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  1. eswallie

    Creating a list of villages

    Hello all, been a while since I worked on this MOD of mine, but I figure I may as well work on it some more.  I guess the game will have died long before I finish it, but what ever, it passes the time. any way here is my problem.  I am trying to create an array of all the villages sorted by...
  2. eswallie

    Party Aggression and Courage

    Is there a way to read a parties current aggression and courage?  I see the calls to set a new value, but I do not see any way to read their current values.
  3. eswallie

    starting a presentation from a dialog option

    I have a dialog running, and want one of the dialog options to pop up a presentation. And when the presentation is closed, return to the dialog where we left off.  I can't get this to work.  In fact I can't even get the dialog to start the presentation.  Is this not possible?  Do we need some...
  4. eswallie

    (get_party_ai_behavior,":ai", "$g_talk_troop_party"),

    This does not seem to work any more.  the "$g_talk_troop_party" does not seem to be set to the party you are talking to when you enter the dialog.  any ideas what has changed?
  5. eswallie

    Are game menus limited by the number of menu entries?

    I have a menu in my  mod that has around 25 entries defined on it.  The game will only scroll the first 16 entries to be selected. Is the menu size limited to only 16 entries?
  6. eswallie

    Modified item display

    Hello all, I have been working on a modification to Rubik's item display presentation.  Basically I want 2 new features.  1: I want to select an item and then be able to select the imodbits and have it display the new item with the imod applied.  2: I want to be able to add an item to my...
  7. eswallie

    Dynamic Troop Creation.

    In the mod system if we could script the troop creation dynamically this would be great. Functionally it spawns in a blank troop and then with the script commands define everything about it.  This way, it will have a unique id, and thus if the script is run 4 or 5 times you can have 4 or 5...
  8. eswallie

    Scripting an inventory transfer

    I am trying to script a transfer of one troops inventory to another.  I can get it to copy all the items over, but I can't get it to copy the item count. For instance if there is 40/50 on a grain item in the first inventory, it shows up as 50/50 after the transfer.  I have tried to copy the...
  9. eswallie

    Prevent a troop from equiping an item

    I have a mod feature that will allow me to access the inventory of generic troops in my party.  How can i keep them from auto equiping items i place in thier inventory?
  10. eswallie

    Sea raider conversation view.

    when you talk to a party on the map, specifically sea raiders where do you define the small window that shows a rendered model of the party leader and then shows the dialog next to it?  i have somehow introduced an error when i talk to sea raiders that it can't find the info for the portrait...
  11. eswallie

    secondary meshes

    When making gauntlets you have 2 meshes. 1 for the hand, and one for the arm guard bit.  i see how this is done and have done it myself.  but my question is can other items be forced to load a secondary mesh like this?  could a hat or boots or weapons etc. be forced to load an attachment that...
  12. eswallie

    Remove MP entirely from a mod.

    is there a simple way to remove every bit of Multi Player code form a mod's .py files that will not totally break the mod?  i am looking to prune down my mod's code size and would like to just remove all MP bits as i do not plan to have any MP fearures in this mod. I would hate to have to go...
  13. eswallie

    Missing hair textures?

    Ihave been making extensive changes to my game files for a mod I am working on, and a problem has come up that I am not sure how to track down. Basically when I go inot a tavern, or maybe talk to a NPC such that they come up in a menu like a lord before a battle, I get an error about a missing...
  14. eswallie

    new faction relation presentation

    a few days ago i saw a thread about a new faction relation presentation.  it was a table layout with all the factions across and down to easily cross ref. the pair.  it also included a lot of extra data about them.  anybody know what i am talking about?  i would like to find it and look it over.
  15. eswallie

    {Question} {request} Notes menu/page

    On the notes menu where you can review your quests etc. I would like to add an option to allow the player to type notes and save them to a text file that the mod will maintain.  I do not want the ability to open existing text files just the player "notebook" file.  to display this I would like...
  16. eswallie

    Edit Lords Equipment

    Can somone who is familiar with the menu moding of the text files give this a go? Add the menu option for examining equipment to your lords, as if they were companions.
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