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  1. Vietnam '65

    Just wanted to do a plug for this one: I have a particular interest in guerrilla warfare, and this is one of the few games to put a proper emphasis on intelligence gathering and logistics. Combat (and indeed all the mechanics) are very simple but it does the trick...
  2. Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 7 - Imperial Declines

    <p>Hi, all! For our seventh installment of the Bannerlord developer blogpost, we'd like to talk a little about our plans for factions, and how this fits into our evolving thinking about Mount&Blade as a sandbox game.</p></br> Read more at:
  3. Servers now updated to 1.158

    The servers should now be working for 1.158, the latest version of the game.
  4. Servers back up - but, it's still 1.153

    The website and the servers should be back up -- but the game still requires MB v 1.153. I will try to update that shortly.
  5. How could the game be more interesting to play SP?

    I realize that multiplayer games depend on a critical mass of players. I had thought to circumvent this by making the game interesting to play single-player as well, but obviously there's still a lot of work to be done I'd be curious to know what people think is most needed. It might be a case...
  6. Siege mission available

    I think I have the siege missions working on all servers. Players should be able to defend cities as a sponsored mission. Please let me know if there are any bugs!
  7. North American server may be down temporarily

    Cheers, all -- MarkMods is migrating the game to a faster server. This will hopefully lead to better performance, but will probably mean they will be down for 12 hours or so. This will affect one North American and one European server. I'm not sure exactly when this will happen. Thanks!
  8. Player caravan mission

    These are some thoughts on the caravan missions from Somebody from another thread. I'll try to address them tomorrow, and some of my own ideas on balance.
  9. History re-initialized

    I re-initialized the starting settings, as I'd wanted a clean start after fixing a few bugs. Player settings, fiefs, relationships etc should remain unchanged.
  10. Sieges and sea battles

    Some of you may remember the siege mode from 0.300. I'll put that back in once I'm satisfied testing it, and I'm also thinking of a way to work in the sea battles. Because these might not be to everyone's taste, they'll both be player-sponsored missions only. Both can be tested now if you host...
  11. Lagging on player battle

    Cheers -- this is going to be a little tricky to fix, because there's no obvious bug. It's simply a question of finding features that function but nonetheless takes a lot of CPU. I'm also in Egypt and lag spikes are fairly common, so it's tricky for me to sort out what is game-related, and what...
  12. 0.401 patch -- corrects some messages, no impact on gameplay This is a fairly small patch. Copy the files inside over presentations and scripts in the module file. It should give correct messages as to what caravan loot is lootable in player caravan mode, and should provide better indication of what...
  13. 0.400 is out (now 0.401)

    It's released...!5BExxbLL!c1svplWzyJ8vah_KXoobGx4YZiNFDFH6B4ZtdlJy6uY The strategic level has been changed from 0.300. Player development is in particular quite different. This will be my most ambitious...
  14. Player account switchover to 0.4000

    Hopefully I can switch over shortly. Two big changes: Renown is no longer a currency you spend, but a total that accumulates over time -- like experience points in many games. It gives you an income of influence, which you then spend Nobility, tribal, urban and commons levels are not bought...
  15. Modder looking for North American server recommendations to rent

    Cheers -- I'm looking for a recommendation from community members who have hosted a mod on a North American server. (I'm set for Europe.) I'm willing to pay standard rates for a 20-slot server. What I need most is a server where I can update my mod fairly regularly, and is quick to respond to...
  16. v 0.400 test version can be downloaded

    I'd welcome any feedback on the three game modes, playable if you host on your own computer. They are: Player caravan Player battle Fief defense The version number is 0.390. If you want to play in North Africa or Asia, set first team faction to the Caliphate, the Khanate, the Middle Kingdom...
  17. Back on the job

    Cheers to those following this -- I hadn't done any work for EoF since early Feb, as I was on assignment for my main job. But now I should be getting back to it.
  18. Field battle mode (for 0.400, upcoming)

    One thing I'd wanted to do is make field battles more interesting. I've added a new battle mode that appears on a server when a player takes a mission from an NPC (another upcoming feature) and agrees to lead a battle. As you can see above, each army is divided into units (10, in this case) of...
  19. 0.400 progress update, Jan10

    For those following development.... I'm still working on version 0.400, the object of which is to provide more RPG elements: personal fiefs, the opportunity to interact with NPC factions who can assign you tasks (aka missions or quests, etc) and ask you to use your influence on their behalf. I...
  20. Update: Nov 15

    Just an update... Player fief customization and fief defense are working pretty well, and I have maps for all of the 30 provinces that will be active in the next update. Some screenshots are in the last update thread. However, I'm thinking about delaying the update until I have fiefs better...
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