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  1. Danny5

    Upcoming Terrain System

    It's stupid **** like this that gets projects delayed or even canceled.
    Imagine the actual debate:
    Armagan: Guys, some people find our battle maps boring, what should we do?
    Not-Armagan: Nothing, we are late with things that we must do as it is!
    Armagan: No, wait, some guy suggested we could have zoomed in parts of the world map as battle maps! How cool is that?
    Not-Armagan: It's cool, but then we'll need a hundred or so handmade new maps, we can't possibly do this in time.
    Armagan: Okay, we are doing this, Callum, fire up that video editor right now!
    Not-Armagan: I quit.

    And they announce this one month before they were supposed to release (which gets postponed then).
    Sounds legit
  2. Danny5

    Best 2 Player Games

    Well bannerlord has board games, perhaps you can copy them in real life and they're 2 players as well lol
  3. Danny5

    Modding VS Development

    TW is appreciative of single-player mods. However, for unfathomable reasons they are blocking custom multiplayer servers until after full release, and have taken down a third party custom server. Allegations were made that the action resulted from injured pride. IDK if that's true or a misinterpretation of events/communications.
    Yea I noticed single player is the main focus for this game. Hmm I'll find it weird if that's the case but who knows. I would like custum servers with some mods in.
    PS IIRC the modded custom server relied heavily on the more open architecture of the closed multiplayer beta test version. An outdated version they have no intention of supporting.
    Hmm interesting
  4. Danny5

    Which 3 major features from Warband or Devblogs do you want the most in Bannerlord?

    I would love civil wars, I mean we see the 3 empires that are in civil wars??? Claimant in warband was great, I always did it, it was a good challenge.

    But I would love if all of these would be in game, with some improvements, added features and more options
  5. Danny5

    Modding VS Development

    I agree to all this! I understand that TW's has pristine and set goals, where as modern can make anything anytime.
    Because Taleworlds is too bloody proud. There are a myriad of examples clearly showing modders trying to fix certain things and implementing certain features quickly. Even downright offering to test certain aspects of the game, but getting shut down by Taleworlds. Taleworlds can't stand the idea of others gaining any kind of credit and there is tons of evidence in these forums to support this.
    Plus to top it off, Callum's political/diplomatic, tone deaf replies and approach to the communities problems with the game don't help much.

    If you're wondering what I'm talking about, ask some of the older disgruntled members of this community and they will show you links to certain posts etc.
    Not sure why they'll be proud, what should they be proud of?? I haven't seen anything that TW's doesn't like ideas from mods, nor have I seen any appreciation, which is sad, (unless if I missed it?). IF TW's doesn't like these ideas, why have modding then? Oh ik so that people can play the modded version of the game instead of base game. Just guessing.
  6. Danny5


    I think the reason why they haven't implemented banners yet is maybe they're working on a feature that can relate to banners??? But hey, at least we have a "mount & blade" game, minus the bannerlord part lol
  7. Danny5

    Recent Disasters

    Can't do rogury in these forums
  8. Danny5

    Modding VS Development

    Most game developers allow modders to improve their game because we gamers demand it. Modders do it for love and the craft, developers only do what they are paid to do.
    Yea true, would be great if they can work together!
    Modders can decide an idea would improve the game and go for it without needing any permission and without worrying about being compatible with any other upcoming changes. That's the advantage, they can just do what they want/can. TW has to get permission to do anything. If they worked with modders they would have to do work to make sure everything was compatible. I mean, there's always annoying bugs that take 2 months to fix in updates anyways, so it's not like anything could get worse , but whatever.

    TW I need the garrisons fixed, I can't deal with troops getting thrown out or recruits getting shoved in forever, it's just.... why play... why? Oh boy more useless fiefs I can't use because I can't control the garrison? Ruins the whole mid game on.
    Yea that's the thing, modders make the game great by adding these features, but I don't think I haven't seen it being implemented in the base game.
  9. Danny5

    Modding VS Development

    Hi guys, I have a quick question about modding. Now I am not a modder nor am I a game designer, don't know anything of these things. However, what I do know is, why are modders making the game soooo much better than the base game? Do modders have an advantage when modding the game? Why can't...
  10. Danny5

    1.6. when ?

    Not seeing anything about that in the list of changes. Duel mode is the big add in 1.6.
    Well they did said that they are working on combat, so maybe it'll be in the next patch, beta that is lol
  11. Danny5

    Are there any possibles that Minor Clans have their own hideouts/castle?

    TW would never do that because it's more work for them. But by god they'll give us the best sheep textures and barber features they can. :iamamoron:
    I'd kill to have PoP in the Bannerlord engine with these graphics. :neutral:
    PoP would be a mod instead. Having sheep textures are nice too, so detailed :razz:
  12. Danny5

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    They are probably following some long-winded release procedure that involves verification of fixed bugs, performance report and a new round of testing. So that would be mostly the QA team. Spreadsheets need to be updated and reports need to be filed.
    And butter need to be spread
  13. Danny5

    Has the men going up siege ladders been fixed?

    The ai are still used to using one ladder back in the warband days.
  14. Danny5

    Recruit minor factions troops.

    +1 to all suggestions
  15. Danny5

    Is there any development going on for MP?

    Custom servers will come once the game will be fully released or close
  16. Danny5

    Are there any possibles that Minor Clans have their own hideouts/castle?

    I wish minor factions were like prophecy of pendor, doing quest, gaining their relation up, recruiting troops, and gaining their armor and weapons.
  17. Danny5

    Matchmaking servers for OCE region

    Still waiting lol
  18. Danny5

    Goodbye Mexxico, Thanks For Everything! (Mexxico Leaves TW. Tribute Post)

    All the best for your future!!!! Can't wait to see what projects you'll create!
  19. Danny5

    Please add female troops back in bannerlord

    I would also like to see a minor faction base off sword sisters
  20. Danny5

    Reduce speed penalty for using shields

    Yes weight system was better
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