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  1. LyonExodus

    Why is wine not a consumable food?

    How does it help the AI if there is less food? wouldn't more food make them level it faster? if the fast rate is the problem, then a cap of types of food (you can gain benefit from 5 types of food at a time for example, anything more is not counted) would be better then us pretending that soldiers won't drink that wine and would not dip their bread in the cursed oil. If it is too difficult can ,at least, towns consider these items food?
    % wise less food types = increased XP for AI. this is just speculation on my part but i did notice good stewardship on the "in game made" kids of lords in my latest campaign that lasted 30+ years.

    Having all 10 food types is close to impossible for the AI, so the percentage of diverse food was lower then what it is now.
    i did play 90% of that campaign with wine and oil in my inventory before realizing it was no longer food.

    Still the main reason lords have crap levels is due to how bad the AI is at managing attributes and focuses, we may see more food once that is improved
  2. LyonExodus

    Why is wine not a consumable food?

    Is there a way to petition a reverse? We need more food items, not less :/
    i agree we need more food but to be honest the AI can level stewardship better now. Oil and Wine were pretty rare regardless.
    From a balancing POV it's a good change. i am not a fan of less food but hey if it works... i guess.
  3. LyonExodus

    Why is wine not a consumable food?

    Oh good, I'm not crazy then.

    I'm just going to report it as a bug.
    don't, it's intended.

    They already made a post about it
  4. LyonExodus

    Why is wine not a consumable food?

    they made the change a few versions ago, (1.6. i believe) removing Wine and Oil from the food types. i think this is was made to balance the Steward gain for the player and AI alike. could be wrong
  5. LyonExodus

    Best & Worst Ranged Units Tested 1.6.2. . Did anything change?

    It would be good to test overall effectiveness including how many arrows/bolts they have and how that impacts on a fight. Also important considerations within the mechanics of the game are kills at range.

    As often as not, a battle between armies comes down to how effectively a unit can maintain fire, and to do so at range.

    E.g. Sharpshooters are very effective at range, and often make the first kill, but by the time an enemy enters their more reliable effective range, they've already exhausted their bolts firing ineffectively at long range - in a drawn out battle this leaves them open to attrition from enemy missiles - in combat this sometimes leaves them dropping away to lower tier units without the same effectiveness at range - such as lower tier Imperial archers who haven't yet exhausted themselves due to less range.

    Whereas the combination of lower effective range, and low arrows, actually leads lower tier archers to be surprisingly effective against Vlandian crossbows in general, if you can shield them from the initial wave - compared to say Palantine Guards, who again, shoot their load off when they're on the edge of their range, so less effective.

    Great topic. Also one that illustrates how battlefield scenarios offer challenges that go beyond a straight shootout.
    What you said is excatly what i managed to do in the other and older test (using a mod)
    Using Custom Battles the AI is not smart, quite and simple and there is no way to simulate a long line of infantry from either side. That's what i liked so much about the other test, i used the maximum amount of units allowed and set them in shield wall advance, they were slow and unshielded, simulating exactly what you are talking about. In that one Crossbows and Palatines run out before they could kill all infantry.

    i still think the older test draws a better line for ranged units, it's there if anyone wants to see it.
  6. LyonExodus

    Best & Worst Ranged Units Tested 1.6.2. . Did anything change?

    It was about time i brought to you guys some more Units testing. This time it will just be the Ranged units, ranked both in Shooting & Melee, Elite, Standard or Merc unit it doesn't matter, if you are at least tier 4 and recruitable you get tested. A LITTLE DISCLAIMER: I was unable to test...
  7. LyonExodus

    Am I doing something wrong, or is this just how it is?

    There is a lot to answer here and i don't have the time to give a long answer. but this is are my suggestions. well guess i did anyway...

