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  1. Resolved Quest corruption conflict - help with mountain bandits + Army of poachers

    No, I just reloaded an old save and avoided accepting the army of poachers quest to avoid the code conflict
  2. Resolved Quest corruption conflict - help with mountain bandits + Army of poachers

    Ah sorry i already overwrote that save file by using a previous save before accepting that poacher quest to avoid taking on the quest to fix the problem.

    Basically should be a conflict when they are in the same village
  3. Resolved Quest corruption conflict - help with mountain bandits + Army of poachers

    so I accepted a quest for a village for "Falsevor of Calioc needs help with mountain bandits" And then went to Sargot to accept the quest "Army of Poachers" at Calioc. Completed the poacher quest then went back to attacking the group of bandits around Calioc. EveryBandit group i tried to attack...
  4. Resolved Black lines during combat

    print screen and paste to Paint. then save as JPG
  5. Resolved Black lines during combat

    Can you provide screenshots and info about your computer specs as well?
    Im having black squares issue, similar situation i guess

    Issue - Started a new game. took a village quest, fighting the deserters. Loaded into the battle, moved forwards and as soon as enemy cav appeared, half my screen showed black SQUARES. Kept moving around to see if would disappear but stayed until i quit the game

    MB version - MAIN e1.2.1
    OS - Windows 10
    GPU - Nvidia GeForce GTX 970
    CPU - Intel i5-4460 3.2GHz
    RAM - 32gb
    Motherboard - H97 Pro-Gamer
    Storage - HDD 1TB

    Screenshot -
  6. The Noble Longbow

    I am sorry. You guys are f*ckin brainlets. The links to Joe Gibs's video and to Tod Workshop armour penetration test are the most valid test done I have seen. You weebs tell a dude who has been making historically accurate bows for over 10 years and shooting them. You can literally google Joe Gibbs and see the guys draw a 210 lbs bow once and saying its ultra-hard and would probably be a few shots a day max. Whilst he says, he would be able to shoot a 150lbs bow in a battle for an extended period of time. If any of you armchair idiots actually pulled anything above 80-100 with your upper back muscles ONCE in your life you would definitely agree with the man. First of all, retards go and actually try out things IRL because that is what experimental archaeology is about. And actually watch reliable sources, not wanna be LARPers like Skallagrim or Thegn ****. Tod's Workshop even uploaded a video about bolt penetration versus soft and flexible body armour ( gambeson, padding, mail ). The amount of bull **** you guys spew is mind-numbing.
    I checked back and noticed this thread went onto 6 pages...mind blowing lmao
  7. Heavy Cav Has No Impact

    I've played countless hours of total war games.
    Cavalry charging and regrouping is a necessary micromanagement strategy which results in a lot of broken morale, and very quickly.

    In Bannerlord; it results in lost formation, scattering, and lost units... it still needs a hell of a lot of work putting into it.
    Well I guess if the romans existed then sticking to tight formations even post-charge would make sense but until that mod is created, charging IN formation then scattering after is rather realistic.

    Battle zones always broke down into a mess. Romans were famous for their tactical discipline to stay within formation without being baited by emotion.

    SO charging, losing formation, scattering and you needing to regroup the troops sounds fine as it is unless as I said, you were playing romans.

    Somehow I don't feel Bannerlord is supposed to be based off that era.

    Anyway so back to the OP, this thread is redundant
  8. Why mods can fix and improve the game but devs can t?

    no idea why people with no knowledge on development ever write these thread topics.....
  9. Heavy Cav Has No Impact

    Oh, I know, but then re-issuing the charge command leads them to pursue the nearest unit. Which in the scale of a large battle, is usually some infantry unit running away, which results in like 6 horses chasing after one fleeing soldier, instead of charging full on into an infantry assembled line formation... or into the archers to prevent them from raining **** on your troops.

    Oh an also - constantly getting your troops to stop fighting and follow you, can result in unnecessary troop losses, since their priority is to follow you, and not engage... So really, it just isn't that effective at all.

    you clearly have never played total war lol.

    Use Advance rather than charge.

    And cav following you after engaging and losing units....thats also normal.
  10. Bannerlord = Smarter AI?

    hmm i guess theres some improvement haha, nothing to the total war level which has pretty much set my expectations as the average lol
  11. Bannerlord = Smarter AI?

