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  1. James

    Show names of friendly troops as icon

    Hey, You know that ugly green text that shows up over the heads of your allies? It's ****ing ugly, and only serves the purpose of identifying yours from theirs and so on. I don't think it's necessary to know what type of troop they are. So my question is this: is it possible to change the...
  2. James

    [Werewolf] [Archive] Werewolf: day 5, 3 to lynch

    This is a simple game, 3 wolves, 1 herbalist, 7 villagers. Majority lynch. Wolves kill one during the night, herbalist protects one. The herbalist can prevent a single wolf from killing by targeting it during the night. The players are as follows: Gculk † Seff Bugman Orj † Bulle †...
  3. James

    James' Werewolf Game sign up

    Hello there; There will be 11 spots. Three wolves, and to even it out, one herbalist. Simple rules. All wolves in one pack, herbalist protects at night, wolves kill one, etc. 1. Gculk 2. Seff 3. Bugman 4. Orj 5. Bulle 6. Velmu 7. Vilhjalmr 8. Alex_Augmented 9. Oubliette 10. Suspect-Device 11...
  4. James

    Who wants to cuddle with Pavlov?

    It's important.
  5. James

    I need help with my language journal

    So, I have this assignment for my History of the English Language class that involves journaling about topics involving the intricacies of languages, especially, but not limited to, English. The problem is, I have 67 entries, and I need 75. That's where I need help. Any ideas? All I need is a...
  6. James

    [Video] Making weapon textures for .960+

    Hey, Here's a short video I made describing the process necessary to texture weapons with the new specular shaders, etc. It's short, to the point, and perhaps not in depth enough, but it's my first video ever. Or, in better detail...
  7. James

    Connect the movies

    Ok, so this is a game I enjoy playing now and then. The rules are simple. You have to connect one movie to another by finding actors in one who starred in actors of other movies together, to link to the other movie. I'm sure that makes no sense, so here's an example: "The Dark Knight" to "Lord...
  8. James

    Spinning arrow: possible?

    So, first of all, I've changed my flying_missile mesh to elongated arrows in my mod. But I've found that when zoomed in, they look kind of strange, since they fly perfectly flat, without spinning. I tried to make an animated arrow (vertex animation), but when I tried it out, it seemed it only...
  9. James


    All right. These spoiler things that keep popping up: I find them extremely annoying, mostly because there is no reason for most of these people to use them. In my opinion, they should only be used when there is indeed a spoiler beneath it. In the case of just stating an opinion, or answering a...
  10. James

    Hjalp! Harddrive error!

    Archonsod? So, yesterday, I typed 'phun' into the address bar, and hit enter. The browser headed towards the phun wiki (I assume), and then froze up. Not only the browser, but the whole computer. I could not alt+f4, ctrl+alt+del, or even press the power button to get options (I could move the...
  11. James

    Argument Thread

    Now, I've started this thread. What do you say we get to arguing?
  12. James

    Armoury name

    Well, I've started selling armour, and I figured that I need a name for my armoury, as well as an armourer's mark. However, I don't really have any ideas for what the name of my armoury should be. I have some ideas of what direction I want to go with the name. My persona name is Halfdan...
  13. James

    Weird stats bug

    I was looking at these stats: and noticed something odd. The list of top topic starters is not only sorted wrong (or not at all), but it doesn't include all the top topic starters in it. Case in point, Vilhjalmr would be at least second in...
  14. James

    Buddy markers change

    Here's an idea that I've wanted for quite some time. When you view the 'who's online' list, buddies are marked by a slightly bigger pip than everyone else. I suggest (and it shouldn't be hard at all) that the image for buddies be changed, perhaps made yellow, or blue, so as to see it much more...
  15. James

    What did you learn today?

    As should be obvious, post a fact, an idea, or whatever that you learnt that caught your interest. Hopefully, it should be of some interest to other people as well. To start it off: I learnt about 'caprophagy': the act of an animal ingesting its own feces (usually for nutritional benefit).
  16. James

    Native OSP 3D Art James' Weapon Pack v2

    Hello all. I have recently released most, if not all, of my weapons. These are all those weapons that you may have seen in the Sea Raider's Expansion. People keep asking for them, so I finally made them public. I only ask if you use them, please mention me in the credits. UPDATE 12/07: I fixed...
  17. James

    [Werewolf: Archives] Werewolf - Caravan of Slaughter

    Current vote Count: The year is 1358. A caravan set out from Manchester with a cargo of meats and grains to London, with a small allotment of the wagons' space going to the precious, and well-hidden, cargo of jewelry and gold ornaments. This caravan set out with twenty-two men just before the...
  18. James

    Werewolf Game Sign Up (from 11-08-07)

    Well, I am going to be hosting the next werewolf game (name pending), and although I don't have the setup yet, I think it best to start the recruitment. I will update the thread with the plan this evening. (I promise.) So, if you wish to play, post in this thread. I am looking for approx. 21...
  19. James

    Hair colour preference poll

    The discussion in the 'Post your Dream Woman' thread invariably heads towards the argument over what hair colour is best, and inevitably ends with everyone claiming that their preference is best. So, what is the truth? Also, I give you the options of more than one since some of us have...
  20. James

    Norman Helm: Step by Step

    In my Say Cheese thread, I was requested to chronicle one of my projects when I started a new one, and this one seems a perfect project to do such with, and I have even started taking pictures to further the experience. As it says in the title, I will be making a Norman helm, of the four-piece...
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