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    well really big map is a BIG lag as well (see Onin no Ran mod), remember it  :wink:
  2. Progress reports

    Oh my little f*** god

    Evil WoW just stole two months of my life :cry: and now i see all this stuff... grats, really something ))
  3. Russians rioting in Tallinn, Estonia

    Oh god...You asking me want I excavation in this case??? NO. Because I have a human feelings at least. Btw, we also have a Whermacht tombs as well as Germany (at the center of Berlin!) has ours. But no one, I repeat, NO ONE think about EXCAVATION. It’s just IMPOSSIBLE at the civilized world.


    you are lame
  4. Russians rioting in Tallinn, Estonia

    Oh yeah, now it calls "fighting for independence" and they bluh-bluh-bluh had some points, how I love this new history interpretation. Serving in SS, as policeman who informed on the own citizens and even as an executioner in the gas chamber... That’s right boys, now it calls "fighting for independence"...

    But damn, what about the excavation of soldiers tombs? I'll repeat: EXCAVATION of TOMBS. Are you OK with it??? Sometimes I think that you guys a bit more lobotomized than it’s supposed to.
  5. Russians rioting in Tallinn, Estonia

    Thanks, I know the history of my country pretty well. But speaking that USSR = 3 Reich (brutal murder of the peace population including children and a Jews genocide)... oh god, I hope that was a lame joke.

    Regarding to Estonians, once again, I do not speak that USSR was good at all. But its contribution for a victory under fascists was huge, we have lost so many lives... And it is truly blasphemous now so much years later occurs destruction of military monuments and tombs excavation (!!!). It is a savage mind level. I haven't casually refered Germany as an example, we respect our mutual history having military burial places and monuments from both sides because we respect memory to the dead.

    And you know, if you will say "Hail Hitler" in Berlin you will be arrested. But you can easy wear swastika in Riga orTallinn...
  6. Russians rioting in Tallinn, Estonia

    Feerspoir said:
    Estonians, like Germans and Western Europe, condemn Nazism.

    That’s why they served in SS and had concentration camps in their territories... understood sir. You know what? All this speaking about the fighting for their own independence is REALLY ****. They simply did not trust in fascists defeat and have accepted their party because of cowardice. I don’t want to say that USSR was good at all but, f*ck, image that ass you could be if it wasn’t?

    Feerspoir said:
    Archonsod said:
    Feerspoir said:
    Get real Archie, Russia will never attack Estonia.
    They don't have to. These days they just turn the gas pipelines off...
    Ivan has a lot more to lose than the European Union if they do that.

    Really? And how much? Yes, Russia would not do it. But remember, we also have a HUGE Chinese and Indian markets. Europe support is a political reason firstly...
  7. Russians rioting in Tallinn, Estonia

    Welcome to old nazi times, comrades Estonians! You know why in Germany there is no questions about the dismantling of monuments to Russian soldiers (as symbol of their defeat!) at all? Because they are humans unlike you beasts, they respect our general history and condemn Nazism. And now all that you can is justifying your shameful nazi past and falling to the grave robbers level, Hail father Ilves!

    By the way, now the idea about of termination of all diplomatic relations with Estonia (including the interdiction of import and economic sanctions) have real weigh. Congrats, you have made your choice...

  8. GTA IV - Controversy Already

    Buxton said:
    People think games like GTA turn children into physcopaths

    The only thing what turns me into psyho is a green blood. Come oooooon it’s so silly.

    All this war is conducted by the people who did not see any computer games except of Mario on the new japanese fridge. They heard about blood, killing scenes and words "fu**g niggaz" and they react: what? Bloody killing fu**g niggaz? Oh my little poor daughter... Let's shut it immediately. No matter what this daughter is actually whore who was fu**d by all school... I mean the real teacher is a life anyway.
  9. say cheese

    Highelfwarrior said:

    PS3, I has it.

    haha, cool )) in case specially for you:

    yep, now you need two more  :lol:
  10. GTA IV

    And it is not only because of dx10… ps3 just more specialized system but there is nothing really amazing trust me. For example just look at the PC's Crysis. No one PS3 game can show that graphical level for today.

    btw, GTA4 delay is a business turn only.
  11. GTA IV

    hahaha, cool )
  12. GTA IV

    I think it will be harsh rather than funny. Something about the foreigners theme and collision of two worlds. Carefree rich impudent America and the terrorists embittered by the harsh life. Anyway, Rockstar likes to hit into social problems. And "get a life", hell yeah! Have you heard that music before? It’s from Naqoyqatsi...
  13. Multiplayer Images

    yep, back on topic. so what's new about the multiplayer? Is it true what in multiplayer can play even... ummm... chineses?
  14. GTA IV

    Seems what the main character is a Russian... Oh yeah, baby, Russians are coming (ура!). To kick some fat asses  :lol:

    Archonsod said:
    It's definitely coming to PC.

    With the year of delay and crapy graphic as always
  15. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

    Archonsod said:
    Russian conventional wisdom at the time of Cheynobyl believed consuming Vodka would protect you from the effects of radiation. Scary but true.

    Very true. Vodka would protect you even in fight against Godzilla...

    Nice game btw. For the seven years of development  :lol:
  16. SP Sci-Fi "Bitter Earth" (Mod is dead... p.160 )

    I meant an assembly stage rather than technology. Special factories, tools, etc. It is quite surprising for the world living on the ruins of civilization. If they can create a steam engine then they could create a guns, It brings down some parts of the world concept. But anyway, do as you wish so.
  17. SP Sci-Fi "Bitter Earth" (Mod is dead... p.160 )

    Yep, but it's hard to believe in working steam engines from the "old world". Or they have been invented and made after? Well It's not that simple...
  18. SP Sci-Fi "Bitter Earth" (Mod is dead... p.160 )

    Never mind (but thanks for the movies reminder). Simply as idea for the world where fuel is rare. Otherwise how these trains move? Steam engine?  :neutral:
  19. SP Sci-Fi "Bitter Earth" (Mod is dead... p.160 )

    Omg, yay! Now there must be some attack scene on that desert "train-ship" (something from the sky)... If I’m not totally wrong about the film.
  20. SP Sci-Fi "Bitter Earth" (Mod is dead... p.160 )

    Nope. It was a story about one guy who has broken his cyber-gf (yep, funny first mins as they trying to have a sex but she burns because of water out of washing machine) and now he tries to reach some abandon factory in wasteland to gain new body for a cyborg. On road he meets very cute "alive" girl and… uuuuuuh, no matter, that was reeeeeeeeeeeeally long time ago )

    As I said these "trains" had only a train platform (and that was not so massive). And they looked absolutely awesome. So much noise!  :smile:
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