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  1. RozBritanicus

    Is the Forum a pit of disappointment? Yes it is :]

    A lot of people on forum have played the game a lot and become disgruntled over things and the lack of more stuff added. A lot of forum people are only checking the forum for news of certain content or fixes and getting annoyed over time to not find them mentioned.
    Most reviewers played the game for a week or less and though it was pretty good, rated it and moved on.
    I don't think I ever seen a person who plays the game regularly who doesn't share most of the common complaints and whishes for the game.
    Your 100% right in your comment. I don't complain but the game is lacking and i do have some wishes. . Already wanting 1.5.11 . I don't play a full game just test the new stuff added and then wait again untill the games got more indepth features before i do a full campaign .
  2. RozBritanicus

    Make bannerlord more alive

    The game feels empty when it comes to characters even through there is lost of them maybe if they acted according to there traits. Maybe the traits could open special options in dialogue or actions and each rank in the trait could open a new ability from one on one duel to paying thugs to kidnap someone ect. There could be a rival system where lords could have a enemy that get personal between them . These type of things would create story and a memorable game and characters.
  3. RozBritanicus

    Armenian Genocide (?)

    Learning a lot here . Very interesting .
  4. RozBritanicus

    My final verdict

    If it is the case that TW are working on another game. They best get Bannerlord finished with more features than we currently have because they will have an angry fan base. I think bannerlord is great but its not got much to do late game apart from war even in peace time all we got is fighting quests or the fighting arena . I want some backstabbing nobles so game of thrones level nobles crossing each other Assassins, spies,knights, killers, backstabbers , liars, kings, Queens . Come on TW bring Bannerlord to life. Give the characters some character.
  5. RozBritanicus

    Games Need More Vitality

    I totally agree i find the game is good but soulless . i don't remember any characters apart form so of the faction leaders. I want it to be more interesting . The personally traits could open more branches to characters that without the trait is closed . At least that would make characters do different things in line with there personality type. Friendships and bonds could form .We need some type of arch enemy system where a ncp really hates you and constantly is out to get you and your family (clan vs clan) . Also executions if the player can use so should the ncp's or just take it from the game. we need plotting game of thrones style poision in the kings wine for instance. At the moment in my game i am a vassel of vhlandia and get 2000gold a day have 240 men who i replace when they die ,i don't need to do anything so i just sit in my city waiting for war . Soulless and getting boring there's got to be more than just fighting even the arena is boring. i would like to all of the above in Bannerlord in other peoples posts apart from robots.
  6. RozBritanicus

    Name 3 features you would like to see implemented in the next - not yet started - update / patch !

    1.- better relationship system, let us feel that our past action has real importance for the NPC more than 'you are free' stuff... add specific dialog options depending on traits/charm/relationship

    2.- Politic intrigue, it should be something basic, but give us tools to 'manipulate' lords votes, remember your enemies asking for your doctor, you asking your wife if there was a issue in the realm, or sending gifts to other lords (diplomacy mod of course). As I said it doesn't need to be something complex adding just a few options is enough due is not the main focus of the game.

    3.- Improve AI. no need to explain I guess :razz:
    I would like this very much
    1 better relationship system

    2 political intrigue

    3 character traits matter if someone (ncp) is honourable give them option that or honourable ,i the evil give them options that are evil. you have levels of trait like honourable +1 to +3 and Cruel 1 to 3 at 1 some minor option in conversation or an action each level opening some other options. it would help develop personality of characters. Which they need because at the moment everyone is just a face and no character.
  7. RozBritanicus

    Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine III

    This won't happen. They rejected the idea long time ago.
    I will just use the mod then . shame through
  8. RozBritanicus

    Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine III

    The player cannot die in battle
    That explains it then lol. I will wait for updates then start playing again.
  9. RozBritanicus

    Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine III

    yes we want that but always do not die like ai did in the game we want to die in battle as well like ai
    I keep trying to kill my character in battle so i can play my son . But even after i through my character from the highest point of a castle and i had low health , i still lived. 2000days into the game and i have tried to die over a 100 time at least.
  10. RozBritanicus

    Engaging and player-driven village, city, castle, and keep scenes: Your ideas?

    I would like spies these could send a select lord to a village or city were the player with his big army waits for revenge or tricks a lord to take his army across the map while you attack there fiefs . Assassins hired to kill enemy lords or family members this could be done like the bar brawl in warband the player would be close and poison a drink or better still a companion could do the job this could also happen in the keep where a companion tries to kill select target if they fail the companion dies the player could control the companion for the task, if the companion is captured you get so long for a prison break before everyone knows its you. Also you could have public executions for enemy lords with high negative relationships with clan or faction this would negate the minus relation to your character as its been done official the could be a meeting of the lords and a little scene like the marriage attempt where you ask questions to get 3 passes to execution. All these actions could happen to the player too. Plus one little thing the current execution system is something i don't like because its a player option only i stopped using it as it seems like god mode so what if no one like you there is not really any come back for your actions.
  11. RozBritanicus

    Bannerlord - Taleworlds please add durability to weapons and armors

    Hi Taleworlds and all bannermaniac,

    first sorry for my poor English!

