for quests, or say goodbye. Why are we still roleplaying as the "fetch boy" who takes quests fron strangers? I want to insult a Notable, for having an...
  15. lolbash

    Information and Privacy

    Ignoring the basics and obvious information like IP addresses, the information I have put on my profile settings(email), my browser, what the Moderators write about me in an off limits forum, and what I post, what other information does the Taleworlds forums collect? I can't find a privacy...
  16. lolbash

    Moderation log

    We need an automatic logger that lists all the banned accounts that have been banned over the years on the forums with a reason next on why they are banned written by a Moderator. Its annoying to see a banned account and check the profile only to find that all the offending posts are deleted.
  17. lolbash

    Nvidia Ray Tracing, Ansel, Hairworks, and other Nvidia exclusives in Bannerlord

    With the recent announcement of the RTX 2000 Graphics Cards series and Nvidia's new announcement of Ray Tracing, it has me wondering,  is it possible that Taleworlds will plan on incorporating some of Nvidia's Graphical tools in Bannerlord? Here are some examples of things I am hoping to see...
  18. lolbash

    Randomly Generated NPCs in Bannerlord

    Thanks to the last blog Encyclopaedia we have strong evidence that points to Random Generation that will create many of the NPCs in Bannerlord, including Companions, Lords, and the new Notables.
  19. lolbash

    Virtual Reality in Bannerlord

    Do you guys think it is possible to do Virtual Reality in Bannerlord? Especially because Virtual Reality is seemingly to slowly grow in popularity in recent days and imagine leading an army in Virtual Reality.
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