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  1. Discussion about cavalry balance and knock downs

    Bumps should be easier to make and shorter, rather than being so RNG
    Couching should be a bit more better since heavy cav is a bit not viable right now due to being able to only spawn once and having negligible benefits
  2. I thought cavalry would be the natural counter to archers.

    lol actually I think its the opposite
    archers hard counter cav while cav can kill inf that is engaged in melee

    cav vs archer 1v1 will almost always be archer victory
  3. When is TW going to fix blatant cheating?

    Uhh how is this cheating? As previous guy said, data is stored server side. Players don't have any obligation to change their configurations and developers should take that into account

    It's really just a simple update query for the devs.
  4. 1.5.3 RIP Horse archers

    Don't get me wrong, horse archers needed a slight nerf because yes they are annoying and when you don't have a good archer you will lose, but this is not the way of doing that. Making them more RNG is just a bad way of this. Instead of RNG, they should've nerfed the bow drawing and shooting speed and reverted the crazy 50 arrows buff from them.
    ye I guess I can agree on this. making the damage/shooting speed much slower might be better and allow other troops to actually have a good chance against them
  5. 1.5.3 More RNG less skill

    honestly I think its a good nerf. using ranged accurately while outmanoeuvring everyone else just isn't right. maybe javelins but whole bows and arrows shouldn't be able to be used properly with cav. its super annoying to deal with and op most of the time
  6. 1.5.3 RIP Horse archers

    I think its a good nerf. Horse archers are super annoying. One good horse archer player can destroy an entire skirmish team. I suggest buffing other khuzait units and keeping horse archers exactly where they are.
  7. More Restrictions On Skills For Classes

    Cav who don't take archery as their ability shouldn't be able to shoot Archers shouldn't be able to just mount horses and ride just like cav Inf shouldn't be able to pick up bow/arrows and mount horses I thought the whole point of a class system was discerning each class and its skill from...
  8. Release the Server Files

    Taleworlds: naaaaw
  9. Stop Raging At Clans For Playing In Groups - They Aren't The Problem

    Captain mode isn't that bad compared to skirmish, where clans have the advantage of coordination + raw skill with a huge learning curve.

    You can always split up and play against each other as the other poster mentioned. If you guys really didn't like pub stomping, then just queue directly. It may be frustrating but its much fairer competition (and fun imo)
  10. Why is TW still not allowing custom servers?

    Am I the only one who doubts the cooperation between TaleWorlds and Netease may cause the disable of custom servers function?

    Just my personal thoughts
    The reason is TaleWorlds is already cooperated with Netease to enter the Chinese market officially. But if enabled, the custom server may jam the process of getting online game selling access in China. (As a game which officially going marked in china should accept the local law) (Maybe NetEase asked they are the only one officially multiplayer service provider in China.) And they may already pay a giant amount of money for server exclusive
    Perhaps some professional players who know the Chinese gaming market can give us a clear explanation.
    If it is the reason, when the NetEase is formally running a local version in China, the custom servers may come back in the global version. There will be a single Chinese version for the Chinese market. And a global version for all players but china. And Chinese version may needs players to verify their real identity forcibly before entering the game.
    partnership with netease shouldn't affect international version (previous minecraft deals, etc)
    rip for china tho if there is a real partnership

    im in china right now and I can tell you that most people really hate these big gaming corporations. they are like parasites that really capitalizes upon the vanity of players to suck them try.
  11. Why is TW still not allowing custom servers?

    The fact is that there was a community mod during beta to host custom servers, which TaleWorlds actively patched.
    The thing is if you realese server files which are (or might be) unstable, everyone would demand quick fixes and updates for them aswell. And the tolerance for unstable servers wouldn't be as high as you guys might think. You guys are reading the forums, the most casual players don't.
    Also TW wouldn't have access to any server logs and during the development they want to gather as much informations about crashes etc. as they can get.
    And they would get 'even less' than right now.

    "We could send logs and crash reports to taleworlds"
    Yeah.. I bet :^) Everyone will do that for sure!

    "They can just autoupload our server logs"
    Sure thing, more traffic, every serverhoster would love to see this. Aside of that you would be in trouble with the law depending on the player region / server region.

    As much I would like to host my own server, I think it might hurt the general development right now.
    The argument "But we would have more players in general" is invalid in this case. Those players would still not play on official server nor use the matchmaking system.

    It's just not worth it as long as they cannot provide stable server files.

    You would btw. require working gamemodes to host: Siege, TDM, DM and at least Skirmish as gamemodes.
    But afaik Siege still crashes sometimes and Skirmish doesn't support teamdamage nor players spectating (but this might work in meanwhile, I don't know)
    Yes, but if we had server files, we can quite easily mod team damage/new game modes.

    I don't know why taleworlds is trying so hard to push competitive play/ranked matchmaking when its clear that the community doesn't really care. The mods and community servers made Warband MP fun. The competitive matches we had were mostly glitter, irrelevant for most who weren't really competing (most of the community)
  12. Why is TW still not allowing custom servers?

