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  1. saucefar

    Thoughts on the state of Bannerlord, as of 1.6.0

    The game has little or no soul, there is a lot of things going on but all of them is too shallow mostly because of the lack of diplomacy, intrigue and other gameplay aspects that give the game depth and was present in previous games like Warband.

    In Warband trying to walk before you can crawl as a ruler other rulers would approach you and remind you of your pityful rule, in Bannerlord you can take over the entire (tiny) map and nobody would utter a word about it, hence no soul.

    Your actions does not reflect on the world as much as they did in previous games, helping lords and ladies and so on.

    There's no right to rule or anything to prevent you from owning a kingdom other than the ai's constant snowballing which they still haven't fixed.

    If you are taken captive and are released they can immediately take you captive again and this includes other lords nearby too which means you can be trapped in a captivity loop for a very long time, this is all to do with no captivity cooldown being in place.

    It's still far too easy to make money, people whine about trading here but trading was not easy to do in Warband, in Bannerlord i can make a million in less than a hours playtime just trading and selling equipment, i take all the animal perks and also equipment perk.

    Always buy goods from villages, i mainly trade animals later on and take the perks for it, animals has no trade rumours but you can make them yourself simply by writing down costs in a notepad, then when you move to another town you sell if there's profit and write down the updated cost after you traded and just rinse and repeat. Never buy anything for profit in towns as the prices there rapidly increase based on supply on demand.
  2. saucefar

    We're still waiting for the equivalent of right to rule.

    The player kingdom does involve a lot of paying kingdoms to leave you alone - which they accept - and so it becomes trivially easy so long as you have deep pockets. Some sort of mechanic that makes the AI factions consider more than money in diplomacy with the player, if not also each other, would be good.

    Don't really think right to rule (as it was implemented in WB, at least) is the right system, though - RtR was something you could farm up in advance, if you cared to, and bypass the system entirely. Something as simple as making the AI see your faction's weakness (one to few clans, etc) as easy territory and refusing peace so long as they think they can take it (eg, not currently busy with a bunch of other wars) might be plenty.

    It wasn't difficult to surpass, but it was a stone in your shoe that delayed your rise to power, Bannerlord need just that, it needs some word being shouted in your face and some battles before you can be declared a rightful ruler, there's nothing standing in your way in the current version.

    The base game lacks gameplay mechanics such as RtR.
  3. saucefar

    What Features Do You Want to See?

    Right to Rule, i loved that feature in Warband, even though it wasn't that difficult to raise through your companions, it was a stone in your shoe that prevented you to rise to power too soon, in Bannerlord there's no such thing, you can take over the entire thing without a word being said.

    I guess you can call RtR politics and that is what this game need right now, it needs more soul.

    Increase relationship with lords and ladies when you fight with them or rescue them in battle, another Warband feature that i sorely miss.

    Different successions for each kingdom rather than having all in the game following the same, it's too simple.

    War attrition, from fight but also from traveling into enemy terrority to make strategic positions on the map count, Sturgia for example would be a lot better off if the Empire and Khuzait had attrition from traveling through their snowy landscape, important stuff.

    The base game is still lacking in terms of gameplay mechanics, if they focus on console too much i know where this game will end up, in the garbage bin unfortunately.
  4. saucefar

    We're still waiting for the equivalent of right to rule.

    i would afriad such feature would be way too complicated for console

    if you really wants it you can always mod it yourself
    If console is stopping this game from greatness than perhaps it's best to scrap the idea of making money there.

    Mount & Blade is after all a pc franchise primarily and that's what it should focus on.

    There is no reason to mod anything in that has been part of the previous games, they will do it it's just a question of when.
  5. saucefar

    We're still waiting for the equivalent of right to rule.

    If you are a real fan you would know that "right to rule" was a thing in Warband and previous games, it's straight forward mechanic as it says it gives you right to rule your kingdom. What would happen if you tried to rule before sending your companions out to increase this stat is that other...
  6. saucefar

    Making console port instead of improving EA on PC. Why is it worthless.

    Learn to play with a mouse and keyboard, it's far superior and more sophisticated to any gamepad today.

    Also they should really scrap the idea of making a console port for whiny fools like yourself and just stick with the platform the franchise was made on.

    101 keys on my keyboard, but now when i use shift, ctrl or alt i have a lot more than that, it never sweats in your hands, no discomfort if you position it accordingly to your hands.

    I've played on pc for 30 years and sometimes 15 hours a day and i have never gotten to a point where any parts of my body hurt, some people have issues with wrist or mouse arms, that's usually caused by themselves and their position, being too high up or low compared to the desk is bad for you, you should be able to stretch out your arm and more or less line up with the desk while sitting straight.

    The second issue can be a mouse too small or too large for one's hand, it's very important to get one that feels comfortable using.
  7. saucefar

    [bug fix request] Custom banner code is crashing the game in 1.6 beta

    It's not the mods that's crashing the game but the Banner Code itself in 1.6.0 beta, the bug in Bannerlord is caused by banners with multiple icon layers that then crash when you enter trading in any town and try to trade something. I know custom banners was taken out but us who make banner...
  8. saucefar

    An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    First off you're comparing an early access game to a release copy like Warband, Bannerlord is a way more complex and newer game which requires more time and that is why i believe they went with EA. Nobody asked you to start doing TC mods at the start of early access, the game is not ready for that at all and further changes to the code may severely delay your work as the game progress further.

