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  1. shadowarcher

    5 Nights at Freddy's

    Welcome to your new summer job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, where kids and parents alike come for entertainment and food as far as the eye can see! The main attraction is Freddy Fazbear, of course; and his two friends. They are animatronic robots, programmed to please the crowds! The robots'...
  2. shadowarcher

    Congrats on the Sub board!

    As the title says, congrats!  :D.
  3. shadowarcher

    BloodLust Vampire ShadowHunter

    A nice little game for all you vampire rpg enthusiasts. I only found out about this game when I was contacted by the lead dev to do a review on their game, and I have to say it is very reminiscent of Vampire the masquerade bloodlines in certain aspects. Its currently up on steam greenlight and...
  4. shadowarcher

    Server list bug

    For some odd reason the server list is only showing 15 servers instead of the usual 250. This problem started after I disconnected from a Persistent Frontier mod and has been very "persistent" in staying that way, even after verifying my game integrity (which confirmed that over 2000 files had...
  5. shadowarcher

    Blender Texture error

    I'm just going to cut to the chase with this one, basically I've started UV mapping my tank and well, I've encountered a problem that is confusing the heck out of me. As you can see that UV map is for the tank chassis, and yet when applied it is clearly not applying itself to the chassis...
  6. shadowarcher

    Is this decent?

    I've been using my office built laptop for 5 years now and i'm looking to buy a decent gaming desktop for a reasonable price. I did some research and came across this computer: Chillblast Fusion Elixir It's at a reasonable price of £600 but what i'm concerned about is if the graphics card and...
  7. shadowarcher

    World War 1: Warfronts

    Game Information World war 1 Warfronts is an fps indie game that is being developed by an old sod with too much free time on his hands. World War 1: Warfronts is set during 1914-1918 and takes an alternate history path with tanks, semi auto rifles and LMG's being invented during the 1880's. The...
  8. shadowarcher

    Stretched texture on sphere[Wings 3d]

    This is driving me nuts and i really need to get this done as its for college. I've marked the sphere and unfolded via sphere map only for the temp texture to be very stretched on the northern and southern hemisphere and the equator to be compressed. Pictures tell things better than words so...
  9. shadowarcher

    Very low FPS on medium-large maps

    I'm finding myself constantly looking at the floor just to get a stable FPS rate, the moment i look up it drops massively to somewhere between 8-12 fps on medium sized maps and 2-5 fps on large maps. I have my settings on the lowest i can go and i'm using DX7, i only have this problem on maps...
  10. shadowarcher

    Napoleonic Warfare: European Battlegrounds

    Hello and welcome to RedSand Studios latest creation, this started off as a simple paper based board game for our college project and we decided that it was such a good game that we'd turn it into an indie pc game. We've worked out a pretty basic system for the mechanics which involves a...
  11. shadowarcher

    Ammunition types

    Would it be possible to include different ammunition types for the musket?, i know cannons have this feature so i figured why not with muskets, it would make engagements twice as challenging. The most standard ammunition type for a musket was a simple lead ball and sometimes a musket was loaded...
  12. shadowarcher

    Bug report thread

    I noticed that there is no bug report thread for this mod(both multi and single player) so im going to create this to allow you to post any bug reports you discover during game play. It would be awesome if a moderator could sticky this.
  13. shadowarcher

    73rd Perthshire Highlanders - RECRUITING -

    Teamspeak: Description The 73rd Perthshire Highlanders are a newly formed regiment under the command of colonel Derpy, it employs strict discipline and advanced tactics to defeat the enemy, we are mainly line infantry. We are very disciplined when it comes to facing an...
  14. shadowarcher

    28th North Gloucestershire Rifles

  15. shadowarcher

    [Group]Union of Steel (DEAD)

    Dead move along.
  16. shadowarcher

    MOVED: Life of Anderhil - Mount and Blade AAR

    This topic has been moved to The Duck & Spackle Tavern.
  17. shadowarcher

    Polish Commonwealth storyline help needed

    I'm gonna keep this nice and short, basically i need to get the support of three polish lords in order to be accepted back into the Polish Commonwealth,i've already got the support of one lord(kidnapped girl quest) but i need help with the other 2. One of them wants his horse back and i've...
  18. shadowarcher

    Unofficial Regiment list

    New regiment list has been made making this obsolete.
  19. shadowarcher

    Need help with Muscovite storyline

    I'm stuck and i need help, i need to deliver a girl to the king of sweden and i was told that she is in Novgorod, the trouble is that i own Novgorod and i can't find her anywhere(apparently i need to talk to the prison chief to find her but i can't find him either). I've been stuck on this part...
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