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  1. Deadh34d

    Pack animals slowing party?

    Do pack animals slow your party in 1.5.5, or has it been this way for a while and I just haven't noticed? I just bought a bunch of mules and Sumpter horses (they were 24 gold a pop, and selling for over 100 nearby), and my speed plummeted from 4.5 to 1.1, and selling them brought it back up...
  2. Deadh34d

    I recorded a song inspired by Bannerlord

    Not gonna lie, this is straight up self-promotion, but I gotta get some listens somehow. Made an instrumental track that was inspired by Bannerlord (and just stereotypical "medieval"/Gaelic music in general, plus a little bit of the Sword), you can find it here. Hope somebody enjoys it.
  3. Deadh34d

    e1.1.0 crash when entering city areas

    Anybody else getting a crash in e1.1.0 when entering the city scene? Clicking an NPC portrait and selecting "Talk" from the city menu and/or entering the city by clicking the "Take a Walk Around" option both result in a crash for me every time.
  4. Deadh34d

    Independent clan leaders should be able to form an army without being a kingdom

    If I create multiple parties within my clan, I should be able to order my clan's parties to form an army (or at the very least follow me and engage in any combat I'm involved in) without having to be a kingdom. I'm trying to capture my first castle to progress the story. I have 105 troops, and...
  5. Deadh34d

    Need to clear a hideout full of archers for a mission

    Any advice? I'm getting ****ing stomped. My nine guys against thirty-three archers is... brutal.
  6. Deadh34d

    Do mercenary contracts ever end?

    Will my contract ever run out, or do I just have to accept that Battania is going to hate me for leaving? I'm not a vassal, just a company for hire. I'd like to strike out on my own, but I've been with Battania for so long now, I'd rather not lose any reputation I've earned with them.
  7. Deadh34d

    Civilian/In-Town Clothing

    I'd like to see more options for in-town clothing. I keep finding gear I really like the aesthetic of, but is inferior to my armor/combat gear, and can't be equipped in my in-town set. Obviously this isn't a huge or important suggestion, but it is something I wouldn't mind seeing at some point...
  8. Deadh34d

    These new sieges are awesome

    Just did my first siege; I feel like "epic" is actually an accurate description. Anybody else feel like these are a huge step forward from Warband?
  9. Deadh34d

    Can we get a megathread for Discord servers or something?

    I've seen three different threads this morning plugging some A M A Z I N G server with D E V E L O P E R P R E S E N C E. These threads are going to get old super quick.
  10. Deadh34d

    Poacher Army quest crash

    I took this Poacher Army quest. When leaving Car Banseth, selecting Tor Leiad, and setting the speed to "fast" (using the "3" key), the game freezes and then crashes. Crash is reproducible.
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