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  1. D0c1

    make cultural feats a function of troop percentage

    instead of having cultural bonuses affecting lords and player depending on their starting culture, tie them to troops cultures instead. so khuzait speed bonus won't take effect unless you have a set percentage of khuzait troops, sturgian snow bonus won't kick in unless you have a set percentage...
  2. D0c1

    BL Coding can't find the base morale code

    i'm testing the game morale system. but i can't change the base morale value. i found those 2 codes. they were 50 and i changed them to 1 but the in-game tooltip still shows the base morale as 50 and total morale 50(base)+other modifiers. edit: i found the code that handles base morale it's...
  3. D0c1

    In Progress leadership is even more broken now than it used to

    leadership used to give 0.2 morale per skill level but now it is buffed to 0.4. at 150 leadership (i took a quick glance and saw AI lords have 120-160) it used to give 30 morale. now it gives 60 so all lords will be running around with max morale all the time (base is 50 morale) might as well...
  4. D0c1

    are taleworlds employees still working from home?

    this would make sense for most of the slow going. if not, since when did they return to their office(s)?
  5. D0c1

    cavalry units wages shouldn't be the same as foot units

    cavalry gets a 20% bonus in simulated battles, they give a speed bonus on the overworld map, the AI doesn't need to have a horse to upgrade into them AND their wages are the same as foot units of equal level. they're too OP. at the very least, their wages need to be increased as mounted units...
  6. D0c1

    main income should be taxes. not battle loot.

    the main source of income currently is battle loot. i don't think this was the way historically nor does it make sense. lords didn't go banckrupt in peace time as we do in bannerlord. war is expensive but you can make profit if you raid villages or take control of a resource (fief) or a trade...
  7. D0c1

    Resolved immortal charm giving influence after character is dead (modded)

    Summary: my game is heavily modded so i don't know if this effect is from base game or mod. i had high charm on my character and the immortal charm perk gives free influence. after death and succession, the charm bonus is still coming in. named after the character that had the immortal charm...
  8. D0c1

    leadership gives too much morale

    bannerlord perks site states that each level of leadership gives 0.2 morale bonus.;skill=leadership i think this is too much. at 100 leadership, you get free 20 morale at 150 leadership, you get free 30 morale at 200 leadership, you get free 40 morale the...
  9. D0c1

    relations with lords and clans (suggestions are welcome. if there is already a thread in general discussion tell me and i'll delete this one)

    i don't like that relations are with whole clans not individual lords. it doesn't feel right to me that ALL of the clans love you or hate you in the same amount even though the lords have different personalities. it also doesn't feel right that no cousin of a lord wants his place as head of the...
  10. D0c1

    battles don't need to have so many casualties

    tldr; make morale affect battles more, make lords consider retreating "early" and make the routing limit much more lower. i'm no historian but from the little things i've read. medieval battles were about morale mainly not about casualties. the armies fought until one side broke and routed. most...
  11. D0c1

    make taxes and militia spawn tied to loyalty (too)

    this poster wants taking towns to be "slower". i agree with him on the premise but not the execution. i think an easier thing to implement is making loyalty have a substantial...
  12. D0c1

    Resolved when a quest is cancelled, you get relations loss

    i got deliver goods quest from one of sanyopa's villages to balgard. on the way, war was declared and the quest got cancelled. i got -15 relations with the notable. is this intended behavior or is it a bug?
  13. D0c1

    have lords carry their liege flag in addition to their own

    bring back more complex flags from warband and have each lord carry their liege flag on top of their own flag to solve the issue of not knowing the flag on first sight and to keep the complexity of flags that warband players liked.
  14. D0c1

    a series of complaints about horses in Bannerlord (reddit post. not mine. put here for devs to see)

    the following is a copy pasted reddit post. here is the link: I always joke that u can tell a dev studio has no girls in it by the character...
  15. D0c1

    wife shouldn't be on the payroll

    she's the wife, why one should pay her as a common mercenary? if it's OP to early game. marriage requirements should be increased/altered. even warband required 10k-20k denars (the amount varied depending on renown, i think. but can't remember the lower end. please correct it if it's wrong) to...
  16. D0c1

    battering rams should be affected by how many are operating it

    battering ram should have different movement speeds depending on how many are pushing it. they shouldn't move at all if only 1 soldier is pushing it. it shouldn't be able to ram the gate if it's not fully manned. movement speed can be applied to siege towers too.
  17. D0c1

    was visibility for archers reintroduced into 1.4?

    it was snowing in battle and my archers wouldn't shoot until the enemy got too close any ideas?
  18. D0c1

    Resolved when choosing a hero to lead a caravan, all options have the same name

    when you're asked who should lead the caravan, the number of options is the same as the number of your in party companions but they all have the name of 1 companion repeated. it's a visual bug since you can choose the companion you want depending on his order in your party screen. you can put...
  19. D0c1

    how to get lords to support a policy?

    as a vassal, how to get fellow lords to support a policy? the 100 influence doesn't change support that much. anyone got any luck passing a non popular policy? unpopular as in 60% support.
  20. D0c1

    Unresolved companions in my army not counted in town defense

    i'm defending jalmarys i have 2 companions in my army for a total of 259 troops. when the besiegers start their assualt. the game shows only my party, the militia and the garrison. no companion parties join the defense although they're in my army. Version: 1.1.0 Computer Specs: OS: windows 7...
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