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  1. Gandamula

    Horse archers speed. What determines the speed of the group?

    I usually play as a horse archer, one of my tactics is to order the other horse archers to follow me, and I circle around the enemy shooting arrows. All very basic. But I've noticed that, and not always having the fastest horse, I always gain a very large distance in relation to those who...
  2. Gandamula

    Can we have in a future a character creator like this one?

    I've never played this game but I saw this on the internet and found it almost photo realistic, will it be possible to implement this in Bannerlord?I honestly think the characters are too cartoonish for 2021.
  3. Gandamula

    Another definitive poll😜:Do you like bannerlord?

    A simple question, no but, to define the general feeling of fans of the game. Be honest, don't say that you've discovered that you don't like the game after two hundred hours of gameplay , nor that you like it if you don't. Try to set aside your expectations and stick to only what exists.
  4. Gandamula

    Scenes. TW are you going to do anything about it?

    What impresses me most in all this, is the complete waste of time, resources and talent in the creation of scenes that no one uses. We have cities and towns where dozens of Taleworlds employees have put their efforts and then no one has been able to give it a role in the game. This is...
  5. Gandamula

    What content did you want to see added in a paid expansion of the game?

    Let's be pragmatic, one thing is our will, the other is reality, but probably the game will have nothing but fixes,and some irrelevant content as prisons breaks. So what should be added in a future expansion? Map expansion? A advanced era, with firearms? More factions? Naval warfare?
  6. Gandamula

    Problems related to performance, something unusual.

    I have already mentioned this in another part of the forum and noticed that it is not a general problem. And it had happened to me exactly the same when I went from the stable version 1.5.7 to the 1.5.8 beta. Now, when going from the stable version to the new version,1. 5.9,I don't even know if...
  7. Gandamula

    My brother, and why I can't set any rule in my party to him?

    In addition to being ugly and descendant of pygmies, the guy is really short, my brother has no use at my parry, I used to be able to use him as a quartmester as he have high skills, but since 1.5.6 version the character has no use, I can't set any role for him The question is, is it a bug, or...
  8. Gandamula

    An Open Letter to TaleWorlds from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the Total-Conversion Mod Community about our concerns and frustrations with Bannerlor

    As a mod supporter, I subscribe this letter and will post it here. If you have time and patience read the full letter, for those who like Mods and thought that this game would have future, things are going wrong. Hi r/Bannerlord! Here is a link to the full letter. I'm a programmer on the...
  9. Gandamula

    The game has little diplomacy and many wars after we ask to be vassal.

    This has been reported several times, but it seems that in each patch the case gets even worse. I don't know if it has to do with the pace at which we play, but it is a fact that I am seeing without any doubt it in this latest version, 1.5.8. I was playing as a mercenary for several factions...
  10. Gandamula

    How old are you, and how much you love this game?

    Sorry people another survey. 😁 I am 55 and have been playing since the 90s, there have been many games that I have fallen in love , but few that have obsessed me, I usually play for a few hours a day and I usually play two or three games regularly, apart from Company of Heroes 2, which I play...
  11. Gandamula

    What game version are you playing right now?

    Just another survey to see if people are playing the game or testing bugs, I think TW should made one but as they don't, I do. You can answer twice, but is suppose to answer the version and if is or not modeded. 😜
  12. Gandamula

    Do you want the game to be released now?

    Enough with Patches, I can live with the game as it is now, but I can't without many of the mods that are getting lost. Modders are obviously giving up, Mods with thousands of downloads are dead. To be honest, the latest Patches add nothing, 1.5.8 is a complete disaster and no one uses it...
  13. Gandamula

    What happens when a faction loses all fiefs?

    I'm about to conquer the last two castles of the Southern Empire, they lost everything, but they still ask for money to obtain peace, there are about twenty SE parties on the map. Now I ask, what will happen to them when I occupy all their fiefs, where will they recruit, what is their source of...
  14. Gandamula

    Rebellions, another failed feature.

    This is ridiculous, I got Epicorea as Sturgian vassal, was my only fief, I saw everything in green, no unrest, no famie, nothing bad, It was a prosperous city and without evident problems, it had a reasonable garrison and a governor, nothing indicated any kind of problem. I went for a walk...
  15. Gandamula

    Unit levels. What this really means ?

    I notice that there are several levels, 11,16,22,26,31 and 47,I may miss some or have wrong numbers, but why nothing between its levels and what it's really means?
  16. Gandamula

    How is the spoils of battles processed by the AI?

    After several battles against various factions, I have an battle spoils worthing several hundred Denars, I even have to sell it in several cities, which a becomes zeroed in on money, I just wanted to know how it affects the economy, what cities do with all that armor and guns, if all this...
  17. Gandamula

    Who has only one faction's army?

    I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but on my commercial trips I hire peasants in the cities where I pass, and basically I have a multinational army, Sturgian and Empire infantry, cavalry of what appears, usually hired prisoners, Khuzait horse archers, and archers of the Empire or Valand. Don't...
  18. Gandamula

    Watch a 2015 Bannerlord 2 promotional video ...

    ... and compare that with the final product. What has happened in these five years, which has made the product delivered to be very much inferior?
  19. Gandamula

    Great hotfix, now my wife dies every single battle.

    I just have to reload the game but this issue, if is a issue, is a game breaker, I don't have a fief so my wife must be with me, but alive, if you don't mind TL.
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