    I have one idea how to the improve game regarding weapons and equipment. Basically, from the first mount and the blade, I was quite irritated, that the weapons and armors do not have a degree of endurance. Practically as soon as you got the best sword or armor, so you were not tempted to change the equipment. Add durability of weapons and armors please. Weapons and armors player should be can repair, but equipments after repair will los some stats, or weapons and equipement will downgrade to lower level.

    What you, about this?

    Best regards
    I personally would like this. Some just want one character and don't like the clan system and heir system . They just want one character i find this boring af . but the game needs details to make it interesting and not just waiting and wishing for the next big battle those people should just play custom battles really.
  12. RozBritanicus

    Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine III

    Echoing this comment about them not saying its finished. Given how long the game was in development before EA, I would be neither surprised nor disappointed if EA lasted a lot longer than was planned at the outset. If it turns out that with EA they're able to continue developing more narrative and more socially immersive flesh on these beautiful bones, I'm all for them taking as much time as they need to get it right.

    As much negative gripe as we get in the forum, there is so, so, so much going on in this game that is very "right." If more of that takes time, so be it.
    Yes i get your point. just chucking some ideas forward hoping some things stick to be honest.
  13. RozBritanicus

    Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine III

    I own the game and around 600hrs between me and my brother . We still don't have anything more than a more stable game i have only crashed once ever its pretty solid game . The game its self is a shell and not much more. The battles are fun and the economy is ok but after a long campaign it starts to break , some of the weapon and armour prices are so silly half a million for armour you sell this to a city and its crippled. when not at war you have the fighting arena (yes more fighting) or you can go from city to city trading and that's is the problem when not at war there is almost nothing to do between war i make that much money from shops and caravans and my city is just stay Sorgot and speed up time do the odd quest waiting for war . Getting married and children is pointless apart from clan heir (my starting character is 49years and my children are at 17years and below i am willing my character to die in battle to play so i can play his son ,i have even thrown my self from the top of castle in a battle i was losing but lived lol . I would say reduce the prices of armour and weapons a lot but give them a chance to ruin and require repair or if you get captured have a chance to be taken .
    Add intrigue in peace or war time there is a mod call (intrigue) its a bit rough but its got good idea's. there is a also a mod called plagues another great idea.
    Getting married in warband was way better . Maybe this could raise relationship with the clan you marry too. increase the chance of death in battle as the character gets older .
  14. RozBritanicus

    Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine III

    So it is official, we are nearing the end, with only balance, improvents and "minor" features on the horizon.

    On one side, I am disapointed that the TW gave up on any meaningful roleplaying quality of the game.
    • No real quests outside of the main questline
    • No enhancements to dialogs to add more player variation
    • No Trait influencing dialog options for players
    • No enhacements to Persuasion (which currently is stupid from a RP standpoint, because you pick ALL the options, only the order in which you pick them is up to the player)
    • No improvements to marriage, which is just so terrible from a RP standpoint
    • No feasts, or any events of any kind. All there is is Combat (oh, and Board Games).
    • No dialog support for game features (as a second method to using the menu)
      • No dialogs to give immersion for Kingdom Decisions and Diplomacy
    • No support for Scenes. (Please give me a REASON to visit these scenes!)
    • No interesting companios
    • No gang-related features, making Roguery only meaningful (you guessed it!) in Combat, in the form of Raiding and Loot
    • No further point to Minor Factions, except as extra parties for warfare.
    • I could go in...
    On the other side, this means release is much closer than I hoped, which means modders can finally take over...
    I sort of get what you mean but they haven't said its nearly finished. As for villages and cities i don't load into the i just use the menu as there's no need to walk the streets they look nice but there's just no need. The game need more to do more intrigue spies,assassins, plotting against each other, feast, bar brawls , drinking games, arena battles to the death ( proper gladiator style) . Its so lacking at the moment. The marriage is not as good a warbands build up . I like the family system and heir system but the games got to last until you get to that point or your characters got to die before there time.
  15. RozBritanicus

    Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine III

    I would like to see random world events . Like ambush in towns or village or the bar brawl. Also the ability to higher Assassins to kill enemy lords and the ncp's able to higher them . Also executions should be for player and ncp's . I don't use the execution option as the ncp's don't use it . it feels like a cheat at the moment. be nice to have a gift's section in the traders of different prices and the gift grants a relationship bonus to who you give it to . You could have spie that tells you a lord likes a special sword and buy it as a gift for a bigger boost for instance. keep up to great work and Thanks
  16. RozBritanicus

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.8

    I am getting models with out skins weapons armour and character portraits anyone else having this issue ? should i reinstall ?
  17. RozBritanicus

    Why equipment pricing should dramatically drop

    I think just dropping the prices would be less complicated .TW just needs the right balance with money one that not the cost of a city .
  18. RozBritanicus

    Why equipment pricing should dramatically drop

    I still think it silly to have any weapon or armour be worth more than any city . Put like this ,lets say i have a sword that's worth more than London and someone in London was going to give me the cities entire worth for just one sword . Reducing the prices would stop this . I think paying more the upgrade troops would be better or having other ways to spend money.
  19. RozBritanicus

    Why equipment pricing should dramatically drop

    The cost of armour and weapons is game breaking . 37000 for a sword for instance watch is more than the income of a city ,its stupid. TW should not to much worry in the player buying the best gear. and stop breaking the world entire factions get cripple because i sell them a sword.
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