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  1. TheCrusader5

    Abuse of the votekicking system needs serious attention

    I would not want kicking to be removed at this moment in time. Playing pickups kicking is a nice feature that allows people who have crashed to get back into the game without some other player taking up a spot. If crashes became alot less frequent than maybe I could see the kick feature being removed.
  2. TheCrusader5

    NA time zone player availability

    I can link you a discord that plays NA pickups for skirm if you want
  3. TheCrusader5

    [BEAST 6] Division C - Weekly Matchups

    Makeup match: APE vs Resolute will be Saturday at 19 BST

    APE vs BT will be Sunday at 19 BST
  4. TheCrusader5

    NAEAST skirmish & captain servers are broken

    This is a once a week thing for NAE servers, according to the devs their NAE server providers are having an issue (I dont know what TW is paying for if their servers go down every week).
  5. TheCrusader5

    [BEAST 6] Rosters

    Player Addition

    Team Name:APE
    Name of player(s):
  6. TheCrusader5

    [BEAST 6] Division C - Weekly Matchups

    Resolute vs APE will be on saturday at 19 bst
  7. TheCrusader5

    📽️[BEAST 6] Streams and VoDs

    My movement in the 2nd game is so scuffed because my internet was cutting out and forced me to stop playing
  8. TheCrusader5

    [BEAST 6] Division C - Weekly Matchups

    HV 11(3) - (1)5 APE

    Extra info: The last set one of them crashed and it was 1-1 at that point but since my internet wasnt working they only got the screenshot after the game ended when we all left and it became 2-1. Another thing in the continuation of the game HV went 3 cav in a round that they won so they forfeited that round
  9. TheCrusader5

    [BEAST 6] Rosters

    Player Addition

    Team Name:APE
    Name of player(s):
    NuB PuPPies
  10. TheCrusader5

    Problems with the Captain Meta (and how to fix it by giving Light and Heavy actual roles)

    In my opinion the best way to improve the mode is increase the scale the reason why certain classes are bad is that the time to kill is really fast and the unit amount is low. This makes archers less impactful (in their intended use not kiting endlessly) and makes Rambo more impactful. If they made the troop count to 400 on each side instead of around 100 it allows more diversity in composition. The only negative is performance.
  11. TheCrusader5

    [BEAST 6] Division C - Weekly Matchups

    Why is it 11-4 and not 10-5 the round that our player went cav we ended up losing anyway and he didn't even play on horse. I thought the rule was we forfeit that round not any round
  12. TheCrusader5

    [BEAST 6] Rosters

    Player Addition

    Team Name: APE
    Name of player(s): Hancock
  13. TheCrusader5

    [BEAST 6] Class Restriction Vote

    Clan/Team: APE
    Do you want to impose a class restriction? Yes
    If a class restriction is imposed, which restriction do you prefer? 2
  14. TheCrusader5

    Two-Handed Speed Nerf When?

    He is right a feather and a bowling ball will both hit the ground at the same time because they both have an acceleration of 9.8 m/s^2. Air resistance is what causes them to fall slower
  15. TheCrusader5

    Would it be possible to get a small leak?

    Give this man the raw data so that we can have stat sheets
  16. TheCrusader5

    North American Server Inconsistency

    We have reached a new mile stone we were mid game when all the NAE servers went down
  17. TheCrusader5

    EU Skirmish In-progress BEAST#6 - Sign-Ups open! (Deadline Sign-Up: 18th August | Tournament Start: 23rd August)

    Team Name: APE
    Team Tag: APE
    Contact 1: TheCrusader5
    Contact 2: Plug


    Division (self estimation, no guarantees): B or C
  18. TheCrusader5

    North American Server Inconsistency

    We have made progress, we were able to play 4 whole games before the servers once again broke for NAE. Also once again NAW works instantly its comical at this point
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