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  1. BeyondInsanity

    Weather Conditions.

    Yeah, it is odd that they haven't added different weathers yet into the game. The different weathers already exist in the modding tool kit so it wouldn't be that hard to implement to the game. Sandstorms in deserts would be really cool as well.
  2. BeyondInsanity

    1.6.0b Crafting issues and change suggestions

    I have been experimenting with the new smithing system in 1.6.0 beta and I like the new changes and the orders system. A good start. However, there are few essential problems with smithing and I would like to address them and suggest some changes. The biggest problem currently is the unlocking...
  3. BeyondInsanity

    Entering other unfriendly clan members castles as a leader

    Guess you mean faction leader?

    in that case, yes, it makes sense to have access to your vassals castles as a king.
    Ah yes my mistake, as a factional leader.
  4. BeyondInsanity

    Entering other unfriendly clan members castles as a leader

    The title sums it up. Just a small suggestion that would improve gameplay in my opinion. I just got myself first time as a faction leader and it feels odd that if I want to enter a castle that belongs to a clan member that has negative relations would deny me entry and "shoot me if I try to...
  5. BeyondInsanity

    For executions: a new metric, "Grievance", to measure the right to execute

    Oh, I forgot to add a key point. Because every system should be reversible, there needs to be a way to reduce someone's grievance with you. So for one, the grievance score should decay slowly over time. And you could pay a hefty Blood Price to reduce it by a lot.
    I really like this suggestion. And perhaps some of the grievances could be settled by a duel.
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