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  1. Wilhelmus Van Laecken

    Dev Blog 29/03/19

    Good golly the words 'Beta' have never before made me so giddy. I've been watching this game develop since it was announced, it's so relieving to finally have the chance to get a taste, even if it's only parts of the multiplayer!  :party:  :party:  :party:
  2. Wilhelmus Van Laecken

    Dev Blog 21/02/19

    fadohacolu said:
    I strongly agree with what Sasquatch has to say, except that I believe the issues that are causing the rift in the community will also cause issues with marketing and selling the game. Not because the community here will fail to buy the game (I'm in the former camp, and am impatient and cynical but will almost certainly buy it day one) but because lack of communication is a fundamental issue. It seems to me that TW put Callum in charge of PR, and called it good, maybe taking a few minutes a week to tell him what he's allowed to post about.

    TW's extremely passive approach to PR, coupled with degrading graphics, could spell serious issues for the lifespan of the game. I don't care much about graphics (I still play WB, afterall) but many other people do. At the least, someone may pass the game over after seeing a few screenshots.

    And to KentuckyJames, I think you make some excellent points, but what is your take on the graphics looking worse than they did years ago? As others have mentioned, metal looks bad now, the sword is flat and wonky in the screenshot, the shield has a clear seam, etc. I don't believe the regression we're seeing is a mere optical illusion from playing newer and prettier games over the past 8 years. Any idea what would cause this or am I actually going crazy?

    I hate to speculate but because of Taleworld's blatant lack of transparency it's the only way we can try and reason what is happening.

    I think this game was in dev hell for awhile, for a reason that they likely will never tell, and as a result a lot of cuts were made. Things like castles being a part of towns, ambushes, castle/town building, joining the cool little small factions, all have been dropped, as well as other features that were meant to differentiate Bannerlord from Warband. Even textures seem to be of lesser quality and rushed, and AI seems close to being lobotomized in recent demos. (As we noticed in the gameplay videos and the recent charge gif where the infantry didn't even take out their spears to repel a cavalry charge..)

    Something happened and made TW change their vision and ambition for Bannerlord. I think as a result cuts were made to the game to reign in the scale and a new design process was likely put in place to make development faster... At the price of a few features and graphic design choices..
  3. Wilhelmus Van Laecken

    Dev Blog 21/02/19

    RoboSenshi said:
    Well that was pretty ****ing lame.

    Please talk about clans and multiple parties!

    Clans that we can't join anymore.  :sad:
  4. Wilhelmus Van Laecken

    Leaked Conceptual Art

    Terco_Viejo said:
    RoboSenshi said:
    Wow that Ambush Picture is a damn fine fake! Why did they have to go and remove that feature?...

    According to Taleworlds (through Callum) this mechanic was not fun for the player. If you have some time, take a look at the worth reading. link

    It's honestly infuriating how many interesting mechanics and gameplay features that were going to differentiate this game from Warband are just getting dropped. Come on man...
  5. Wilhelmus Van Laecken

    Dev Blog 14/02/18

    578 said:
    I actually think the NPCS were set to not attack at all to create an impressive charge on this gif. I cant believe they had spears and they chose to keep their shields up for no reason at all.

    You can see them throwing javelins when the charge breaks their formation.
  6. Wilhelmus Van Laecken

    Dev Blog 14/02/18

    Shame those infantrymen were plowed through. If only they had a sort of long, pole-like weapon with a pointy metal tip to use against the cavalry... :lol:
  7. Wilhelmus Van Laecken

    On Families and Dynasties

    Oxtocoatl said:
    ... but being the "feminine" partner was considered denigrating and emasculating.

    Usually only if you were a person of high status. Many submissive were teenagers, slaves, or prostitutes (or a mixture) and were not  looked down upon as much as, say, a patrician who was found out to be on the receiving end. Antinous, submissive lover to the emperor Hadrian, was a slave and he turned into one of the most beloved people in the Roman Empire following his death.
  8. Wilhelmus Van Laecken

    On Families and Dynasties

    NPC99 said:
    My vote's for:

    Battanian women are allowed more than one husband - potentially bringing outsiders (later husbands) into your clan,
    Imperial men can adopt illegitimate heirs fathered on their house slaves - allowing them to draft in random replacements in cases of perma-death
    Aserai men who replace a dead brother must marry their sibling's widow as well as inheriting their property and clan. (Aserai men allowed more than one wife).
    Sturgian wives replace their dead husbands as clan leaders, taking precedence over other claimants - restricts player choice on perma-death
    Vlandian wives of clan chiefs are required to retire to a nunnery on their husbands death to stop them interfering - reduces the clan by two members on the leader's death.
    Khuzait offspring are required to duel for the clan leadership on the player's death - player replacement restricted to the surviving offspring with one offspring normally killed (reducing the clan by two members on the player's death).

    Honestly all of these suggestions are golden, and would make each faction even more unique and fun to play. I really hope there are societal things like this in Bannerlord. Factions in Warband always felt same-y to me.

    Oswald III said:
    Mithril♡Souls said:
    The first two are interesting prospects, but I don't think three will be implemented. Killing children in video games is a big no-no across every single platform because of the blow back it'd receive. Even Crusader Kings doesn't let you kill heirs unless they are of-age.

    About same sex marriage, well marriage would be weird anyways, I'm all for Carladia being Carladia and being totally separated by reality, but letting the game in such a medieval setting having two men/women marrying wouldn't fit quite with its current Lore, yet, like you said Greco-Roman morality had allowed the secrecy of homosexuality between those nobles and stuff, so I'm just repeating what you all said

    May I ask what lore you're referring to?
  9. Wilhelmus Van Laecken

    On Families and Dynasties

    Gurkhal said:
    I hope I don't come off as a pedant jerk. But marriage in these time wouldn't be for love but primarily to get children to continue the family's legacy. So if we're using Greco-Roman morality it should be possible to have same-sex romances but marriage should not be possible.

