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  1. Rangah

    Lack of movement stun on hit

    One thing that's bugged me for quite a while is how there's not enough impact on someone's movement when they get hit. See the video for example: It may not be the most explicit case, but it demonstrates my point well enough, people shouldn't be able to keep running away if they get hit. He...
  2. Rangah

    Killfeed color change

    Would it be possible to give us an option to make the killfeed red and green only? At the moment, due to the different colors of factions, it's sometimes hard to tell in the heat of the match if your teammate got the kill or not. Enemy teamkills/suicides should also show up as green, or in the...
  3. Rangah

    [SGM] Simia Gentem

    Simia Gentem formed out of what was mostly Keyboard Warriors Light since the beginning of EA. Now we are a clan suited for players who wish to play together and compete, but at the same time be generally laid back, make new friends and have fun. Wish to join? There are some things you should...
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