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  1. Stefano

    [Bug] Repeating frames?

    I've repeated the exact same sequence of steps and something went wrong again. When trying to import the animation file: --------------------------- Error parsing SMD --------------------------- Error: Unable to read data from SMD (line 1285). --------------------------- OK ...
  2. Stefano

    [Bug]Strange value on SMD [fixed in 0.0.66]

    I just browsed around and found nothing on this issue, so here it goes (I'll try to be as informative as possible): 1. Opened skeleton.brf from the native (v1.011) resources folder. 2. Clicked anim_human with the second mouse button and selected Export animation from the menu. 3. Tried to import...
  3. Stefano

    Normal maps on characters. Worth it?

    I've read on Yoshiboy's skinning tutorial that normal maps won't show on regular outdoorsy light, only under torches and other omni types of sources. I want to know if that's still valid for the .808 version and/or if Yoshiboy's information is correct, since I didn't see it properly discussed...
  4. Stefano

    Hallelujah! Max 9.0 SMD import/export scripts.

    Some good soul (Cobalt) got Chris Cookson's import/export maxScripts upgraded so they'd work on 3D Max 9. CLICK HERE! Cheers, -Stefano
  5. Stefano


    Good Lord! Do you know these dolls? Bizarre and lame at the same time. Jesus.  :x Removed. - Narcissus -Stefano
  6. Stefano

    Skeletons and Hit Boxes on .808

    When I left these forums some time ago, I remember hearing promises of new skeletons importing support for the new version of m&b. Did it happen? How about hit boxes? I couldn't find any info on this over the forums, so I suppose it didn't happen. I was willing to give another shot at the TLD...
  7. Stefano

    3D Max 9 and SMDs.

    I'm using the 9th version of max and although it brings some pretty cool improvements, working with SMDs got a lot harder too. I did some research and found a brand new exporter, tailored by wundeboy for this version of max in this url: Max 9...
  8. Stefano

    Me here. Me returning?

    I've been away from these forums for a while now, leaving behind quite a few people "modeless", "textureless" and "interfaceless". For those people I sincerely apologize. AncientWanker, Great Duke, Ealdormann Hussey and others. My time was really all taken for a while and - as I don't think...
  9. Stefano

    Question about adding a new class.

    I've searched the forums for many hours and didn't find a single answer to this question. I can tell it was asked a lot of times (mainly by newbies), though. Sorry for the size of the quote I'm resurrecting. I'm having the same problems this guy had (as I said) but I cannot find any...
  10. Stefano

    Imported meshes/textures: affected by the same problem.

    After doing some stuff to mods, I've noticed my items always have a particular problem: the texture is always darker than it was supposed to be and alpha channels never show. I've already burned a few brain cells trying to solve it and now I'm here to ask for your help. Have anyone had the same...
  11. Stefano

    Brazil criminal activities. Getting it off my chest.

    Organized crime in my country is getting way out of control. Some punk ass m****r f****r just called my number and said they had kidnapped "him" (?). Although they didn't mention who "he" was or "his" name they kept screaming at my mother and they had someone whipping by the phone saying "-I'm...
  12. Stefano

    SMDs: Using max 8. Should I get 7?

    I'm here to ask for the opinion of owners of a copy max 7. I work with max 8 and, now that BRFEdit is fixed and I was able to import the skeletal animation into a BRF file, I could also determine more precisely that my problem lies on the smd>3D Studio>smd process. To give you an example, here...
  13. Stefano

    Rigging: vertexes weights on M&B.

    I didn't find this info in any of our excellent tutorials and it's something that has been really bothering me. When I import a smd to 3D Studio (after exporting from a BRF with BRFEdit), all the vertexes weights are 1 (red), meaning each vertex is controlled only by one bone. When I export the...
  14. Stefano


    Head mesh and texture for a cyclops I've been experimenting with. CYCLOPS! PS. Use as head gear, together with a transparent head texture. If you don't have one, dowload it here. PS2. If you don't know how to put it into the game, make sure you take a look at Yoshiboy's tutorial. PS3. As...
  15. Stefano

    Hair normals.

    After struggling for a while with BRFedit, python, etc. I've finally mananged to use custom hair meshes in the game. Phew.  :shock: Now, I have a minor problem I can't get rid of. Since I couldn't find anything about this matter on the forums: When I look at native hair meshes at BRFedit, I can...
  16. Stefano

    Asian head textures.

    I'm doing facial textures for the "Onin no Ran" mod. I'm also learning how to do it in the process. If you feel you can provide any valuable comments and critiques to my work, please visit the post. Any aid is most welcome. If you don't think you can help, just drop by and take a look anyway. ...
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