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  1. Outlawed

    Official North American Harlem Shake event [NAHS]

    In this event we basically do a huge Harlem Shake for the North American Warband community. If you're a clannie, or just a pubber and want to join please use the following form to sign yourself or your clan. Official time/date: To be announced Official server: To be announced Official Steam...
  2. Outlawed

    Using the Deluge features for productions?

    Hello guys, I'll give off a little introduction as to what I am currently working on with a dedicated team of writers and actors and then I'll get to the point afterwards so please stay with me! We are in the process of producing a Warband Machinima. Something that's really rarely been done on...
  3. Outlawed

    The Adventures of Gilbert Tigerclaw - Youtube series

    Disclaimer: Back in 09 I joined a clan called PRT. My first ever clan in competitive Warband. It's leader was the most honorable and just figure in the Warband community in my eyes; Tigerclaw. He taught me the very basics and for that I am grateful. This series spawned from a character inspired...
  4. Outlawed

    E3 presence?

    Was just wondering if anyone knows if there is going to be a Taleworlds presence at E3, maybe if M&B2 is still with Paradox they would be at the Paradox booth or something?
  5. Outlawed

    Salahudin's Castings

    Salahudin's Castings Status: Taking requests Welcome to my humble abode, fatties. This workshop has in its aim the promotion of Warband as a game to a larger audience outside of this forums and to provide entertainment, as viewers, to certain competitive and non-competitive elements of the...
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    Mount & Blade 2 announced!

    This isn't a troll thread. You can download the PC Gamer magazine/digital catalog thing from Steam and it is free there! There is this thing they have where they interview developers. Mikail Yazbeck announced he was developing Mount & Blade 2. AWAITING news from Taleworlds! Surprise us! EDIT...
  7. Outlawed

    TPW Torrent

    Okay guys, I've started seeding a torrent. I will be seeding for a while until it gets up and running. Please seed once you are done! Enjoy! Download torrent: (REMOVED FOR THE TIME BEING)
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    Ra - The Following

    Under the Sun we are one. Welcome to Ra. Just like the phoenix is reborn from the ashes, Ra was reborn from the ashes of the past. Ra has no leader. Ra has no structure. Ra has no ranks. Ra was the Egyptian sun God. In ancient Egypt, the sun was kind of a big deal. The Agricultural society...
  9. Outlawed

    [Suggestion] - Mount&Blade 2 aka Project Obvious

    Table of Contents: Disclaimer Minor Suggestion: Dynamic Environments Minor Suggestion: In-game cinematic editor Main Suggestion: Persistent Multiplayer Disclaimer Okay, before I start this gigantic wall of text, let me give you some background as to who I am. I've been playing Mount &...
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    Does it work with Diplomacy? I read around and didn't find it in your 3rd party list.
  11. Outlawed

    Clan related incident. Clan experience required from veteran NA players.

    So, I found this person called 'Levy_Sarah' who had Gk tags on. We were playing with her/him fine and then something drastically changed in their play style. I ask if the person has the guard/block hack for Warband. 'Sarah' acts oblivious. So I decided to play a non-declared first to 7 with...
  12. Outlawed

    Total War: Shogun 2 - Founding of a clan, and a Youtube Channel.

    Hello community, I'll make this post really shiny and all later, but for now its quite simple. I'm making a Total War: Shogun 2 clan, its already been up for some 3 days now. We are looking for members to strengthen our chances of getting promoted to the next tier after the first seasons...
  13. Outlawed

    Question about hair.

    Hello community, Don't you hate it when helmets cut your hair and you're bald all of a sudden. I saw in the port of the Cowboy (=p) mod, that some hats still had hair underneath them. I was wondering how this can be done. I know you can remove the covers hair flag, but that makes hair above the...
  14. Outlawed

    Question about scaling horses.

    Hello community, If you scale a skeleton.smd file, then scale your horse model meshes accordingly and maybe the textures, what other than the bump models will you have to change before the thing will work in game?
  15. Outlawed

    [N.A.A.S] North American All Stars

    Hello Community, Welcome to the North American All Stars page. N.A.A.S Current Activity: European Five-A-Side, Kitten's Team Inspiration Tournament What is the N.A.A.S? N.A.A.S is an organized force of the representatives of North American clans in the Warband community. It is aimed at...
  16. Outlawed

    Looking for experienced coder.

    There are a tons of new features that require a genius coder to join our ranks at WTR 1148 A.D. If you're interested, PM me please.
  17. Outlawed

    Questions regarding features.

    Hey Community, For my mod I was thinking of implementing a knock feature for bows. I was thinking of removing bows completely, and adding some animations for a crossbow type bow with a 2 step animation, knock, then span and release. However I have some concerns: 1- Would I be able to have 2...
  18. Outlawed

    Regarding quivers and bows.

    Hello community, I was wondering if there was a piece of script out there that added an item that included both the bow and the arrows in one item? If not, do you guys think it would be possible to implement? If so, any ideas/hints/suggestions?
  19. Outlawed

    Arrow velocity and how it works.

    Well, my questions is mainly about arrows and projectiles. AFAIK projectiles in Warband maintain the same speed over distances and the speed at which they travel is set, i.e. cannot be changed. An arrow fired would hit the target (if it hits anything) at the same speed it was launched from the...
  20. Outlawed

    TW server down?

    I cannot seem to be authenticating with the TW server, it seems all other PRT members have the same problem. Is something wrong with the server, or maintenance maybe?
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