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  1. ''rant'' about realistic difficulty.

    Realistic in the sense of you and your allies not cheating by taking less damage, not realistic in the sense of the game being realistic in general (armour, AI and so on).

    I think the naming of those settings are fine for what they do, armour and other balancing needing more work is another discussion.
  2. A few "points" on why combat(armour) is more satisfying when using realistic combat mod compared to vanilla

    RBM has become one of my mandatory mods, it really makes the game that much better paced.

    However one issue I still have is that with RBM there is no good niche for lightly armoured troops, you basically just want elite units with heavy armour. The heavy armour doesn't slow down or tire units enough that lightly armoured troops can kite or outmaneuver them which should be the natural answer to them.

    I miss the stamina system from Brytenwalda. I hope in the future there will be some kind of fatigue system and more impactful weight penalties that makes sure both heavy and light armour has tactical niches on the battlefield.

    Just in general I think a lot needs to be done about how different units have their optimal use so the endgame of combat is not just "get the strongest units and they beat everything."

    I also think party size should be limited by unit value rather than numbers, make the player choose between numbers or quality. It would give us incentive to use lower tier troops and make the question of "best" unit more complex, so some factions might have really cost effective low tier units while another has better elites and you'd be motivated to design your army around that.
  3. Iron man mode

    Fair enough. I'd much rather have hard options and be able to save normally.
    Ironman mode in bannerlord ads absolutely nothing of value and is a complete waste of effort to put it into the game.
    Oh wow when the game craps it's self with it's bad AI and unfinished place holder mechanics instead of reloading the save I have to click an X and start the game again WOW WHAT A GREAT NEW FEATURE TY SO MUCH!
    Well, some people like the option and you don't have to use it.

    Now I agree that the game is still a bit too buggy for ironman to work well, but in general I love playing most games on ironman. For example in xcom2 I'd often get tempted to reload a save on failed missions and this actually makes you miss some of the best content in that game which is rescuing captured agents and so on. Only after trying ironman did I start to really appreciate the game. Lots of games are like that. I imagine that later down the line ironman will make a lot of sense in Bannerlord too, especially if getting captured and escaping is a more fleshed out experience

    Also keep in mind that the difficulty in Bannerlord is balanced around sometimes losing battles and being forced to retreat or getting captured, if you reload lost battles and other setbacks that might be why you feel the game is too easy.
  4. Iron man mode

    Iron Man mode should be more challenging for players.

    Bandits - more in party, stronger opponents, more spawns, more aggressive, perhaps raid villages?

    Enemy Vassels - aggressive, often no mercy, stronger etc.

    Weather effects - affects the world map, affects everyone's skills, random weather events, (sandstorms - your party got lost in the sandstorm - lose 10 men, for example)

    Random events - players would come across random events that players would sometimes need to make a decision, for example, you come across a group of bandits that are demanding a toll to enter their territory, either pay or fight (your money or your life). Of course the price would be high. Or no choice events, players don't have a choice, since it just happened, for example, your party were affected by a plague - lose 10 men

    These are some of things that I just thought, but I'm sure there are more. Shall we discuss more ideas?
    Ironman is a well established concept in games, and it simply means turning off save scumming.

    No it should not come with inherent difficulty increases (apart from the difficulty of not being able to savescum), because players might want to play ironman games on whatever difficulty they choose. If you want a higher difficulty than the hardest you should simply ask for harder difficulty settings.
  5. An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    Just chiming in that this is an important issue and resolving it should be a priority.

    I don't think there is any bad intentions here, but it still needs to be fixed asap.

    Mods are what makes the game worth playing, and that's fine. The same is true for warband. Just make life easy for the modders so they can fulfill the potential of the engine. Thanks.
  6. POLL: DLCs from Taleworlds

    If it's done the Viking Conquest way, as a cooperation with one of the best mod teams, I would probably love it and buy it the moment I see it.

    If it's done as a way to cash grab for features that should have been in the base game, especially if it's combined with continued lack of mod support, then hell no.
  7. Am I the only one that likes the smithing aspect of the game?

    I like the interface and design system with different parts.

    But I don't like the way the player is the smith and has to grind parts, it just makes no sense.

    I also don't like how copies of smithed items show up in stores, but I expect that's not intended and will be fixed.

    I'd prefer it if the system was going to the local smith and telling him to craft a weapon, the more fancy the longer time it would take for him to complete and the more gold it would cost.

    Higher tier parts could for example be unlocked based on status related things, such as clan tier, fiefs, influence and being a vassal or king.

    Maybe certain parts would only be obtainable through quests? Like the roman sword in brytenwalda, but instead it's the blade or holt from some legendary sword?

    Something like that would be a huge improvement imo, it just doesn't make any sense that you as an adventurer or warlord would just walk into someone else's smithy and craft a fancy sword by yourself, even if you know how to do it.
  8. Combat and Mounted combat feels clunky and weird

    I like that it's a bit more difficult than in warband, mounted vs infantry was definitley too overpowered and exploitable in single player warband.

    But I agree it feels clunky and should be made more smooth and intuitive.
  9. What do u think is missing for this game to have a soul?

    It's pretty hard to answer given that the game is clearly not finished and is missing both some of the planned basic features and a lot of the fluff. Now I actually think it's fair for adrakken to point out that warband was also very barebones at release, and bannerlord will probably be as well.

    I do hope the vanilla experience ends up being fun though, it's a sequel and it should have more content and features at release than it's predecessor.

