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  1. BoomstickS3000

    BeNe measure contest

    30 cm

    heb ik gewonnen?
  2. BoomstickS3000

    Should we abandon NC?

    Matt_ said:
    No alliances
  3. BoomstickS3000

    [WNL6] Week 8 Fixtures - Deadline 21/01

    gg bois, always a pleasure playing you guys! :party:
  4. BoomstickS3000

    NC 18 Belgium & The Netherlands?

    ja ik ben een beetje nieuw in dit spel maar als noobs zijn toegestaan heb ik wel eventueel interesse :oops:
  5. BoomstickS3000

    [WNL6] Statistics

    Damage stat = best stat ???
  6. BoomstickS3000

    [WNL6] Statistics

    Please do that in your next match. :fruity:
  7. BoomstickS3000

    [WNL6] Statistics

    dw shema my week 6 stats suck ****
  8. BoomstickS3000

    [WNL6] Statistics

    Oh no!

    The worst week has been uploaded :cry:
  9. BoomstickS3000

    [WNL6] Week 5 Fixtures - Deadline 23/12

    The classic fake disband..

    Always works :roll:
  10. BoomstickS3000

    [CoR] Corporation of Radicalization

    Look at this gem I found

  11. BoomstickS3000

    [WNL6] Team Rosters

    Player Addition

    Team Name: Spicy Khergits
    Name of player(s):
  12. BoomstickS3000

    In anticipation of MoB vs GP...

    Caius IV said:
    Can confirm that this is their real life look
  13. BoomstickS3000


    **** the naysayers!

    **** yes perma ladder
  14. BoomstickS3000

    [WNL6] Statistics

    Spicy ???
  15. BoomstickS3000

    [WNL6] Livestreams

    The_Cardboard_Box said:
    Stream more pls, megusta :fruity:
  16. BoomstickS3000

    "IG_battleground, AE_Razer"

    Ceasar said:
    KaneMaB said:
    Watly said:
    Yeah, I'm fun at parties.
    No. No, you're not.

    I can confirm
    Nah fam Watly was MVP of every night out tbh
  17. BoomstickS3000

    [SL2] Scramble League - Balanced Version

    Ceasar said:
    Name: Ceasar
    Main Class: I don't even know myself, inf or cav
  18. BoomstickS3000

    Playing too much

    GlorvalhirSRB said:
    call me
    What about me? :oops:
  19. BoomstickS3000

    [WSC] Betting Corner

    Apis Europae12-4Aequalitas
    Frontline Tactics12-4Polish Eagles
    Unity12-2Ferocious Trident Wielders
    The Castellans8-10Tilde Turtles
  20. BoomstickS3000

    [SL2] Scramble League - Balanced Version

    Name: Broomstick
    ID: 9234
    Main Class: Archer
    Do you want to command? (Yes/No) Nein
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