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  1. Gadheras

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    Right now we have no idea if it is paid or not. DLCs don't have to get a price tag. It could also be just a free Content bit or they used the elephant as a way to test their DLC creation process and see if the access options for later real content packs work. I personaly don't think that this is going to be a real paid DLC simply because of the size. If they want to sell it not in the context of a expansion at all I would expect some larger "item packs" with many other new horse models and armours or whatever. But even this seems rather unlikely for me.

    Oh come on. Don't try to make sense of things. It's more more flair in blow up the unknown in a dramatic way just for an excuse to throw **** TW's way. :shifty:
  2. Gadheras

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    It would be more like you've already payed a construction company to build your house from scratch, they promised it'd have been ready in 6 months and after two years you just have the foundation and one of the two floors - the construction company calls and ask you if you'd like to pay extra to have a mahogany arch built in your second floor bedroom which hasn't even been built yet.
    And where is the source of the set release date?
  3. Gadheras

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    but in this case, the house isnt even standing yet, it still lacks the outer walls...

    So you saying you didn't find the "PLAY" button?
  4. Gadheras

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    This is a laughable excuse for a game that is broken on so many levels. It's been over a year lol....

    So you want the guys that do gfx and sound to fix the code or what?
  5. Gadheras

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    I seriously thought this was a joke, how can you work on a DLC when early access isn't done. makes no sense

    If you need to get your house painted. Do you hire a painter, or a plumber? How about if you need to get your car fixed. Do you take it to a mechanic, or a hot dog vendor? A game studio have different departments working on different things.
  6. Gadheras

    An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    You sound like some rich, spoiled brat telling poor people that they "wouldn't be poor if they were just good at life."
    Nope, just had to break my back and work for everything I wanted in life. Starting with apprenticeship as a roofer at 16.... no old money or silverspoon here...
  7. Gadheras

    An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    A coder / modeller costs 3x as much in one year than I've ever made in my life. I save literally 99% of what I earn because I don't have the money to move out, but even if I spent all the money I have, I would only be able to hire one 3D modeller (something I can already do myself) or one coder (something I can already do myself) for about 6 months.
    A kickstarter is something I've planned, but since the vast majority of them fail, I have to be 100% sure that I have enough footage and screenshots to show for it before putting it online.

    Did you think this through or are you just throwing random ideas to try and justify to yourself why nobody should be complaining about the state the game is in?

    "Don't complain until Taleworlds says you can complain"
    Early Access is a plague, in no other industry would it be acceptable to pay full price for something publicly available, but still claim that it hasn't been released yet. It's insane that there are still people justifying this manipulative marketer logic. We are over 1 year into """Early Access""", the game is barely any different, and even the developers are saying "we are pretty much done". Why are you so deluded that you think "release day" will be any different, like they're holding back some big major features that they'll suddenly shock everyone with and make the 1 year of limbo worth it? When has that ever happened before in Early Access?

    I swear, some of you people act as if you want to be manipulated by PR.

    Everything in life you have to work for to achieve. I know about several modders, indy creators etc out there that have patreons and make a nice chunk from fans follow/subscribe to their projects. A good entry way to start build a following with some monetizing without the risk of fall flat on your face. The "I'm only one", or "I can't afford" etc is things you tell yourself that hold you back. If you really passionate about your project you should look for ways to climb over obstacles.

    People can complain all they want but everyone got served the same "early access" disclaimer before they decided to buy the game.

  8. Gadheras

    An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    1. I am one person with no money using free software.
    2. For 2 of those 3 years I was working a full time job.
    3. I have never released anything for money.

    The reason people are complaining about Taleworlds is that they are a company of some 100 people with the second best selling game of 2020 after Cyperpunk 2077. They have literally thousands of times more resources, manpower and expertise than I do. The fact that their game is not thousands (or even on par with) some one-person games is worth complaining about.

    That is a choice you made. You could done crowd funding, Do a kickstarter, open a patreon, create a game studio, hire people. You know... Everything become excuses of things you are not. TW didn't start out where they are today either. But that would involve step out of the shadow of being a hobby project to become accountable to the people investing into you and your project.

    Funny you mention Cyberpunk. Imagine they had gone early access or long public beta. They wouldn't released in the sorry state they did. Bannerlord is still early access and not even completed. I don't really care how it is right now. Most important is how it will be at day of full release. If things warrant to bring out the pitch forks then, then do so, but during this stage, not worth it.
  9. Gadheras

    An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    By the standards of some people around here......

    The thread is from 2018, it's 2021.. why is it not done yet? Can we mod it yet? Where is the multiplayer? You suck, your game is dead :p
  10. Gadheras

    An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    If you work for a company that is making bad decisions, only a doormat would just pretend nothing is happening and not kick up a fuss.

    1. It's been sold with no restrictions on who can play it, so it's not like they're testing it or looking for feedback. Most games now are patched months or even years after the arbitrary "release" date. Unless you think they will suddenly stop patching the game when they announce the 1.0, there is no functional difference between this and the "release".

    2. The current direction the development is heading will not result in a good game. The earlier complaints about multiplayer were ignored and all the predictions of those complaints came true.

    The thing is, the internal keyword is functionally identical to the public keyword they should be using, the only difference is that it restricts usage to within the file its found in. It has no performance benefit whatsoever, it's just a compiler restriction. There is no justification anyone can imagine for slapping it all over the place. Most C based languages don't even have an equivalent to internal because it has so few uses in real code. What's more, they could replace all the internal keywords with public in like 10 seconds, and it would make zero difference to the base game (I don't even think the binaries would change). It's completely unjustifiable.

