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  1. Clear indication of village association with town

    This is possible since day 1. You press alt and hover over the village/town.
  2. Declared war upon too often - Daily (up to 4 factions at once so far)

    stupid AI and a non existent diplomacy system.
  3. End Game or would it be Whac-A-Mole?

    Absolutely agree, the only way to make it playable right now are mods, like Seperatism, Diplomacy and Rebellions
  4. [Suggestion] Internal conflict

    There have been many suggestions in this direction. I am myself one of the loudest advocates for it and i have seen noone who would not want to have this in the game yet. Also here a related thread by myself.

  5. A letter of gratitude after now 500 hours of pure enjoyment

    You must live a pathetic life to spend that much time on something so broken and unfinished and repetitive.

    Hint of sarcasm, perhaps?

    I mean, i certainly can not understand OPs enthusiasm for this broken ass boring tech demo that runs out of content after 50 hours, but if he enjoys it so be it, no reason to attack him personally.
  6. Bannerlord Click Simulator Is What I Dedicate 80% of My Playtime To

    I really wouldn't say that CK2 has no engaging gameplay. In the end, everything we do in computer games is more or less clicking, but the thing is, we expect some kind of outcome for our clicks and a reduction in needed clicks for a given thing that we've clicked for enough.
    Yes you are right, if we consider thinking and planning engaging gameplay, sure CK2 is full of that. But bannerlord does not require any thinking, beyond the most basic planning. If you figured out the trade goods and routes that work, you never have to think again, one look at the map and you know where to open workshops and never have to think about it again, fief management, just mindless upgrading to tier 3.
    But ok if there is nothing to think, maybe there is something that requires skill (aim and reaction)...Well maybe we could say combat needs those, but comeon, it is against AI, after a few hours you wipe the floor with them and it poses no challenge ever again.

    So what is left, a ****ing clickfest in a horrible UI, forcing you to click even more boring ****.
  7. Bannerlord Click Simulator Is What I Dedicate 80% of My Playtime To

    If you join us in the multiplayer section you can realize that the combat is dull too, a downgrade to warband 🧐
    Ye i played mordhau quite alot, so this combat seemed very lackluster, but at least it is somewhat entertaining compared to the rest of the game. In SP it is obviously even worse, after 10 hours or so you know how the AI behaves and all the fun in gone from that too, but i did not want to be too negative^^
  8. Better influence system

    Am I the only one unhappy with SPENDABLE influence "points"?
    I am no big fan of mana-systems like this, They are boring and uninspired in paradox games and so they are here. But i could live with it, if the rest of the game was engaging, which it is not atm.
  9. Game has bored me to death

    you only need to practice more. Its harder in this one then war band for sure and took me some time to get used to it to....
    But when you get the feel for it and good timing then its no more problem. Ive been playing all kinds of rolls man so ive been there :wink:
    Thinking about going knife only next time but idk a good character role for it though ^^

    You are so positive all the time, give in to the hate^^
    But in all seriousness, i spend another 100 hours in this game (now close to 200) and i mastered the combat in arena and in battles with all types of weapons and you know what? Now the game is completely empty for me. Before that arena fights and simulations at least posed a fun challenge, now it is just another tedious and boring task, like all the other parts of the game.

    I totally agree with the snetiment here, that this is just a worse copy of warband with better graphics. And i am not even pissed about wasting 50 euro. I am pissed, because the concept is unique and would have the potential to be the perfect game for me, but i do not see that being realized in the slightest.
  10. Don’t add a degradation system.

    I agree, it adds no depth to the game, it is just another useless and boring grind, if it would be added and by god, this game is already full of boring, uninspired grind. There are also people who suggest that horses should need to be fed and maintained. Just no, it adds nothing to the game in terms of fun or engagement just for the sake of ''muh realism''
  11. Bannerlord Click Simulator Is What I Dedicate 80% of My Playtime To

    I absolutely agree, except for the combat the game is a dull,atrocious mess without any engaging gameplay.
    Playing a trader is the most boring thing, because you only run from town to town, buy, sell, rinse and repeat. You do not even have to ask around for the prices in town, since there are a few goods/regions and routes which you learn pretty fast and you just circle that.
    Owning a workshop or caravan required no real thought or planning, just a one look at local goods/prices, a click and you never have to care about it again.
    Speech is just clicking on the option with the best percentages.
    Developing your fiefs is also just queuing up some buildings and then leaving.
    Smithing is also just another boring click-fest.
    The combat is the only semi-solid mechanic in this game and even that becomes a joke once you figured out the AI behaviour after a few hours.