    Now the good news is that by the looks of it this client and engine will be even more mod friendly than warband was, and there is already tons of mods despite the tools not being out yet. You can actually already improve the gameplay quite a bit with mods, it's just a bit annoying to try and do that when patches are still changing things enough to break mods left and right as the game updates, but I think that as the game becomes more stable we'll get more and more ambitious mods to flesh the game out even long before release.

    Some things are worrying that may be a bit tricky to completely fix with mods, primarily the battle AI is very bad. I'm sure there will be battle AI mods as well at some point but I do think it's important to have a competent battle AI in vanilla too. I'm also disappointed that the battlefield control UI is still as clunky and blunt as it was in warband. We should be able to control our units much more fluidly and with more advanced tactics, and it wouldn't hurt to have some kind of RTS view and control alternative for those who prefer to focus on the strategy rather than the first person combat.

    The game certainly isn't very fun yet.
  10. Sturgian Hardened Brigand/ Sturgian horse Raider useless?

    Javelins are very strong in general, so there's that.

    There is definitely a problem with the AI being bad at using swords and other short weapons effectively from horseback though, so that makes them worse than they should be. Cavalry with spears or lances are definitely better in melee right now even against other cav. Ideally this gets fixed and mounted skirmishers get a stronger niche for countering other kinds of cavalry, they feel designed to take down horse archers, with a shield to catch arrows, javelins to kill the horse and a good sword for the melee fight, which is a great set of gear as a player to attack horse archers, but I'm not sure it's currently working as well for the AI as it should in theory.

    From a power gaming perspective It's also a little hard to justify anything but high tier archers and horse archers in campaign right now given that you can just set them up in a line and mow down pretty much unlimited enemy troops that way with almost no casualties. Hopefully we'll see both better weapon balance and the AI being able to play better against archers down the line, so that a varied mix of troops isn't just motivated by role playing but actually becomes a good strategy. But right now nothing really compares to archer spam in strength.
  11. Taleworlds, where is the Transparency & Communication? :(

    I actually feel both the communication and development pace feels pretty good, especially for being in the middle of a pandemic. Working from home tends to make the workflow a little more ad hoc, so I can't really blame them if they do things a bit as they come right now. The patch notes themselves tell us a lot and a couple of the devs answers in the forum now and then. Of course it could be better but I'm not gonna complain at this point.
  12. SP Other Naked Females

    Best to keep their underwear. Male looks bad without ... 🤭 (This is also the reason why I'm only providing naked females.)
    Fair enough, I suppose someone will mod nakedness with actual model replacements for those parts at some time.
  13. SP Native Realistic Weapon Collision. V1.5 Update

    Does this work with the beta?
  14. SP Other Naked Females

    Awesome, I would love for it to make both males and females naked though.
  15. Do u like random companion generation?

    Not really, but I could see a combination of carefully crafted companions and genreated ones working well. I assume you can mod in precreated compainons at least?
  16. Thank you TaleWorlds

    Yeah I agree, the game looks promising and the patching has been great so far. If the pace is kept up it will be a great game in the end.
  17. Losing entire armies in one battle needs to be changed

    Yeah, an entire section of archers ignoring the advancing infantry to target a single horseman behind your lines is utterly retarded
    This. We need a way to tell our units which enemy formation to attack/prioritize.
  18. Should javelins get nerfed?

    No nerfs needed IMO. It's true that the stack size is unrealistic as Stromming above points out, but to me a lower stack size would ba a problem in campaign when used by the player.

    I could see a small nerf to the speed boost to damage in general though, and bows are definitely OP in campaign. Currently a doomstack of good archers kills anything of equal tier with no or few casualties.

    As far as the example in the op, I do think riding full speed into a thrown javelin should one-shot you or your horse, so that specific example is perfectly fine IMO.

    I don't like that you can run around with multiple javelins stuck in your shield (or elsewhere), it looks unrealistic and silly. I think if you have javelins sticking out of your shield or body you should stop to remove them or drop your shield, it could just be a quick animation where you knock the javes off your shield with your weapon for example. I had a battle where a long javelin protruded from my hand the entire battle and waved around like a big weightless thing, looked so dumb.
  19. [Suggestion] Fifth weapon slot (or load-out options) to cater for hide-outs and sieges

    Or maybe new item set like the civilian one but for siege :v
    This would be ideal IMO.
  20. About the smithy's smithing system.

    I like the system as far as the way to design custom weapons and how the parts work and so on, that's really nice and it's also really nice that it's integrated with how all the other weapons in the game are done.

    Now what I don't like is how the smithing is implemented in terms of the skill, stamina and so on. The random unlocking of parts is terrible for starters and the stamina system makes it virtually impossible to reach a point where you can make that weapon you desired because even if you somehow grinded out the skills you might not have unlocked the right parts. IMO this all needs to go.

    It would be much better if the smithing system was simply a shop where you could order a custom weapon from a smith. It should be expensive and take a long time for the smith to complete the weapon depending on how high tier the parts were. Maybe The high tier parts would be unlocked by reknown or clan tier, like the best smiths only being willing to make the most exclusive weapons for the nobility and lords or something like that which would be somewhat realistic.

    If you unlock all the smithing parts with a mod and turn off the stamina system it's actually quite fun to use though. Problem is that then it's not balanced within the game and economy of course, but IMO that shows that the customization system itself is pretty good.
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