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  1. Delora Filth

    The Mariner's Shanty

    Well, there's a thread solely about cars. So I figure we might as well have one about boats and ships too. I can't be the only one here who's into the life aquatic. Post about your boat, cool boats you've seen, navy stuff for those who're doing that, kayaking, canoeing etc. The possibilities...
  2. Delora Filth

    Balance of GLITTER! The most faaaaabulous BoP ever devised!

              Balance of GLITTER!        Welcome to Balace of GLITTER! Time to be the gayest gaylord who ever gayed in gayville! The year is 2021! The place, Canal Street, Manchester UK. After the utter failure of the Tory government to pull Brexit together, the entire thing was scrapped...
  3. Delora Filth

    BoP: BALANCE OF GLITTER! The gayest BoP to date! Interest check.

    So, I've had this silly idea to do a completely different BoP. Hopefully someone might find it fun, and an interesting sidetrip from the usual grand strategy and scheming. I do believe it might be right up several people's more or less proverbial alley. So here goes: The players will each be...
  4. Delora Filth

    The absolute sexual abstinence thread.

    This thread is for getting help and support from your fellow community members with your lustful, sinful thoughts. Let's talk about all the horrible things we like to do, so that we may easier feel the collective shame of it, and hope to better ourselves and avoid temptation. This is totally...
  5. Delora Filth

    Teo plays ****ty games for ****es and giggles.

    Started doing a small series of Postal 2, just for funzies. If anyone hates their ears enough to subject themselves to my ranting, weird accent and prolific profanity, please go ahead and watch. :P Also started a series of Two Worlds for those more of the forsooth persuation.
  6. Delora Filth

    General Roleplaying Banter

    We had a thread like this once. But I think it was in the wrong subforum. And also, it's buried in time by now. But I reckon it'd be fun to have a separate, specific thread to discuss RPing in general, systems we like/would like to try, campaigns we're playing OTI etc. My DnD group just got...
  7. Delora Filth

    Kotor remake in Unreal 4 engine!

    For some inexplicable reason I couldn't find a single mention of this anywhere. Anyways, looks good, even if it's very early.
  8. Delora Filth

    Signature campaign to remove the "mark all as read" button.

    I've done it myself,  and I keep seeing complaints from others who do the same. Unintentionally clicking the hated "Mark all as read" button, and completely ruining your forum existence for days, or even weeks on end. On the other hand I NEVER see anyone arguing for the existence of this...
  9. Delora Filth

    Upcoming games you nitpicky ****bags look forward to ***** about in the future.

    Challenge............... accepted!
  10. Delora Filth

    Creepy things to whisper in someone's ear when you're giving them a hug.

    I feel we need something lighthearted and completely bicker-free. "Please help me" then smile as if nothing happened. "That'll do pig, that'll do."
  11. Delora Filth

    Annual Off-Topic TW Awards Ceremony: Nomination thread. Category list in OP.

    Nominations go here. All nommies MUST be posted in this code or they will not be counted. BEWARE! COLOUR HAS CHANGED SINCE LAST YEAR TO MAKE MY COUNTING-SEARCH DISTINGUISHABLE FROM LAST YEARS NOMINATIONS. COPYPASTE FROM THIS, NOT FROM OTHER POSTS. Category: User Nomination categories...
  12. Delora Filth

    Complaint about problems with browsing on mobile devices.

    Looked far and wide for a general complaints thread. Since I couldn't find anything I'm just slipping this in here. To whomever is responsible for such. As of earlier today the forum has for some reason become almost impossible to browse on mobile devices. Several of us have posted about this...
  13. Delora Filth

    The Taleworlds Travel Advisory

    Figured this might be useful. Both for getting general travel advice. Bragging about your awesome vacation, discussing your last business trip etc. And to ask if anybody wants to meet up if you're going to somewhere someone here happens to live. I for one will probably be in Dublin for a few...
  14. Delora Filth

    Name my genitals.

    Want to have the venerable denizens of the AG name your peen-peen or vajayjay for you? Now you can! Beware! We take no responsibility for years-long mockery or horrible custom titles that may result from this experience.
  15. Delora Filth

    Name AWdeV's Teddy!

    I don't care what he says. Let no teddy be left nameless! Suggestions people.
  16. Delora Filth

    Hunting and fishing

    It's been coming up a lot in unrelated threads lately. Figured, we've got threads for everything else so why not?
  17. Delora Filth

    Profusely professing your professionalism in you chosen profession.

    So we don't have to fill up all the other threads with it.
  18. Delora Filth

    Fylla har skylda.

    Del dine fylleeskapader! Eller bare diskuter godt øl og andre alkoholholdige forlystelser. Sitter for øyeblikket og nyter en kald Murphy's Irish red beer på MacBeth Scottish pub i Trondheim.
  19. Delora Filth

    Sei Gamalost!

    Etter diskusjon med Ulf om måter å heve aktivitetsnivået her fant vi it at vår egen tråd modellert etter "Say Cheese!" i Off-Topic var et greit første steg da en god del her ikke er aktive der. Så her er den. Post bilder av deg selv og/eller mer attraktive familiemedlemmer.
  20. Delora Filth

    Urett ska værra urett!

    Som den ubestridte leder for den Norske minoritet ønsker jeg herved å erklære min dype misnøye med at Ulf, en Svenske er blitt ny subforummoderator. Den Norske minoritet finner dette ytterst støtende da Svenskejævlene undertrykte oss på det groveste i årevis under unionen. Blir det ikke straks...
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