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  1. Bubs

    [NA WWC1] Season II - Some other time:)

    Info panel       Tournament sponsor:             SimRai Servers Booking topic                                   Link to the Rules Topic Link to admin mod: WWC Admin Mod Deadline for roster submission is: to be added Link to Credits & Sponsor topic Link to WWC discussions topic Link to SR...
  2. Bubs

    [WWC] Match Predictions

    It's exactly what the topic says... PREDICT THE OUTCOME OF THE MATCHES! :][
  3. Bubs

    WFaS World Cup Update

    Hey guys, Bubs here. I know many of you have been very anxious since the initial announcement of the WFaS World Cup, but I'm not sure if we'll be going through with it. While it was a nice idea, and something that could have revived the community, it just doesn't seem realistic at this point...
  4. Bubs

    Best NA WFaS Player Poll

    Please forgive me if I left anyone out. There's so many amazing players that it would have taken me forever to actually put everyone names in. I think I'll begin to do weekly top player polls for the NA players. EU guys feel free to hop on NA_Battle_of_the_Bastards and maybe you too can make the...
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