    1) You can limit the wage you want to be used for a specific garrison, i usually don't but it looks like in your case it may help.
    2) You can also limit the wages for your other parties too
    3) Funny enough you don't really need good units in your garrisons, recruits will do, especially if the town/castle is far from a war zone, still security is a thing so let's say don't leave many tier 4 & 5 units in garrisons.
    4) Garrison have an auto recruit feature: when i get a new Settlement i leave 50 "bad" units in there and let the garrison recruit the rest. has worked real well in my last campaign.
    5) Good Governors can help with Towns, like a lot. too bad good governors are kinda rare but that's what the wife is for. (don't kill me pls, it's a joke)

    Ai armies:
    1)Set them on Defensive in the War screen under Kingdom stuff, you know what i mean. This will make it so that they will prioritize defense first and then, when the enemy lost his few good armies go and attack. This doesn't mean you are not going to lose any army but it's less likely and my go to strategy.
    2) Use "Balanced" & "Offensive" only when you have AT LEAST the entire strength of all the faction you are at war combined.
    3) Take 1000 man or more and siege, the AI is for Defense.
    4) Don't KILL your vassals: If a party in your army has less then 50 units let them go and let them recruit, it's not worth losing a party leader for an handful of units.

    Kingdom management and Policies.
    1) Since you are low on money and sounds like your kingdom owns a few share of towns try implementing this two "State Monopolies" & "War Tax"
    2) Party size could be bigger and not just for you: Noble Retinues will give a boost to all Clan Leaders and Royal Guard is essential for you as it gives the ruler party an extra 60 units.
    3) Any rebellions? just vote "Forgivness Of Debts"
    4) Sounds like you need help with vassals, i have made a tutorial video a few months back on how to get your hands on vassals easier, and yes you need around 25 Clans if you want to take over the entire map, or a good axe.
    5) Smithing is fine. i don't like it or use it but if you are struggling don't feel like you are cheating for exploiting the smithy.

    Map Geography:
    1) This may sound stupid but like any good kingdom it must be very well defended and the best way to defend a kingdom is a mountain or a body of water. look for the factions that aren't bounded to anything and push for their territories, as you are in the S. Empire and N.Empire i would suggest going for the Khuzait, form there you get an hold on Sturgia, maybe losing a few empire towns in the process. and then you kinda know what to do from there.
    2) Leave the Aserai for last, i think they have always been the last i took out in any of my campaigns.

    If you are interest on the video on vassals just look for my Nickname on the Tube, it should be there.

    Hope this helped you to keep your Bannerlording going.
  8. LyonExodus

    Can you not snipe Mercs anymore or do they need better relations?

    From my experience, as the player, you can hire a max of 3/4 mercenaries clans, more and the game won't allow it.

    As far as Relation goes, Mercs don't like it when you don't "Pillage" or "Devastate" newly acquired settlements. and if negative they won't work for you for that reason. As Greedy boys they want to Loot & Pillage.

    The relation thing can be fixed by "Saving their bums". For example, you are leading an army of 1000 man, and you encounter a smaller 600 man army faster then you.
    A common tactic in this situation is releasing one of your parties and take out the army, well if you release the Merc he will be so happy that you saved him and you will receive, based on your charm, relations with his group.

    Both features are fine to me:
    The first one doesn't allow the player to gain too much power just cause he can pay.
    The second can easily be managed and kinda makes sense.

    One thing i would like to see improved on the Mercenary side is the "Offers"
    I think the same system used for ransoms may be used for mercenaries who wants to work for you without the need of finding the damn leader, that is annoying.

    Hope this brings clarity on the way they work.
  9. LyonExodus

    About Clans Wealth, in general

    Did a quick test to understand the range of the categories, they go as followed:

    0 to 14K is Very Poor
    15K to 49K is Poor
    50K to 124K is Average
    125K + is Rich

    Most clans that owns settlements in my runs are under the "Poor" category that's anywhere between 15K to 50K and to be fair it's good enough to run 4 200 man parties on just loot, tributes and taxes.