    But on a personal level I wouldn't mind same-sex marriages as that's how marriages are understood today.

    Warband's marriages could go both ways, love or just purely political gain. It was up to the player which one you wanted, which was a really fun mechanic.

    I think marriages should be possible for same-sex families simply for the fact that in Warband, and from what we've seen from Bannerlord, there is no overarching religion like Chritianity, so the anti-homosexual fervor wouldn't likely be as prominent in Calradia than it was in our own Middle Ages. :smile: 

    AlexHBK said:
    I really liked the innovations and so I would like to ask a few clarifying questions:

    1) I wonder how the system of other children's claims to land and titles of their parents is implemented here? Can they fight each other for these titles?
    2) Is there a possibility of blood feud with subsequent intrigues and rebellion?
    3) Also interesting is it possible to kill children here? I respect the feelings of those who have children, but will the game really follow the brutal realities of the medieval?

    The first two are interesting prospects, but I don't think three will be implemented. Killing children in video games is a big no-no across every single platform because of the blow back it'd receive. Even Crusader Kings doesn't let you kill heirs unless they are of-age.
  10. Wilhelmus Van Laecken

    On Families and Dynasties

    Congrats to Taleworlds for Ruwa! :party: Now that we've been introduced to families in Bannerlord, let's have some fun and pick at what might we want to see in regards to them. Families can and should offer a very interesting dynamic to the game that, as most of us can agree, we really didn't...
  11. Wilhelmus Van Laecken

    Dev Blog 22/11/18

    Congrats! Glad to finally see a model of a child, I can't recall if we've seen one before or not. I cant wait to form a dynasty, to continue my character's legacy.

    "You know what "legacy" means? It's what you pass down to your children, and your children's children. It's what remains of you when you're gone." -Tywin Lannister
  12. Wilhelmus Van Laecken

    Guards in castles or keeps

    Triune Impurity Rites 999 said:

    Also, I don't mind the purple at all. In fact, it makes reading all of these blocks of texts more interesting. And besides, if color'd text makes you comes off as narcissistic, then what's that say about the reader? Always look for perspective.

    Lord Engineer said:
    Now can we please focus on the topic at hand?

    We're kinda over that off-topic discussion, sorry man.  :razz:

    Got any guard ideas/suggestions?
  13. Wilhelmus Van Laecken

    Guards in castles or keeps

    Noudelle said:
    BIGGER Kentucky James XXL said:
    Highlighting your own posts like that is bad forum etiquette and comes across as narcissistic. Profile pictures are enough. Big purple "look at me!!!" text also makes it a pain to read and if I'm honest I've skipped the majority of your posts for that reason.
    While I understand where you're coming from, I don't think this is warranted. Especially considering that Lord Engineer's posts are always very respectful, well-reasoned and of value to the topic.
    Of all the users on this forum I think he's one of the users that most deserved to be heard because of that. The purple might be annoying but it's entirely inofensive and I don't think Lord Engineer means it in a bad or narcissistic way.

    Engineer's posts are indeed usually very insightful. He doesn't need a purple font when his words stand out enough. :smile:

    Anyway, as you said, Engineer isn't remotely narcissistic, but regardless of his intentions, different colour/font posts just come off that way naturally. :neutral:
  14. Wilhelmus Van Laecken

    Guards in castles or keeps

    Lord Engineer said:
    It's not that big of a problem.

    No, it isn't, but as Kentucky said, it really give off the impression of "Hey! Look at me! I'm the only one that uses coloured text! I'm special!", even if that wasn't your intention. It's akin to someone using ??? ?? ????? ?????? ???? ?????????? when typing posts. Just gives an annoying "I'm more unique pay attention to me" vibe. Just bad etiquette imo.

    Anyway, maybe the type of guards you see in a town take from what kind of troops you have garrisoned there? :smile:
  15. Wilhelmus Van Laecken

    Dev Blog 01/11/18

    Bit concerning that actual historical depictions of armour are her last choice when it comes to finding inspiration, but she seems to be doing well so far with the designs. But please please please please don't stumble into the pitfall of using all greys and browns that "TV shows and Movies" use when inaccurately portraying peasantry.

    I didn't see one flourish of colour within any of the clothing presented within the blog.
  16. Wilhelmus Van Laecken

    Dev Blog 11/10/18

    KhergitLancer99 said:

    Spear+Shield destroys sword+shield.

    We know that TW buffed spear a lot but I wonder if they buffed it enough.

    Why did you even post this in the devblog discussion forum?...
  17. Wilhelmus Van Laecken

    Gender, a serious game changer?

    It could perhaps be an option to enable/disable sexism, with a slider for severity perhaps! More sexism = higher prices and less renown earned after battle.  :razz:
  18. Wilhelmus Van Laecken

    Ladies having personalities

    OnionKnight said:
    I know everyone is talking about cucking, but you didn't have to bring Extra Credits into this, that is just too cuck for me

    Are you here just to aggravate people on this thread?
  19. Wilhelmus Van Laecken

    Dev Blog 27/09/18

    I try to have a bit of fun with placeholder assets as well! For example, our current placeholder loading screen animation a butter jar moving across the screen, and our default save/load character image is Yaga.

    Haha, I like him already!
  20. Wilhelmus Van Laecken

    Dev Blog 20/09/18

    But will we still have to herd cattle?  :lol:
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