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  1. PotatoKat

    African Armored Infantry

    Those are very cool armour!  :grin:
  2. PotatoKat

    What is your favorite kind of medieval helmet?

    Sallet helmet is my favourite helmet due to its cool looking shape and functionality.

  3. PotatoKat

    Help! It may be a stupid question

    If I recall it correctly you have to choose to be a fanatic at the last choice of character creation.
  4. PotatoKat

    The Philosopher Stone - Report Bugs Here

    N0ught said:
    I have never added quest info for my quests, for the simple reason that it would be too easy. I am an oldschool gamer, and I prefer to allow players their own methods of keeping track of things. Also, people who play the game come together more often, by having to ask each other for quest advice. In times where I saw nobody had the answer to something for a bit, I always dropped a spoiler, eventually. The strategy guide also has most information. So if it shows up in your quest log, it is a Native quest.

    So the quests given by the vassals can be read in the strategy guide? Ah, I see, well that's a really cool idea you have although at first I thought it was really a bug because I did a quest to hunt down fugitive and I forgot to write down the information.  :lol:
  5. PotatoKat

    The Philosopher Stone - Report Bugs Here

    There is no information of quest in the quest menu, there is only month, and days left to complete.
  6. PotatoKat

    The Skin Poppet - Suggestions

    An NPC suggestion from a Solid and Shade influenced dream I had last night.
    There was this entity who didn't have a name, but I remember he was wearing robe similar to the acolyte, but his head was a cow skull, and he had bloodied hands that seemed to be his weapon. Luckily to me, but not to him, I shot him with a rifle.  :lol:

    He roamed in a desert which in my dream was likely Arizona also there were his minions that looked like orange meatball like monster which could be made with your invisible piece.
  7. PotatoKat

    The Bezoar Amulet - Progress Report Thread

    N0ught said:
    Yes the Barter Town I started work on in the Blood mod was also a reference to this real life event.

    I can safely say there will be several more references to that mod, and the later Rust the Wheel mod, in the next release. This Bleak Future subplot makes room for a lot of more modern stuff here and there.

    This next update might even get a little cosmic...  :mrgreen:

    Modern stuff..... Wait the minute what if Solid and Shade took place after the Blood mod, no wonder everything is anachronistic.  :shock:
    Haha I'm just thinking too much aren't I?  :lol:
  8. PotatoKat

    The Bezoar Amulet - Progress Report Thread

    Barter Town, huh? Remind me of the Blood Mod.  :lol:
  9. PotatoKat

    OSP Medieval 3D Art Narf's Transitional Armour Pack (Updated 07/19/10)

    matmohair1 said:

    And I thought shoulder armour like that is pure fantasy.  :shock:
  10. PotatoKat

    Best-dressed Warrior

    matmohair1 said:

    Holy crap those masks are freaking cool; I found an inspiration for warriors in my fantasy world now!
  11. PotatoKat

    Cannot find Imhotep's Tomb.

    Hello, I've been fighting the walking dead for a while and the tales of Imhotep got into my ears. I looked everywhere at  the village Imhotep was supposed to be buried at but I cannot find him. Where is he?
  12. PotatoKat

    The Training Dummy - Discoveries (WARNING: SPOILERS!)

    What's the answer for the second trial?  :roll:
  13. PotatoKat

    The Training Dummy - Discoveries (WARNING: SPOILERS!)

    N0ught said:
    It says at the end to go to Nomar for answers to your question - there is a special dialogue if you talk to the village elder.

    In short, the whole interlude is a haunting, taking place 66 years after the events actually occurred. :mrgreen:
    So It was a ghost?
  14. PotatoKat

    The Training Dummy - Discoveries (WARNING: SPOILERS!)

    I don't get the Usherwood story line. Where did the Men in tights, I mean the Merry Men go?  Can you explain to me please?
  15. PotatoKat

    General History Questions thread

    Was there a reason that in late 16th-17th centuries plate armour leg piece is made of lammes instead of singular plate like in the 15th century?
  16. PotatoKat

    who like act like a knight while playing?

    I do play as a chivalrous knight in the mod Prophecy of Pendor, but when it comes to Eagle and Radiant Cross which kinda sets in the twilight of knighthood in the mod's universe (in my opinion), because most factions have gunpowder troops and giving quarter to those gunners is like letting a horde of wilder beasts trample a lion.
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