    OH didnt notice, always seemed to feel the same to me haha. Battles end up becoming a blob mess on the enemy side since they always break formation.

    Only time ive seen a solid formation hold was shield walls behind a gate in a siege

    Would be great if they implemented AI to stop infantry chasing faster units like cav...
  12. Bannerlord = Smarter AI?

    Bannerlord have smarter AI. Especially battle AI. I was positively surprised since I expected just repackaged Warband.

    Warband AI did not have formations and everything charged strait at you in one big blob.

    Another large improvement is how AI uses ranged units, especially ranged cavalry.

    Maybe my client is broken?

    Because im seeing the exact same "charge at you" formation in my battles.

    And what smarter battle AI?

    And im very sure warband has formations because im using the exact same formations in bannerlord as i did in warband with the F keys
    Edit - just loaded up warband to check, yes there are formations
  13. Heavy Cav Has No Impact

    I just had another "situation" which should fit here. So I felt like cleaning up some of the bandits and looter around my castle (they are everywhere at some point in the campaign it seems, different topic).
    Since it were only 9 bandits I obviously just gave the charge command to my entire army. 3 Companions on horse back, about 35 Valandian cav which at least 20 of them were "Banner Knights" on the highest tier. I was riding along somwhere in the back of my cav. Now here is the thing, one of these bandits stood there getting two arrows into me. I didn`t pay much attention to the whole thing but it made me thinking, how on earth is there a bandit standing with all the time in the world bothered by nobody after I charged almost 40 cav units towards them? From what I can tell everybody dead but another bandit to my left which just got killed at that moment and this guy just standing there shooting his bow.
    that why i use advance and then charge.

    The charge command isn't programmed to what we think it is. It literally pursue the nearest enemy until its dead then switch target.

    So your lone bandit was lucky his mate was getting pursued by a mob and he was next only after his mate died lol
  14. Bannerlord = Smarter AI?

    Was thinking, I remember some guy advertising Bannerlord to have smarter AI? Right now this just feels like a repackaged Warband....AI feels exactly the same as back in warband when it comes to combat. Is it just me? Like how enemies always use the same formations, enemy cav always charges...
  15. What skills to invest in?

    There also many useful Personal and Army Commander perks which cannot be used by companions - Agriculture, Logistics Expert, Prosperous Reign, Enhanced Mines, Man-at-Arms, Reeve, Ruler.
    if the perks worked lol
  16. Heavy Cav Has No Impact

    anyway besides some changes to the individual unit Combat AI's (like how using ranged weps / polearms take priority over 1H or 2H on horseback)
    The general formations are pretty useful so far. Just requires alot of micro.

    And the OP's thread topic is completely redundant.Result is he just cant use the controls yet (After doing a Cav vs infantry charge with a 200 kill to 2 death outcome pretty much proves it)
  17. Need More Info Performance issues with 1000 units in campaign

    oh no wonder. Thought it was my PC's problem and just handle this game
  18. Need More Info Performance issues with 1000 units in campaign

    So is it normal to lag only in campaign? Tried this on high in custom battles for siege and zero lag spikes
  19. Heavy Cav Has No Impact

    Manual control seems fine for the time being for me.

    Infantry - Shield wall -> Advance
    Archers - Wait for infantry to get ahead and then charge them
    Cav - Wedge formation -> Advance ->(Close to Enemy) Charge ->Run my hero through the other side with lance -> Follow commander -> advance again and charge cycle

    The correct way to charge through enemy ranks is -
    Face direction -> Charge
    the cav will stick together in a wedge and plow right through.

    Just tested in a 500 cav vs 500 infantry custom.
    200 kills on cav and 2 deaths before i stopped

    So yeah, no problems here.

    Only issue is pikes need an option for 'Brace' to counter those cav charges
  20. Unresolved beta 1.2 - Item marked price colours / wholeseller?

    Not sure if this is because of the broken Wholeseller perk or not. Basically prices that get bought at a certain price, when taken to another market to sell, either shows as light/dark red or green depending on the price you bought it at. This part is working as intended, HOWEVER, after saving...
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