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  1. Swargy

    Beta Branch e1.1.0

    I feel the same as I did the day the game released for Early Access, thank you so much TW!
  2. Swargy

    Something about 2h swords just looks wrong

    I think it's because they're too short, and maybe not narrow enough? Some one handeds share this too but its very noticeable with 2hers.
  3. Swargy

    Non-polearm mounted combat is basically useless

    2hers work great on mounted combat, its the onehanded weapons that are pretty bad compared to warband.
  4. Swargy

    Patch Notes e1.0.8

    Hell yes, thank you for all your hard work
  5. Swargy

    Smithing feels like a gimmick

    Oh there'll definitely be improvements, TW's been doing an amazing job. My main issue is just that it feels like unnecessary fluff. I got high faith in TW though
  6. Swargy

    Lets talk smithing.

    It's a gimmick and not fun and I can't wrap my head around why it's in the game, to be brutally honest.
  7. Swargy

    Smithing feels like a gimmick

    Its grindy, and its boring honestly. Also it was and probably still is exploitable. Its an interesting idea for sure, but I'm not sure why TW felt the need to add it. There's nothing exciting about it - you just press buttons to smelt/refine rinse & repeat. You can make decent money from...
  8. Swargy

    1.0.6 gives XP for tournaments and...practice matches?

    Practice arenas are fine, just like Warband and M&B1, its a tedious process of getting your weapon skills up, before it actually matters and you need them in battle.
  9. Swargy

    After modding the game, my playthroughs are 500% more enjoyable. Give it a go boys.

    Its too early for mods, there's gonna be updates almost daily that will probably break them. I'm fine with starting over if I have to, I barely touch SP right now because of the unfinished state of it
  10. Swargy

    Shield walls and choke points in Captain mode.

    Try giving the order to fall back when they get charged in shieldwall, i've seen it actually cause them to kill the attackers as they miss their swings

    That being said though for some reason Sturgian's shield infantry seem to do the best in all scenarios.
  11. Swargy

    The cost of armor just makes no sense.

    This is the same guy who made a post that he refunded after playing only 2 hours the day of launch

    Armor in warband was expensive too, it makes sense imo. The amount of labor needed to create a single piece of decent quality metal armor back then was insane.

    The primary issue to me is that the stats are still whack. The default layered leather tunic you start with is better than 80% of the armor you'll find in towns.

    Also like Northcott above me said, Sea Raiders are no longer Mail Armor pinatas like they used to be
  12. Swargy

    What is the ideal troop composition?

    So a good amount of high level infantry with a small mix of other units?

    Doesn't have to be high level, I found having just 15-20 imperial infantry puts looters down very well and takes very few casualties
  13. Swargy

    What is the ideal troop composition?

    I found a lot of success in training up a shield wall as a foundation, then adding whatever ranged/cav/shocktroops i want
  14. Swargy

    A (semi) complete list of all cut content I could find in the files

    Given they just added back 200+ pieces of gear into SP... I hope that means most of this stuff has a future in the game
  15. Swargy

    Sjw slider and hardcaps on combat skills

    Jesus christ

    Yeah Females were not commonly soldiers in history and had a restricted role in society. I'll admit it bothers me a bit seeing most heros or army commanders are Female but when you start making cringy eugenic comments like that you just sound like a psycho.

    In Warband the game even points the disadvantages of being a woman in medieval times out and mentions that being a female offers unique challenges, I think that was a much better way of implementing this without triggering the masculinists who in turn trigger the feminists.

    Another thing is to just wait for a mod to remove all female heroes/commanders from the game.
  16. Swargy

    New patch corrupted my 20+ hr save

    I've been mainly playing MP and popping into SP to do a couple quick quests or battles, but at the moment i'm not willing to commit to a SP playthrough until the game has a few more updates under it's belt
  17. Swargy

    Are forum names changing on you too? WTF?

    Literally just noticed it and im ok with this
  18. Swargy

    Which leveling system do you prefer Warband or Bannerlord?

    Its another dumb streamlined perk system where the perks don't necessarily correspond with the skills themselves. I just don't understand why its even in the game.

    The very first horse perk gives you a choice between extra throwing ammunition or bow ammunition. Wtf?

    The previous games' system was fine and allowed fine-tuned customization. This is just streamlined crap. Like Skyrim's leveling system.
  19. Swargy

    How will Bannerlord compare to Kingdom Come?

    Well, without naming either, one looks like just another overambitious kickstarter POS that will never live up to it's hype (or budget)

    And the other is a fresh entry in an already successful series of games that looks like it will improve and build upon everything that made it's predecessors good while also adding new features.
  20. Swargy

    Bannerlord Funny Video

    Lmao. Bannerlord is the only game Im hyped for, the AAA gaming industry has delivered so many disappointing games that I was once hyped for. Fallout 4? Huge let down. Star Wars Battlefront? Lmao never bought it, knew the sequel would be crap as well. But theres one dev who has all my faith and all my hype: Taleworlds. When they released those gameplay videos of the sieges and battles I was smiling ear-to-ear through the entire video. I felt like a kid on christmas. I know the wait is gonna be worth it. This is gonna be the game of the century. I own so many 'AAA' games and yet M&B (Both the original and Warband) is the only game that I continuously play throughout all my years of gaming. Take all the time you need Taleworlds, It's gonna be legendary.
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