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  1. Can't get VASSALS into my kingdom (with quest)

    Thank You guys very much it worked when i deleted Unlimited Companions and Parties mod :smile: Thanks very much
  2. Can't get VASSALS into my kingdom (with quest)

    How are your relations with them? It is been a long time since I last player but I believe the gold increases when they do not want to join you / do not like you / you are not strong enough.

    I am pretty sure some of the people who have actually seen the code can give a better advise.
    I got friend relation with 35 lords, most of them are 30 to 60 relation. I have 1.7 mln gold and about my kingdom strenght - now its 2.8k while southern empire has 2.5k so i am stronger.
  3. Can't get VASSALS into my kingdom (with quest)

    Hello everyone i got this little (its huge and its start to piss me off) problemo. My clan level is 6, I was a mercenary for 2 kingdoms of calradia Southern and Northern. Got many good relation with lords 35 of them are my "friends". My character got 3 good traits Generosity +1, Honor +1 and...
  4. Patch Notes e1.4.1

    My game won't run in singleplayer, when loading its just crashing.
  5. Can't load 1.09 save?

    Its repaired now :smile:
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