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  1. Chonokhan

    Settling our Horde

    Greetings I would propose that a mechanic be made officially, that we can make the experience of our ancestors and establish camps for our tribes, similar to how the steppe peoples have done so many times throughout history. We Mongols settled in Nei Mongol (Inner Mongolia) to trade with the...
  2. Chonokhan

    Giving Fiefdoms to Family/Companions

    Is it possible to grant fiefdoms to your dynasty members or companions yet? That was a great way to distribute land to loyal warriors who fought alongside you... and you got to kit them out too.
  3. Chonokhan

    Conquest by Marriage and cultural change

    What if you were already the monarch of a nation... and your wife mysteriously "died" in a battle... Theoretically could you marry into a noble family of another faction and usurp their throne too? Also when will it be possible to slowly integrate a new city into your own culture?
  4. Chonokhan

    M&B2 Napoleonic Wars (for the future)

    Even though Bannerlord has a long way to go yet... It would be awesome if we had a Napoleonic Wars game/dlc in the future... not just for Multiplayer, but for Single Player too. The multiplayer version was fun for it's time, but most of the time the battles were very unorganised (unless you...
  5. Chonokhan

    I want to do more...

    M&B has always been about it's battles and roaming the map to raid and do quests with your companions true... but I believe that bringing more in-depth things into a game, creates a greater fondness for a game, that makes it far more memorable in the years to come... and with every other "new"...
  6. Chonokhan

    When will taking over City Gangs become available?

    I appreciate that TW are doing a lot to work on the bug fixes, with small implementations here and there to balance or increase content but when are we gonna get the stuff related to crime, taking over turfs in cities and establish gangs to extort local merchants and become a medieval crime...
  7. Chonokhan

    Slavery, Anti-Slavery and Captured Lords/Monarchs

    Before I begin, I would like to point out, that this is a Suggestion for Mount & Blade Bannerlord, not a debate for people to bark at each other in. If you have an issue with slavery or anti-slavery, or are just politically obsessed with crying down people you disagree with please kindly go...
  8. Chonokhan

    Records of Deeds for our Lords

    I propose that we have an easily accessible record of achievements that our lords have accomplished before and during Fief Assignment to help us decide who has done more for our empire recently and has earned a greater reward than others. It would be nice if we could actually choose the lord we...
  9. Chonokhan

    Kingdom Covert Operations and Guilds

    I would like to eventually see kingdoms to have the capability top perform covert operations (obviously based in this period style) like spying, assassination, sabotaging buildings, gates or walls and the indirect training, arming and funding of rebels that will be sympathetic to your cause...
  10. Chonokhan

    Prisoners and Games!

    Upon defeating a bunch of Vlandians with my Khuzait+Azerai horde... I was left with over 500 prisoners in my dungeons. Usually I would sell them to the slave broker, but really... I thought wouldn't it be nice if we were able to use these slaves in better ways? I would like to see more options...
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