    As far as i know if a clan is "Broke" or we can say it's under the "Very Poor" category they receive daily gold from the wealthiest clans, so the "Average" and "Rich" ones. usually any kingdom as at least 2 or 3 in that category.

    Mercenary clans were basically always broke, disbanding troops and feeding on looters. i think a bit of a gold cheat for them can do, or maybe give them a daily pay instead of influence related.
    If Mercenaries clan are constantly fighting they don't encounter this problem, if you hire any just keep them in your army. Remember that losing a mercenary is not as bad as losing a companion or a vassal.

    Are Broke clans a good thing?

    I'd say yes, if they are broke they may look to join another kingdom (maybe yours) and will ask for less "Signing Fee" cause they are desperate.

    After my last Run i noticed that despite the wealth of a clan if they owned at least one settlement they were very unlikely to leave their kingdoms. (1.6.2.)

    If you are looking for Clans to add to your Kingdom you should seek the guys under, at least, "Poor" and with no Fiefs.
  10. LyonExodus

    Can someone please give insight into Sieges?

    Did you mean to link it?
    only if someone asked, i don't want to put personal links on threads unless it was created by me. (that's a me thing)

    Anyway, there's the link, there is also a comment i added after some further testing providing some extra info on how to make it more effective

    Video Link here:

    Let me know what you guys think of it, and what could be improved, other then my mic.

    I feel like a lot of new guys don't know this can be done this effectively, that's the main reason i made it.
  11. LyonExodus

    Can someone please give insight into Sieges?

    i have made a quick video about an easy and effective siege tactic, it's on YouTube and it should keep the numbers very low especially in most castles and towns.

    In the other castles you are simply going to take more casualties then just 50 and you may end up needing to charge trough the gate as soon as the ram breakes the door.

    Simply get some good archers or crossbowmen and let the infantry tank the arrows. The entire process is better explained in the video and doesn't cheese the Ai all that much. and it's one of the fastest, in terms of map days, to do
  12. LyonExodus

    Findings on Shield Infantry vs. Archers after tests

    well in this case ,where is as his units stay passive and get shot, armor can indeed be the difference, i would say that the head armor being only 25 for the wildling makes more of a difference than the leg.

    At this point it would make more sense to prove or disprove your theory to just give them a better shield that can protect the head, in that case if they still feel like paper we can conclude the leg armor was indeed playing a major role.

    Still despite the result the conclusion still stands. WIldlings add another weakness to their arsenal, and there's little we can do about it other than show results and foreword them to the dev team.
  13. LyonExodus

    Findings on Shield Infantry vs. Archers after tests

    I appreciate the work but I find that you are jumping to conclusions here. I am willing to bet that if you modded the heaviest leg armor on Wildlings and repeated the tests you would have similar results.
    i don't think he is jumping to conclusions.

    His explanation as to why the Wildlings performed so bad was not only due to the low leg armor but also the poor shield design, that was causing headshots the same way the Khuzait ones were. only reason that saved the Khuzaits is that they get some good armor overall, while if i recall correctly the Wildling doesn't even get good helmets with the base template having 25, yes, 25 head armor...

    That's a valid and logical conclusion in my opinion.

    Also Wildlings are just very poor by design, only upside they have are the throwables, a thing that is very rarely needed for infantry and usually gets them killed more then it helps.

    I find Javs useful only to break down defensive formations to not waste arrows, even in that case they are a bit unefficent, I feel like they should have a little pierce effect or something.

    This is the part i am referring to:
    Battania and Khuzait's shields allowed head shots in shield wall/square. Highland shields are held at an odd angle that just looks foolish for protection's sake. The Battanian Mounted Skirmisher actually has a better (round) shield and higher leg armor than the Battanian shield infantry, and it fares better against archers as a dismounted infantry unit.
  14. LyonExodus

    Findings on Shield Infantry vs. Archers after tests

    That's some very good info bud, well done.

