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  1. Rafalongo

    Resolved troops disappeared from my garrison

    100 imperial infantryman disappeared from my garrison and peasants appeared, who I never hired.
  2. Rafalongo

    Need More Info troop count changed

    the number of the armies are upside down. I have seen this bug several times.
  3. Rafalongo

    maritime trade/battles

    Wouldn't it be great if there is maritime trade and port cities were more prosperous? these islands would be a good refuge for pirates :D will they implement sea battles?
  4. Rafalongo

    how open scene

    do you know how open a scene with the developer console?
  5. Rafalongo

    the new grass

    I'm playing the beta 1.2.0, and the new grass is so weird...
  6. Rafalongo

    More of this please.

    More plumes like these, long bristles dancing in the wind. This (that is the best) only has that helmet, which has a protection of only 28
  7. Rafalongo

    Unresolved Lvl bug

    I finish a battle and I have +3 up on riding lvl, in the next fight I up +1 and I have lvl 45... Beta 1.2.0
  8. Rafalongo

    Tip for random faces

    assuming that random faces are achieved in the same way as in warband, If the purpose is to avoid too pronounced facial features, it could be achieved in this way, obtaining good results: instead of doing this: getting this: (all very similar) Thanks.
  9. Rafalongo

    law of minimum effort

    From what I see they have removed the feature that by sending troops to fight, they level up much easier. This is good, by law of the minimum effort (in addition to that the result was not even the same but better), I was avoiding too many fights, which takes away his main fun from the game...
  10. Rafalongo


    The faces used to have a characteristic style, they had personality, each npc was different. Now they are all the same ****.
  11. Rafalongo

    Whistle to the horse

    It would be great if there is a riding perk that makes pressing the H key make your character whistle and your horse get closer
  12. Rafalongo

    Trees and rocks bug

    there are trees and rocks in battle scenarios without hitbox
  13. Rafalongo

    Relation with king

    Rhagaea is my queen and I always help her, I assist and I do things for the kingdom. But I come to find out that I am heading her list of enemies, no less than with relation of -76 ...
  14. Rafalongo

    Maybe a bug

    for some reason my game starts buffered at 30 fps and with the image weird... I have it set to 60. I press the button to go to the desktop and when I come back it fixes and returns to 60 fps and good graphics.
  15. Rafalongo

    where are the hired killers?

    Where are the hired killers ambushing you when entering a city or village? I hope they add it. we need more action in the cities, street fights !!
  16. Rafalongo

    Help with mountain bandits.

    - You have 20 minutes to defeat 8 groups of bandits, but not just any group, those specifically marked that may not even exist. - I killed 7 ... - You are useless, -5 relationship with you and no money.
  17. Rafalongo

    missing armor

    where are all the armor? I don't see all the variations they use in the empire and not even the full horse armor, is only half sacle barding.
  18. Rafalongo

    One handed/two handed bug

    I use a sword for two hands and one hand at the same time. I wanted to use it with a shield during a siege, the problem was that when keeping the shield, I kept using the Sword with one hand instead of using both. That. Thank you.
  19. Rafalongo

    Shoulders and capes should have a different slot

    I love my imperial lamellar shoulders, but I want to have a cape for aesthetic reasons :(
  20. Rafalongo

    Log screen

    It would be good to implement a log screen as the warband had, to see the log of all the messages that appear. It is done in lack.
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