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  1. Connzcdf

    28th Regiment of Foot [EU]

    Early in the 1694  Colonel John Gibson, Lieutenant Governor of Portsmouth wasgiven a warrant, or beating order as it was known, to raise a new regiment of infantry. At this early period such regiments were the personal property of their Colonels and were commonly known by his name. The new...
  2. Connzcdf

    [CSA]4th Alabama [Recruiting!]

    Our Website - For Dixie! History Recruited in Dalton, Georgia on 2 May 1861 with troops from Conecuh, Dallas, Jackson, Lauderdale, Macon, Madison, Marengo, and Perry counties. They were sent immediately to Virginia, they were mustered into service for twelve months at Lynchburg on 7 May and...
  3. Connzcdf

    [N&S]1st Maine Heavy Artillery Regiment

    This regiment is part of the V Corps We are a relaxed group of friends who want to play North and South. We aren't like a normal Napoleonic Wars regiment/clan we just want to play as artillery in a different setting. We are all from Napoleonic Wars Regiments, so NW is our main focus. But...
  4. Connzcdf

    Shift Error

    Hey, so recently I had to re-install NW because of a bug in my Hard Drive. Deleting a couple of programs, but ever since I re-installed Mount & Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars, I have been given an error every time I press shift. I also noticed this in other mods. I have a feeling it's NW, as...
  5. Connzcdf

    43rd (Monmouthshire) Regiment of Foot

  6. Connzcdf

    Scene Editing

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section, this looked like the thread to post nitty gritty stuff.  :D But I have a question about custom maps. In the game mode Scene Editing, there is 20 maps in which you can edit without already replacing existing maps. May I ask where the files to these maps are...
  7. Connzcdf

    Nom nom!

    So everyone, what type of food/meal/snack do you LOVE to eat, when playing video games? Personaly I love Jaffa Cakes.
  8. Connzcdf

    Map Making

    Hey, so I am making a map for the famed Mount and Musket:Battalion mod, but I have 2 questions: 1) Where can I find my saves? Like where in the files, am I able to find the map folder? As I wish to save it in its own file, as backup. 2) Is there anyway I can make a mapfile, and name it whatever...
  9. Connzcdf

    Bad Ping?

    Hello, so I'm really stuck. My computer plays single player M&B Warband perfectly. But when its comes to MP the ping is absolutely rubbish! Mean while on my laptop, If I play multilayer it has a way better ping! And the reason I'm confused is that my computer is directly connected to the...
  10. Connzcdf

    Warband Crashes when entering Tavern.

    Hey, I know this has most probably been brought up before but I can find nothing! So here it goes: I played Warband after a day of being out. After getting off for some food I come back and now It freezes when I enter anything In a city. It was 100% fine before! I deleted the character and made...
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