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  1. Geyer


    Guess who is back
  2. Geyer


    True words Hróþa and Fródwine!  Welcome Bédríc!

    Forþ Fyrningas!
  3. Geyer

    Éadríc Eorl of the Fyrnings greets William Duke of Normandy

    I will never bake for a norman.
  4. Geyer

    Patience with the update

    That isnt a problem, i myself use paypal to and when the time has come i will send you the informations you need per pm.
    Thank you again
  5. Geyer

    Patience with the update

    Jofrid Jarnskeggidottir said:
    i think 40 slots are ok and i can pay for first month  now ,so tell me exactly how much u need  for that in euros and  of course i hope u have paypal account ,if yes send me  ur paypal address and i will send u money right now
    Im truly thankfully that you would go this far, but i have to talk with Eadric about this first , and even if you would pay rigth now it would take 2-3 days to get the server up. I myself think we should at least wait to the weekend for some news about the situation.
  6. Geyer

    Patience with the update

    Jofrid Jarnskeggidottir said:
    Mr Wulfstan so how much money you need to set your server up ??
    Well if you want to keep the server for 3 months (55 slots) it would be $161.00 = 121.84€ (1slot=$1;  $0.80 if you pay quarterly)
    1 month should be $65 = 49,19€
    of course you dont have to take 55 slots, just an example
  7. Geyer

    Patience with the update

    Partizan_Rusi said:
    Why the hell you can't just start your dedicated server with old WSE and 1.143 ? Why wait when all files are available ?  cmpxchg8b said he'll wait until next Warband patch and then +week of porting. With that pace we'll see one server only in summer. Reroll to 1.143 and start damn server

    Sure, give us the money and we set the server up
  8. Geyer

    FenrisBarn's position on the matter - revised

    Hello my friends! give peace a chance and dont hate the Fenris! They are good men and humans like us, everyone does mistakes so lets play in harmony^^
  9. Geyer

    Danegeld event

    I'm not sure if i can make it but i will try :grin:  so please let me fight with the mighty Fyrningas and the men of Lewes Fyrd if i am able to!
  10. Geyer

    Fyrningum Server

    Hello Everyone, Rath0s i rent the server through    but im not good with those things and i have some probs...    1st i have admin pw but cant do anything admin like (for example: change factions, spawn admin weapons, kick and ban), when i join the server everything is like i am a normal player...  is there a hidden console? and how do i open it...?  2nd is that the native factions and maps are mixed on the server with Vikingrs...  do i need a mod for admins or something like that? and if can you tell me how to install it?  sry for my bad english i am fom germany :sad:
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