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  1. Flesson19

    In Progress Caravans getting stuck on campaign map

    Caravans are getting stuck on the campaign map between Akkalat and Odakh. It happens from time to time not everytime they get there, They can smetimes just get stuck or rubber band between the 2 towns. Reloading the game seems to solve it till it happens again. I will upload my save which is...
  2. Flesson19

    Town prosperity

    The prosperity of towns go out of control as the game advances. I see many hitting over 6k easily which does cause problem, more over food as it gets harder to feed people because of it. One simple way to fix it would be to make a bigger prosperity drift like we have for loyalty and security...
  3. Flesson19

    In Progress Crash after entering a tournament

    I went to Syronea and entered a tournament and as soon as I hit start it crashed. This was the first crash I've had in many tournaments so if it happens again I will upload a save file
  4. Flesson19

    Most profitable workshops video for 1.6.2

    These are the most profitable workshops for 1.6.2 from my 20 hours of research. I also include a top 5 in case you don't care about location and *time stamps* so you can easily skip to the part in the video you are looking for Be Advised that each game is different and a dozen factors influence...
  5. Flesson19

    In Progress Big Brother Skills not assigned

    The has been going on since 1.6 And now on 1.6.1 when you rescue him all his perks need to be assigned. It's not a huge issue just annoying and time wasting, and while your at it can we get a little more random skills instead of the same generic skills assigned
  6. Flesson19

    In Progress Wanderer companions have 10 Vigor

    Every non aserai wanderer companion starts with 10 vigor. I mean the exact wander not every companion, I think a bug since they never had this before and all you need to do is load a game and choose any non aserai wanderer
  7. Flesson19

    Captains and how they work questions

    As per Dev Emre, I am asking from the devs to explain exactly how captains work. Does the higher up on the list take priority? When they fall in battle, do you keep bonuses. If they fall does next person take over? As kingdom leader or army commander can we assign them since there are times that...
  8. Flesson19

    Best Workshops for each town in 1.6.1 after aug 9th hotfix

    I have my new one out that is up to date after the aug 9th hotfix
  9. Flesson19

    In Progress Crash with crafting a mace that is from a crafting order

    Whenever I try to craft this one mace from a crafting order the game crashes I will also send the save game file I uploaded the file, it is save file named Emp Test I am in the town, just go into smithy and there is one crafting order, that one order causes the game to crash From what people...
  10. Flesson19

    Best Profitable Workshops for 1.6

    Here is the new video for each towns best profitable workshops for 1.6. I put time stamps to each kingdom so you can easily get right to the city you want without having to watch the whole video. This video takes me 30 hours to do with over 80% of that just collecting data to try my best to...
  11. Flesson19

    Formation assigning

    @Duh_TaleWorlds I am not sure if you are the one to message but someone to see this quickly because of how frustrating it is. When your the commander of an army then other party leaders take roles for the other formations. however how they choose those roles is terrible. I will speak to my...
  12. Flesson19

    In Progress Culture not changing when becoming a kingdom

    When you make your kingdom you can choose which culture you would like, either your starting one or one of a fief you have. If you choose the one that you didn't start with it still deosn't change that, you don't switch cultures, bonuses and fiefs still count you as original culture and get a...
  13. Flesson19

    Need More Info No family to rescue after establish the clan in campaign

    Just started a campaign and after establish the quest was finished there is no Radogos or chance to rescue my brother, non of my family show party screen or clan menu This is a fresh 1.6 game
  14. Flesson19

    Death characters need an incentive

    For sandbox mode, death characters need an incentive to play it. With the addition of the extra skill points they now start with nothing extra from campaign since you lose 1 character creation choice from campaign, still don't know if that is intended or not since I can't get an answer. So for a...
  15. Flesson19

    In Progress Smithing Recipe resets after each build

    When you build something it resets to the basic build when you enter smithy. so it resets after each build making practicing smithing take forever.
  16. Flesson19

    In Progress Caravan leaders don't gain steward

    Pretty straight forward, just make a caravan with a companion and they gain no steward skill:
  17. Flesson19

    Resolved Terrible Frame Rates, stuttering and pauses switching to most screens

    Summary: When you switch to virtually any menu it stutter badly, I have fixed it a bit by turning all graphics to low when I had most of them medium in 1.5.9 How to Reproduce: just switch to screens Have you used cheats and if so which: no Scene Name (if related): Flesson19 Media (Screenshots &...
  18. Flesson19

    Skill Point Rewards for Quests

    I think when we or our companions do quests that they should get skill for completing the quest. Lets take escort merchant caravan as example. It requires scouting and leadership so when it is complete who ever ran it should get scouting and leadership exp. It only makes sense. If you do a quest...
  19. Flesson19

    In Progress points not assigned

    When you rescue your big brother from establish the clan all of his attribute and focus points aren't assinged, I tried 2 different games from different cultures and its the same thing. All point not assinged. This is a fresh start from 1.5.9 and it seem this has happened since the hotfix:
  20. Flesson19

    Influence/army changes

    Creating armies should be a huge deal, like in Warband the Marshall did it, where he it is an after thought, after 1 army breaks up, then next clan takes over and the first clan starts gaining influence so it is really a never ending cycle. In warband, there was 1 army at most and it left time...
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