    I never believed in EA and this post further confirm why that is, people don't know how to handle it and start acting like they're entitled to answers, it would have been better to keep working on it and release it when it's ready.

    I am really surprised the developers responded to this with the 1.6.0 patch when this is clearly not their fault, Bannerlord still have several more years before it's complete, please give me an example of any other game of this size that allow you to fully mod it early on that would be the reason behind your unreasonable claims.

    If people are not spoonfed with information they start bashing the game, impatience like that is the reason gaming is what it is today, a pile of garbage where Mount & Blade is the only exception.

    While mods certainly important for the game's future they are in no way required to add support for it at the start of early access, this is no secret to anyone...hopefully.
  9. saucefar

    The AI just spams attacks.

    I had to revive this just for the sheer amount of sheeps who call attack spams a challenge, sure warband had the same system but i'm sorry to say it's not a very good one at that. The ai needs stamina depletion so they can't spam attacks like that, otherwise challenge goes to foolishness with not an inch of tactics in battle.

    When stamina depletion is implemented then you make direct hits much more lethal so the game punish you for missing or leaving your defense open.

    I know Taleworlds is fully aware of it as they changed combat ai from realistic to challenging, sure you can say its a challenge but not in any good way, and if you consider shield bash as a solid tactic which is simply another spammed button then i can say with confidence that you know nothing of challenge.

    I use realistic battles, collision so the blade bounce off the armor and not ghost through you and then a ai overhaul, so be careful before you say it's not possible to do.
  10. saucefar

    Does anyone suffer from high temperatures while playing this game?

    My 1060GTX 6gb sits on 63 in a battle with 1k in ultra, my cpu has been running hot lately, idle its 40 and in a 1k battle it goes up to 50-60, only 60 after 10+ hours or more.

    I need to reapply my paste on my AIO, it's been 5 years.
  11. saucefar

    Show your banner


    Found it further up, thanks for your work.
  12. saucefar

    What hardware components do I need to upgraded to make bannerlord run smoother?

    I found out that the game is very heavy on the pagefile.
    had awful performance while still having the game on SSD, but when i moved windows pagefile to SSD as well then it got butter smooth.

    It needs to be on the system drive, mine is 16gb as it is now, the only game that has ever used 16gb was Ark, i don't need to tell you that it is one of the worst running games throughout gaming history.
  13. saucefar

    What hardware components do I need to upgraded to make bannerlord run smoother?

    A 1060GTX 6gb and a 3 series cpu with 16gb ram runs this game to its full potential, after all the memory leaks fixes i have done 1k battles, i have zero lag anymore.

    My ssd is some old sata ssd, be careful what you buy and don't trust benchmarks or any other site that blows smoke up your arse with fake hardware reviews. Trust your own intuition only, even system requirements for this game i would exclude.

    I ran this game for 18 hours straight while i slept last night just to test the strain it put on my hardware, my cpu was at 60c, and gpu 63c, i have no case fans or water cooling other than a crappy AIO on my cpu 120mm.

    So yes the game does not not need a 9 series cpu to run stable below 100%, mine is around 85% in full load maxed out 1k battlesize after all the fixes. Again there is so many sources that try to steal your money by pushing you into their deals, don't trust anything or anyone online when buying hardware.

    For aa i run it through inspector and vsync, just becaust most games fail at handling it well.
  14. saucefar

    Caravans should be safe income source or not?

    With the recent nerf to caravans I feel there is no value in them at all. You pay a lot of $ to start the caravan, I had one after 1 week of negative $ it was attacked and I lost the caravan and companion shows up in a tavern to be recruited back into party. I should not have to pay another 15K to form another caravan.

    I agree with you there, it makes Caravans rather redundant, 30 was a bit too much of a nerf, 50 would have been a better number for caravans to avoid special bandits.
  15. saucefar

    Formation system need a rework: infantry just can't fight properly

    I can report that Vlandian sergeants hold up their wall nicely, i had 100 of them fully upgraded in a shield wall and no cavalry got through.

    But as for the rest of the units, i agree.
  16. saucefar

    Please nerf archers one way or another.

    It depends on what archers you use as they vary a lot. it's the infantry that needs some heavy love, Khuzait need their strong archers as it is their speciality.
  17. saucefar

    Sturgia worst performing faction, due to having the worst Troop tree, Liege AI, Economy and Geography.

    Sturgia is the worst of the bunch, all i can do is recommend that you use the mod that fixes the stats for them.
  18. saucefar

    Why is there no plate exactly ?

    "Weapons, armor, clothes and architecture should date from around 600 to 1100 AD, rather than the 13th century."

    This explains why there is no plate thanks, i'm hoping for a expansion with a completely new game like Viking Conquest for the Ottoman Empire, i couldn't think of any other time period i want in my game more.
  19. saucefar

    Which factions are the strongest and weakest in your game?

    Yeah empire shouldn't be that weak either having their economies, so something is needed to be done there to set them ahead of the rest.

    And's just a sad mess.
  20. saucefar

    New factions!

    Well- TW calls them 'expansions' but to me they have relatively little add-on mechanics so I will say 'culture packs' but either way the point is just adding a single Asian culture would be missing out on a lot of things but adding a blend of cultures with Song crossbowmen, Japanese samurai, Mongolian Lancers, etc feels weird.

    You haven't played Viking Conquest then, if you call that dlc which is a completely new game, i would like to see what you expect of them.
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