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  1. Early Access Update

    Hi, I noticed this post has been released on steam but I can't find a post on the forum, so I thought I would post the link here for those who haven't seen the post on steam.
  2. OCE Servers all down?

    Hi, Are there more technical problems with the OCE servers? I logged on this morning to play duel with fellow clan members and it appears all of the OCE servers are now down.
  3. PSA Taleworlds are hosting a community event with the mount & blade subreddit Just wanted to let users here know since there seems to be no information on this forum about the first community event. Thanks Some insight/clarification from one of the reddit event...
  4. Is there any place we can view what the MP team is up to?

    Hi, I was wondering if there is a tracker or rough outline of what the MP devs are working on at the moment. Or any discussion from MP dev team anywhere? I understand wanting to keep things under wraps so as to not commit to anything, but I think it would be appreciated by MP players to have an...
  5. 10th Royal Marines Recruiting! Oceanic Regiment!

    The 10th Royal Marines are recruiting! We are a regiment based in Australia but accept any guys who wanna come play with us! We are a very relaxed regiment but we do take our line battles seriously. We currently sport two branches in our regiment, either Footguards and Grenadiers. The regiment...
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