    There are games, which also have no engaging gameplay, like CK2, you just read and click, but those games at least provide you with a plethora of interesting stories and provide an opprtunity at every corner for crazy headcanon. Not this game, here you can do the same bland quest over and over again, kill looters and hideouts over and over, be at constant total war with everyone, improving relationships with boring lifeless copy-paste characters, which does not even mattter in the slightest.
    I could go on, but there is just so much wrong with this ''game'', i do not even want to bother any more...

    The concept of the game has incredible potential, but the devs behind it will not be able to realize that potential at all. The only hope are the mods. Or maybe we get lucky enough and some capeable devs pick up on the idea and actually make a good game based on it.
  12. Crash gangleader needs weapons

    Playing on 1.3 beta. When i do the ''gangleader needs weapons'' quest in a town i own the game crashes.
  13. Constant War

    I have the feeling that it is not as bad anymore as in earlier versions, because it seems to take longer for the state of total war to occur. But it still comes down to it sooner or later. There have been so many threads complaining about this and the lack of diplomacy and for me it is one of the major issues i have with this game.
    Thankfully there are some mods out there making it somewhat bearable, like the diplomacy and seperatism mods.
  14. Suggestion. Advanced Tactics


    There need to be way more options with the commands. especially a target function.
  15. The Persuasion checks are far far too punishing

    So the whole speech mechanic as it is now is not really implemented.
    Even if it was fully implemented, it is a flawed mechani. Iit removes engaging gameplay (combat) and exchanges it for clicking a button based on percentages.
    A good speech system would primarily hinge on character traits, relations (not just number, but also family ties, feudal ties, etc.) and knowledge about the character you interact with and the world.

    And yes they are too irreversable if you fail. For marriage it would make sense to give you a stage between complete failure or suuccess.
  16. Tablut?

    The board games are one of the few rly fun things in this game beside combat and they are the only reason i spend time in towns. The game needs more such activities to give me a reaosn to walk around in towns.

    The khuzait one can go eat a ****^^
  17. Feif ownership votes are extremely broken

    the whole system is a pile of garbage.

    Remove the 3 person limit in the ballot or if we keep it, the guy who lead the siege should always be on it.
    Claims should be a thing, if someone lost a fief and it is recptured he should be on the ballot.
    Being able to forge claims could also be a thing.
    If you initiate a vote for a fief change, you should be on the ****ing ballot.
  18. For executions: a new metric, "Grievance", to measure the right to execute

    Like it very much, except one point. Even if i had low grievance on someone, not all of calradia should hate me for it. The clan, the kingdom and culture sure, but all of calradia? No thanks. It would make no sense for some guy in Battania to hate me because i chopped some Khuzaits head off, heck he would proibably not even know of it happening if we are viewing this realistically. But of course chopping many heads off should lead to some perosnality trait change and that would influecne my interaction with anyone.
  19. Allies and enemies

    Of course...
    It's basic diplomacy and strategy... Hope they'll add way more options like this.

    Actually the strategy aspect of the game is very cheap.

    Cheap overestimates it, cheap would imply that there is diplomacy^^
  20. Workshops shouldn't be revoked in case of war

    While i agree wit some people here, that the current system makes sense from a real life perspective, i have to agree with OP, when he says that is a fun killer, especially given the current state of diplomacy and the strategic AI.
    If you want to play as merchant/artisan right now you can go 2 paths. Either you do solely that and never swear allegiance or found a kingdom yourself. I would not know why anyone would choose to do so, given that trading and passive income from caravans/workshops is just monotone, but if others enjoy that, so be it. In this case there is no problem, since you will never be at war with anyone.
    Other way is, to start of as merchant/artisan and use it as springboard to facilitate your political growth. In that case you have decide from the get go which faction you want to join and thus be able to plan your workshop locations. Even then, since war declaration is all over the place right now, you wll still loose some workshops, because some idiot lord decided to raid some village or caravan of a country on the other side of the map. And this is just frustrating.

    Thats why i would support a change in this mechanic. Having them not produce income while at war, having them operate in secret, but at a reduced profit, paying some compensation for a complete loss or maybe make it an actual decision to be taken by the lord/player.
    There could be laws regulating workshops, the decision to revoke workshops could be a concious decision and not just automatically, because you are at war now. Maybe if the lord i am at war with now really likes me and/or has some traits like geneous or honorable he might just leave my workshop as it is. If he hates me or has traits like calculating, he might just take it. There could be done much more than what we have now and anything is better than what we have right now.

    I dont midn if there are risks, on the contrary, there should be risks to such any easy moneymaker. But the risks have to be calculateable and the possibility for planning by the player has to exist, so it feels good. Being forced to plan out your playthrough fromt he get go, so you do not waste hours of playtime by mid game, is not an optimal solution. Even more so when even then you can not avoid it, because of stupid AI.
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