    I remember back in the beta days, there was a mod to host custom servers, which was patched up once EA was released. My question is, why? Why is taleworlds still forcing us to play on official servers with official balance? Why not allow the community to tweak it by themselves to their own...
  13. Disable Stacks for Now Except for Clan Battles/Allow Opt out

    Well partially I can agree and disagree with you, as Octavius said there are some people who want to create a clan for casual/ competitive goal while having 5 or less members fully active, also for clan match you need 6 people on the same clan, also that solution would kill the matches with mercenaries playing for other clans or also it would a little bit difficult for clans to make a match to check new recruits abilities in skirmish matches etc.

    As I know there is an Elo system, I can't tell personally how accurate and good it is cause I've experience sometimes balanced team or sometimes been matched with 5 casuals in team against 6 clan members (4 stack + 2 stack) and it felt 1v6 for me so it wasn't fun at all.

    I get it why you blame stacking match searching, but also people from clans want to play and practice together, for now it's impossible for them to do it other way cause there is no possibilities to create private servers for them to practice, so they end up by stacking to play in skirmishes.
    Even if someone would said that a stack can go to tdm to practice, that's unpractical and not even enjoying to play against 30+ casuals without teamhit/kill system not even mention that most of people play cav/archer class which make you less able to train the infantry combat 1h+shield.
    Playing in the Asia server, almost half of all matched games are against stacks. It’s a terrible experience to be matched against stacks, and honestly, pub stomping doesn’t feel very fun for me. I think one way is that only 6 stacks are allowed and they can only be matched against other 6 stacks.

    Another option might be allowing players to opt out of being matched with stacks. Give players the freedom to choose whether or not they want to play with stacks.
  14. Disable Stacks for Now Except for Clan Battles/Allow Opt out

    It woul be nice if stack size was dependend on skill. It is no problem if 4 casuals form a stack but if 4 pros build a stack its a confirmed win
    Honestly, even 4 casuals forming a stack would be most likely a win against pubs. They would coordinate better, and given that they play in a group, none of them are probably true "noobs". Individuals in stacks have, on average, much better skill than the average pub.
  15. Disable Stacks for Now Except for Clan Battles/Allow Opt out

    Currently, the M&B multiplayer population is extremely low. I agree, playing on the same team with friends can be fun, but it is ridiculously unfair against pubs, who are forced to fight against teams that are better coordinated and have better players compared to their own inferior team mates...
  16. Ping Issues, help if you have solutions!

    ehh there's not much you can do. Its probably due to poor peering. If you have the money/resources, you can setup a proxy server near you, use intranet to transport the data to another server near the game with lower ping, and finally deliver the data over to the game server. Its probably not feasible, but its commonly used in Asia in order to resolve latency issues.
  17. Please remove cavalry from skirmishes

    A big problem with cav is the relative low risk attached to attack an inf, when compared vice-versa.

    If the cav gets reared, it's difficult to get punished. There's a small opportunity window for inf and ranged to deal damage, plus the height and the stature of the horse blocking the rider makes it hard for inf to get a hit in. The inf rearing the cav can reliably punish the cav, if no one is around. But if it's a spear, you can only deal around 25-30 damage. That is nothing, compared to the cav that can do a stab or swing and deal 40+ after a double-tap W.

    The only good way for an inf to punish a cav is with a swingable 2h polearm:
    -It is long enough to have a chance of rearing the cav with a spear.
    -It can follow-up with an overhead/side swing, that can decently reach the cav and deal proper damage.

    However, 2h swingable polearms are scarce in the current perk system. Only the Empire (menavlion) and the Khuzait (glaive) have one, with the latter not even giving it to their infantry!

    As an inf, you can make at most 1 mistake, before you die to a cav. A cav can make 3, or 4. Allowing infantry to punish cavalry better will go a long way. And they already have their specialized tool for it: spears. They're just not up to par against them right now that is partly the cause for this discussion.

    I would like to disagree. Punishing cav with rearing is fairly easy as the window is pretty large. In addition, it takes quite a few stabs to kill infantry with cav, and infantry has the upper hand when going it up front
  18. Cavalry issues

    I think one thing that needs to be addressed is the difficulty in bumping. Compared to warband, it feels more difficult to control horses to maneuver quickly short range. When bumped, the effect is extremely significant but it’s very difficult when going up against someone with a little skill. One trade off I propose is making bumps easier but the full knocking away bumps harder/shorter.

    Anyways, I agree with what you are proposing. The damage for couched Lance is quite broken and rearing seems to be too easy in this patch
  19. Looking for Persistent Kingdom hosting

    I think you will have better luck searching on google for a reputable server host in Eastern Europe. You can try server hosts in Germany, such as Vultr, AWS, Hetzner, OVH, etc, they prob will have good enough ping for Eastern Europe. For scripts you can use PK.js, its on GitHub and has instructions on how to set up.
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