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  1. Mods that allow changing weapon tags?

    Is there another mod that lets you change the tags on items like "tattered" and "rusty" etc? Saddled Edge Editor used to do that but the latest version don't affect tags in 1.5.9.
  2. Small Shields

    Anyone know if there will be small shields as an item class? Looking at all the shield info they all say they're Large Shield even the little ones used by Battanian and Aserai units.
  3. Walking Around Phycaon Summer 1087

    I've avoided towns in my recent games, RPing a dirty country bumpin. I joined an army as a mercenary and they pulled into Phycaon so I took some time walking around Phycaon since I haven't walked around towns for a long time. This was the first time i walked in a town since 1.59 and I couldn't...
  4. Army AI behavior and priorities.

    After seeing an army of 200 lay siege to a castle, having built a ram and a tower only to break siege became it ran out of food (5 days of food when it started), return to besiege the castle again. It broke camp again to go defende someplace far away but didn't make it out of sight of the castle...
  5. Character Creation Standing still

    Can the character in Character creation stand still when editing details? It's annoying having the head move around all the time.
  6. What if Khuzait only leave half the garrison?

    I can't remember the post but someone mentioned they're supposed to be Mongols or similar and are nomadic. What if they only leave half the garrison after beseiging a castle and town? They might win the field battles but what they captured could be recaptured easier than against other factions...
  7. Opinion on world map and factions

    I don't know if it's just me but I'm not very happy with the way the map and factions are set up. This isn't just an Early Access issue, because faction location and map layout are pretty much set. Map I feel like a lot of the space on the world map is wasted. Ostican and Rovalt are two large...
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