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  1. Svenneld

    In Progress players textures often disappear

    Well first, i did verify and everything is okay. sometimes the problem can not be noticed for a long time and appears abruptly. Look at the video. on the second spawn the cavalry guy is fine but my other teammates are invisible and i am inclusive. enemies are also visible (often impossible to...
  2. Svenneld

    What servers does the game use for europe?

    I have big problems with ping in bannerlord. in warband or with fire and sword my ping 50. warband or with fire and sword my ping 50. in a bannerlord its 80-90.
  3. Svenneld

    In Progress Impossible to change keyboard settings in a game.

    if you try to change the key assignment, it will be LEFT MOUSE BUTTON.
  4. Svenneld

    Resolved Xauna

  5. Svenneld

    Resolved Xauna Spot

    you can go out from spawn here
  6. Svenneld

    Resolved invisible texture

  7. Svenneld

    In Progress Town Outskirts

    In this place you can go for a map and get to the unit's choice place
  8. Svenneld

    Resolved Xauna

    broken texture on the steps
  9. Svenneld

    Resolved Xauna

    In this place you can go for a map. AND HERE
  10. Svenneld

    Resolved e1.2.1 Impossible to leave

    After a deal with the lord (in this case, olek), after a conversation he dosnt give an opportunity to go out.
  11. Svenneld

    Resolved Town Outskirts

    is it normal that you can go for a map in this place?
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