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  1. Tul

    Server Statistics and World Ranking - In development

    Hi guys, I'm developing a web script that builds statistics from server logs. It includes statistics for different servers, world ranking, individual statistics, search engine and many others. Just check this out: or the old and slow site which soon will be closed...
  2. Tul

    Spawn_agent issue, propably a BUG? [Warband]

    Spawn_agent was working very well in 1.011 but it seems that something has broken in Warband. Every spawned agent has the same ugly face: It doesn't matter if it's male, female or a custom skin, it's always treated as a male with broken face...
  3. Tul

    Havok fun

    Here's a video I made today using new Havok system in Warband. I hope you'll like it.
  4. Tul

    [Outdated] Obj file to strategic map converter

    Thorgrim's map editor is extremely buggy, even exporting colour map doesn't work for me making using this tool as a main map editor impossible. So that's why I decided to make this very simply converter. It is a totally different way of creating strategy map for M&B. Personally I found it more...
  5. Tul

    A problem with custom race for NPC troops

    Ola, I made a new race with custom morphable head model and everything works fine unless I apply this race for a NPC troop. It seems that hex codes doesn't work properly in this case. Beard, hair, hair color, skin texture and the most important - head model are not the same  that I was using for...
  6. Tul

    Movement speed on the map

    Hello, I made a road like on the screenshot below but now I want to increase movement speed on that road. Is that possible? And how to do that?
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