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  1. Inzunza

    A Question of the Era

    I was trying to look all over Google for a straight answer, but that was a no go.  But then I remembered, "Hey, there are a bunch of folk who absolutely love this era and do extensive studies whenever possible!  Perhaps one of them could answer my question." That being said, I'm trying to...
  2. Inzunza

    Bourbon Restored

    Hypothetically, say I wanted to make a new game concerning a French Noble and he wants to place King Louis back on the throne.  What did the soldiers who supported the Bourbon Restoration and/or after the Restoration prior to 1820 look like?
  3. Inzunza

    L'Aigle's Uniforms in Napoleonic Wars?

    As we all know, the L'Aigle's Multiplayer has not yet been released.  However, the uniforms are. That being said, would it be possible to take the uniforms (with Docm's permission of course) and fit them over the Napoleonic Wars DLC?  A submod specifically for the Napoleonic Wars to temporarily...
  4. Inzunza

    Rise of Nations?

    I remember reading somewhere in the original thread that you will not be able to create your own nation.  In Native, you can of course and you get your own color and name your own Kingdom and everything. So, because the player isn't allowed to create their own Kingdom, I took it upon myself to...
  5. Inzunza

    Turning in Standards

    I had five standards I wanted to turn in.  A hard war with the Austrians and I've been going out of my way to take their flags (including two Prussian that my own men originally dropped, but they don't really count).  I've collected all these standards, went to the Depot, and asked if I was fit...
  6. Inzunza

    A Well Written Script

    I'd like to just say, the NPC's who have their own dialogue are VERY well written.  Did anyone recall the dialogue of the officer who recruits you into an army? The mod is well done for the most part, with mostly small issues, but I can't help but feel a well worded NPC makes the game.  Kudos...
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