    I myself tested units a few patches back, there should be a thread somewhere in the forums listing all of the results and some of my assumptions. You may find some similar numbers there.

    Also to who says that this tests are irrelevant i want to say they are really not, knowing what units excel and are weak at is essential knowledge to get the most out of your army and give you a good understanding on when a not so common tactic may work.
  15. LyonExodus

    Best units in Bannerlord update for 1.5.9. up to 1.6.1.

    Speaking of exceptions, why do you think Bucellarii are so bad? They don't seem too different from Khuz HA on paper for armor and equipment except for 40 vs 48 arrows. The only downside I can see is having to go through 3 tiers of mediocre archers to get them. Am I missing something else?
    Biggest and slower horse in class with poor horse armor. 8 less arrows then the standard khuzait. less body armor both on horse and Torso for the rider. the +10 bow skill can't really be seen and in melee they even have slower swing speed. overall it makes for the worst horse archer unit. this is both my opinion on the unit, my experience with them and also some testing that is kinda pointless to show.
  16. LyonExodus

    Best units in Bannerlord update for 1.5.9. up to 1.6.1.

    in my experience, having ur infantry with throwing on shield wall hold fire until the enemy is 50 m away for infantry and 75 m away for cavalry. you let them fire that one massive volley of javelins it will drop a bunch of enemies while breaking gaps in their line. this is especially effective with Legionary and Darkhans because they have a special 1 charge throwing weapon that do extra damage (pilums break shield and throwing spear just really high damage)
    agree and that's the reason i said: "in some cases" since this was a general guide for players old and new i didn't want to go too far into it. Leaving simple but effective instruction was the goal.
  17. LyonExodus

    Feedback on the Athletic Skill

    to put it simply. "Overnerfed" . even at 250 you feel sluggish.
    Slower units is fine, they were a bit too nimble previously.
    I don't get why they had to nerf every single speed related perk too.
    2H were fun to use in 1.5.9. now i resorted to a Mace and the 1st shield i can find on the ground for protection.
    1H ain't bad but it's just not that fun.

    I think keeping the skill increase as it is right now is fine but the PERKS should get back to what they were previously, if not even buffed a little.
  18. LyonExodus

    Best units in Bannerlord update for 1.5.9. up to 1.6.1.

    IMO tier 5 Vlandian crossbows are one of the best with the right perks and can form shieldwalls and fight very effectively in melee. That said with the right perks most armies don't make it to melee even in massive battles.

    -picked shot -50% upkeep!
    -deflect +30 one hand skill
    -flexible fighters +15 vigor skills (One hand again)
    -donkey swiftness +30 crossbow skill
    -military planner +50% ammo besieging

    With deflect and flexible fighters they are some of the best melee troops in the game. When I play I usually group all of my crossbows into a single group. I run them in loose formation to maximize my shots and as the enemy gets closer I hold fire and form a shieldwall. Works like a charm and even in massive battles I barely loose any troops as the enemy moral is shredded before the melee even begins.
    with the mod i was unable to test how impactful captains perk are but for companions Bows tend to be way stronger then xBows so i always build them as archers, another reason is that it's useally easier to stack archers than xBows. other then Valndia most ranged units at low tier are archers. also the Bounded Xbow is close to impossible to find while anyone can get a Noble Long Bow
  19. LyonExodus

    Best units in Bannerlord update for 1.5.9. up to 1.6.1.

    I think the same. There is a discussion about govenour perks which will be applied from the player character if there is no npc govenour but I think it is not implemented. Your captain perks will only be applied, when you are in a army and can select one formation to lead(so if you are a army leader, your captain perks are useless again. )
    Governor perks don't effect the MC or his settlements, MC doesn't apply his captain perks to his party. MC only benefits from PERSONAL \ PARTY LEADER and SURGEON \ SCOUT \ ENGI \ STEWARD perks if any of the roles is unassigned
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