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  1. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Der Spielplatz für Erwachsene

    Willkommen zum Spielplatz. Leider ist Wellenbrecher Zigaretten kaufen gegangen und nicht wiedergekommen.
  2. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Dev Blog 05/12/19

    I feel like there is a misunderstanding. On the one hand, we do have events that can trigger a kingdom decision - such as the capturing of a settlement. More importantly, though, the weighed random selection is for clan leader evaluation (what type of decision do they evaluate how often) - which...
  3. Duh_TaleWorlds

    [MBMC] Mount & Blade Modding Contest [Q3][Scening] - [Sponsored by TaleWorlds]

    Great submissions everybody! I will make sure to share them on our slack :)
  4. Duh_TaleWorlds

    How forums members are invited?

    I am not saying this is how it works, but ...
  5. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Are my dreams coming true? BL beta

    Welcome back to the forums in that case :P Regarding your initial question, Callum will clarify these matters when the time is right.
  6. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Dev Blog 29/03/19

    Rank is solely dependent on time spent on the forums. You can be the highest rank without ever posting. Our second ranked Gheist is at 673 days and no posts.
  7. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Who deleted my beta application?

    You can find a list of your own posts in your profile. Your post was not deleted. It is located here:,382781.msg9095067.html#msg9095067
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    Dev Blog 14/03/19

    It should not be surprising that Dev Blogs serve to generate registrations and newcomer participation. Nothing suggests that these are alt accounts, so I would appreciate if you lot toned down claims to the contrary. If you have any credible evidence, feel free to hit the report button.
  9. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Dev Blog 07/03/19

    Moderation typically spots and gets rid of alts that behave antagonistically. Naturally, there are ways to delay the inevitable, but that would be a lot of effort for little return in this context.
  10. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Taleworlds won't be at E3, will be at Gamescom, matchmaking, blogs

    They are still in the works, but no final decision has been made on the date of release/migration. And just to clarify - I am (currently) not involved in the development of the website.
  11. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Taleworlds won't be at E3, will be at Gamescom, matchmaking, blogs

    At this point, my community task is primarily focused on working with the globals on structure and policy matters. Beyond that, I am looking at documentation and some development related tasks.
  12. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Dev Blog 28/02/19

    Most of the current rules have been established in ancient times and their enforcement is to a large degree up to the interpretation of our community volunteers. Just like in this case.  :P
  13. Duh_TaleWorlds

    "More realism equals better game" is FALLACY - Change my mind

    I don't think anyone is actually claiming what the title proposes. Most games are realistic to some degree because that synergizes with our experiences/knowledge of life. I.e. some level of realism helps our overall immersion and raises accessability ( :iamamoron:) because the gameplay makes...
  14. Duh_TaleWorlds

    How to join beta???

    Callum will let you know when the time is right.
  15. Duh_TaleWorlds

    How to join beta???

    There is currently no beta or early access. Welcome to the forums, nonetheless!
  16. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Upvote/Downvote System

    That is my argument so I am not sure whether you agree or disagree with it now. These decisions are up to moderation and to some degree the wider community. If you would like to advocate for generally more strict policy, you can always reach out to one of the globals or make the case in a...
  17. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Upvote/Downvote System

    Being shy or quiet or starting off with low investment does not make one an idiot. The idea that the lack of likes/dislikes acts as a bulwark against the inept/trolls (or is only of interest to them) seems baseless to me. If we do get to the other end of the spectrum (which is a bit of a luxury...
  18. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Upvote/Downvote System

    I don't think the platform will ever achieve a level of prominence that would make that level of manipulation likely, but I do see the risk of unhealthy dynamics in competitive environments and offtopic.