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  1. Slawtering

    Since when has this been a thing?

    Haven't really been active in the community or game in a while so bare with me but I went onto Warband today and found a server where you could purchase in-game money and levels with IRL money. Since how long has this been a thing, I've always thought this kinda thing was looked down upon in...
  2. Slawtering

    Acquiring a new graphics card

    I was thinking of getting a new graphics card since my old 560 Ti feels rather sluggish sometimes and the thought hit me. What's the point in getting the more expensive version of the same/similar card (Lets take nVidia GeForce GTX 760 for example) that just has a higher clock speed. Surely you...
  3. Slawtering

    Keyboard + Headset

    Hello guys and gals, I've decided to post here to see what feedback I could get on various different Keyboards and headsets you own or have owned. Or if you think that the two I have picked are good. Keyboard: My current keyboard is a hp ku-0133: I am looking for keyboard that for either how...
  4. Slawtering

    Brianna from Barlborough

    Well you never think your going to be a victim of it but there I was a meagre 24 hours ago minding my own buisness when it began. Strange happening came about my computer to the point where yesterday i was shutting down a random pop up (which I never get) when Windows defender, Sophos...
  5. Slawtering

    Odd Job(s)

    Well im back again about my pc. So since I last went on about it a couple of month (probably a bit more) ago I have bought multiple items for my pc. Problem is I owe my dad £15 (down from £30) and im not sure what to get for my HDD and PSU. Now I know both of them have to be pretty darned good...
  6. Slawtering

    Doing up a car

    Well for last 2 and a bit years I've wanted to do up a mini ( Italian job austin mk1). Now I've thought I'm not just limited to a mini and I quite fancy maybe doing something else. I've been looking at MG Mgb GT (don't wanna do a convertible) and I've been looking all over this wondrous thing...
  7. Slawtering

    Making a pc

    Well I've had the last straw with this PC to put it bluntly it is ****: And I want to upgrade it to this: Which I (possibly someone else) is going to build. So basically I need to know is A) Will it all work together. B) Is the Sound Card needed? (7.1 sound in Mobo) C) Any tips/extra...
  8. Slawtering

    [Clan][Mainly EU] Ozuru [RP] [Old Members join for old ranks back!!!]

    Yes Yes im here again you just cant get rid of me ( and Yes I copied from RHBTC post ;)) History of the Clan Rules Of The Clan Banner:                                                                                       The Rank System The Roster Specialisations Application to Join
  9. Slawtering

    SAS - Special Air Service - Starting Clan Again - Recruit Trial Run Open!

    WELCOME ALL! I present, not only the most famous Special forces in the world but also *drum roll*..... my new clan!                                                                                                               Please use an actualy name (doesn't (infact its best not to) use...
  10. Slawtering

    Man Arrested after ejaculating during a pat-down (frisk) Il let you lot have a look at this a bit further in the link above though I must admit when I got frisked by that sexy blonde I don't think it got that bad. Found it after looking at other...
  11. Slawtering


    I know this may sound weird but i thought that since windows 7 is coming out and theres multi touch option with it i thought it would be good because there would be no preselected attacks all the attacks would be controlled by your hands meaning it may be impossible to anticipate but also more...
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