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  1. A little help plz

    Havent played for a bit and coming back and noticed that a lot of things are different and a bit lost. Finally got my own kingdom going and noticed no clan will even give me the option to get them to join anymore. Even if friendly. Not sure what to do to get more clans to join now. There was...
  2. Kingdom Events

    I posted this in an ideas comment on the main page but i thought maybe it will get noticed in suggestions. My suggestion is when you sit on the throne events could happen. Like a notable would come and talk with an issue you could resolve. Like repairing roadways ect. I am dying for more...
  3. Battanian Models (Oathsword, Skirmisher) FIXED

    Anyone else having model issues after hot fix? They render fine from a distance but up close they look like a blob of colors in a ball. Don't use forums much so not 100% sure how to insert pictures from steam. Apparently geforce released a new driver for the patch If any have related issue.
  4. Rebellion hope

    Why do rebellions side with a faction after lasting for 30 days. Is there any chance they would in turn found a new kingdom. I dont know how others feel but i would prolly join with them to get them established. Would be fun to me at least story wise. Helping a country after its formed to...
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