    A lot of them have actually done that, myself included.

    I'm sure you will create a much better game then Bannerlord then. Got any links and resources to share so we can bask in the greatness? :p
  11. Gadheras

    An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    Maybe you should stop complaining about complaints, because people have a right to voice them, and move to a country where it's forbidden to complain so you would be truly happy. Or you could take a break from the forums and have the freedom not to look at people complaining.

    Don't see any "valid" complaints, Just see a bunch of tantrums similar of children not get it "their way". Your rights to complain stopped at the "early access" disclaimer of the game.
  12. Gadheras

    An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    Wonder if all these modders act like this in real life at work etc as well. End of the day Bannerlord is a product, and the property of TW. It's not even completed, its a work in progress. Whatever access modders get is based on their will and grace. You are not entitled to anything, or rights to demand access.

    Maybe all these modders should just band together and make their own game from scratch. You would have the freedom to do whatever the f you want to do with it.
  13. Gadheras

    In Progress 1.5.10 Conspiracy raiders issue.

    Hello, can you please manually remove the mod files, verify the integrity of the game files and try to reproduce the issue on a new campaign? If the issue is persistent please let me know.

    I got quest again and found same behavior. I uploaded a save file with reference to this thread. If you load the save you can watch a cluster of parties dogpile on conspiracy raiders that keep die and respawn over and over.
  14. Gadheras

    In Progress 1.5.10 Conspiracy raiders issue.

    Hello, can you please manually remove the mod files, verify the integrity of the game files and try to reproduce the issue on a new campaign? If the issue is persistent please let me know.

    If I get the quest again, I will try to find the same happen again. then save and upload that save. I'm not really tempted to start a whole new campaign and grind up to clan level 4 and all that entails get a kingdom going and trigger that quest line again. It's summer after all -)

    The only mods I use is dev console, perk & attribute point per level, and one that override lords thirst for start wars every 5 minute. Shouldn't have any impact on the conspiracy quests. Btw, the "conspiracy caravans spawn now as faction caravans as well that trigger wars once intercepted".
  15. Gadheras

    Need More Info 1.5.9 Campaign map lag due to unchecked bandit parties?

    This issue should be fixed. To confirm, can you capture a telemetry data for us so that we can see the data and compare them?

    I did abandon that campaign and moved onto a new one with 1.5.10. If it happens again I will let you know, but so far no such issues and progressed further on my current 1.5.10 campaign than I had on that 1.5.9.when the fps tanked on world map.
  16. Gadheras

    Proper Loot someday?

    I'd agree, if all it is about making money then just skip a step and give us the money so we don't have to carry around a ton of trash before we selling it.

    No one force you to carry around a lot of trash. Just cherry pick through what you want to take or not. On my current campaign, my fifes is covering my expenses. Now and then I swing by my stash and just dump it all in there. Once I'm ready to sell some stuff, I just grab some stacks of things and dump it on the markets around. At this stage I probably got millions worth stashed away, with no desperate need to sell any of it, because I already carry around like 3m in my purse as it is. There comes a time in the game where loot doesn't mean diddly.
  17. Gadheras

    Proper Loot someday?

    As I said with my char over 225 rougery now the most expensive gear I found is some chainmail for horses. Of course it was broken. I sold it, all my familly and companions already had much better things.

    Minimum I want:
    1. Gear from fallen troops (already implemented)
    2. Better chance of decent gear, less broken items
    3. Rougery increasing chances of better loot (already implemented)
    4. Option do repair broken items (using smithing skill and materials, give to repair for money)

    I came back when beta 1.5.10 was released after long break and with my rouge character I get crap from big battles against elite troops. I know Apocal checked code and point 3 is already implemented but I didn't see it. I got better things on higher lvl because i fought bigger and better armies. Maybe I'm just unluckiest player but that's my expirience with loot.

    Quite sure your family and companions got better things due to you been selling loot you found as well.
  18. Gadheras

    In Progress 1.5.10 Conspiracy raiders issue.

    The conspiracy raiders quest got a big issue. I where looking around for them when I found several parties engaging them. They took down the conspiracy raider party, but then a new party just respawned right away where the other died. The other parties kept fight this ever spawning raider party...
  19. Gadheras

    Resolved A.I. Nobles Not Continuing Their Lineages/ Not Marrying & Reproducing

    Thanks for the update, have fun!

    In my current 1.5.10 campaign, there is many clans that have only males in them. Several have died off when last grown male died, and a bunch of kids just went poff into the void.

    The problem is a bit two fold as well, because you want your character to get married, and your brother, and then you have your younger siblings. when they come to age, and eventually offspring. of yours and rest of your clan. If you not fast enough, the ones you would want to get hitched to get married to someone else. But the crux is your charm and persuation skill. When your younger siblings come of age, it's turn mostly into grab whatever available. If you play long enough for your offspring to come of age, it turn into a "Is anyone still alive out there"?

    - Why can't kids of a clan that implode be adopted into another clan of that faction to avoid a lot of characters just fade into history.
    - All rebel clans so far just a bunch of dudes, no females. Never seen any one in such a clan end up get married even the clan join a faction.
    - The village leaders, guild merchants, townies etc should have families, that could be a source for fresh blood. Would like to see your companions could get married as well. The game need a lot more characters to keep the world alive if you play for a long time..
  20. Gadheras

    Proper Loot someday?

    Loot quality differs a lot from fight bandits and rabble, and do army fights and take on good sized lord parties as well. If you want cheap wood, yeah do looters and bandits to get pitcforks and wood hammers to break down to wood is nice.. but if you want better stuff, you need to aim higher.
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