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  1. Familyguy1

    Thoughts so far.....

    Hi Sensei, just wanted to give my thoughts/Feedback on Shogun. I am very impressed. Especially with the map, that is superb. The weapons/animations/Voices are great. Suggestions: The text, especially within the Merchant screens. The "Cost XXXXXX" Ryo text is yellow and a bit hard to see...
  2. Familyguy1

    Trackmania 2!

    Well hey, long time no see. Searched but did not come up with anything. New Trackmania 2 video came out
  3. Familyguy1

    E3 Live Feed Dude thats intense!!
  4. Familyguy1

    What are some good science books to read?

    Like any recent books on Astronomy or whatnot?
  5. Familyguy1

    Uh...Not able to join a faction for some reason...

    I have relation with King Gustaf of Sweden pretty high and I have been fighting and Sieging with them for a while now too...but I still cannot join him...this is getting annoying.
  6. Familyguy1

    Symphony of Science/ Carl Sagan's 'Cosmos'

    Heres their main Website: Heres the awesome videos. The Big Beginning A Wave of Reason A case for Mars We are all Connected A Glorious Dawn Our place in the Cosmos The Unbroken Thread The Poetry of Reality...
  7. Familyguy1

    New Laptop Decision.....

    So Im going to London on May 9th and I wanted to get a Laptop before I go... its either this Toshiba or.... this Acer or even this Acer. None are really for gaming....for for school, music, photoshop, movies etc... If you could recommend any that would be great....budget it around $500-$700...
  8. Familyguy1

    UN Peacebuilding: Can it work?

    There is this new concept floating around the U.N apparently. "Peacebuilders: An intensive process that gives permission for foreign 'interference' in conflict resolution." Here is the article: Peacebuilders: An intensive process that gives permission for foreign 'interference' in conflict...
  9. Familyguy1

    Good Movies, Documentaries on the IRA?

    Im going to London in May for a study abroad Terrorism class and I saw that we had to do stuff on the IRA. So, anyone know of any good movies? I have heard of one called Cal, but I have no clue where to find it... Thanks if you can help?
  10. Familyguy1

    What is a really good fiction series...?

    More in tune with Historical fiction than anything, but Ill take ones that are good too. I have read Conn Igguelden and his stuff.... but would like to know of others out there that are good too...
  11. Familyguy1

    Your Relaxation Music.

    So what are your types of relaxation music you listen to to unwind after a stressful day/week and just want to forget about everything and transport to a world where there are no worries. I have a lot but probably my favorite would have to be Yoko Kanno A playlist of her songs can be found...
  12. Familyguy1

    Favorite Music Videos?

    Just post some of your favorite songs and the videos that go with them, it can be official or fan-made!
  13. Familyguy1

    Does every PC game nowadays install into Steam?!?

    So I just got COD: Blackops(retail version) and when I install it it starts to install using steam, I noticed Fallout: New Vegas did this too..... So is this supposed to happen?
  14. Familyguy1

    The Walking Dead(zombie series on AMC).

    Its on tonight at 9CST. Ill post thoughts after I watch it! Anyone else excited for this?
  15. Familyguy1

    A movie: 9th Company I saw this as I was watching another indie movie. Its a movie about the Soviets in Afghanistan. Which I think is long overdue. Im gonna watch it tonight.
  16. Familyguy1

    Black Ops Singleplayer reveal....Oh My.. The thing that stood out for me was....shotgun on motorcycle....on a frozen river! :shock: :lol: This will be interesting.
  17. Familyguy1

    French are pissed off at... Higher retirement age?!? I just saw this.....what the hell, why are you pissed at this? More time = more money... ..... :?
  18. Familyguy1

    Dead Rising 2.

    I just got it for the far I am liking it...combat is fun and challenging...the one thing that puts me off though is the fact that you are timed for the missions...kinda boring with that.. weapon combos are sweet though! Anyone else have it yet?
  19. Familyguy1

    Sound is not coming out of my tv....(TV hooked up to Computer)

    Hey Guys. So I recently got a new computer, and I got a TV to act as my monitor. Well I got everything set up correctly except for the Audio. I have an HDMI cable set up so the picture is coming through but there is no sound coming through from my PC to my TV. When I plug in my headphones into...
  20. Familyguy1

    Hitler is a hipster!!

    I just discovered this website today during tech class while lazily surfing the web. Quite funny actually. This is just the start, there is more to come apparently.
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